Top 10 SEO Agencies in Kandy, Sri Lanka for the Year 2024

Sri Lanka

1. DigitalNext

5 from 25 Reviews

Digital Next is a multi-channel digital marketing agency based in Manchester, offering services such as SEO, SEM, PPC, social media, and digital training. They specialize in digital transformation, innovation, and automation to help businesses grow. While they have a strong online presence and a focus on helping companies navigate the digital landscape, caution is advised regarding potential scams using their branding. The company is also involved in the Internet of Things and artificial intelligence. Services offered: - SEO - SEM - PPC - Social Media - Digital Training - Digital Transformation - Innovation - Automation - Internet of Things - Artificial Intelligence

Positive reviews for DigitalNext highlight professionalism, communication, creativity, and on-time delivery of website services. Customers praise the teams responsiveness, pricing, and service quality. Manusha, the project manager, receives praise for attentive customer service and exceeding expectations. However, there are no negative points mentioned in the reviews, indicating overall satisfaction with the companys services. Highly recommended for digital solutions in Sri Lanka.

No 25/1A, Kandy 20172, Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka

2. Top Web Lanka - Web Design in Sri Lanka

5 from 24 Reviews Website: Not Available

The company is a top-rated web design agency in Sri Lanka, offering comprehensive services in web design, web development, and digital marketing. They have over 26 years of industry experience, multiple web design awards, and positive reviews from satisfied clients. Some of the services they offer include creative web design, online marketing, e-commerce solutions, and web technology solutions for small to large corporations. Services offered: - Web design - Web development - Digital marketing - E-commerce solutions - Web technology solutions

Positive reviews highlight creativity, excellent service, and optimized designs by the web development company. Customers express appreciation for the unique websites created. However, the lack of specific details or feedback in the reviews may make it challenging to evaluate the companys capabilities fully. Overall, the company seems to have a strong emphasis on creativity and customer satisfaction.

NO 44 Lady Gordon Rd, Kandy 20000, Sri Lanka

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Sri Lanka

3. PlatinumGrpx Advertising Solution

5 from 14 Reviews

PlatinumGrpx Advertising Solution is a company based in Kandy, Sri Lanka, dedicated to helping clients grow through advertising solutions. They offer various services including cybersecurity, advertising, and security systems. Their focus is on client growth and setting high standards in the industry. Key points about the company include: - Advertising solutions - Cybersecurity services - Security system installations - Focus on client growth and satisfaction.

Positive reviews praise the companys advertising and interior design services in Kandy, Sri Lanka. They are recommended for any advertising solutions. However, lack of detailed feedback and unclear differentiation between advertising and interior design services may be seen as a weakness. Reviews highlight them as one of the best advertising companies in Kandy, but more specific feedback would be beneficial.

1, 47 Mulgampola Rd, Kandy 20000, Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka

4. Eezpal

5 from 7 Reviews

The company based in Colombo offers premier Web Development, SEO, and IT Consulting services with over 7 years of experience. Services include: - Web Development - SEO - IT Consulting Additionally, the company offers domain registration and transfer services. Contact information includes a phone number and email address.

Eezpal is a highly recommended hosting service provider in Sri Lanka, with fast and friendly support, and efficient service for the pricing range. However, some customers find the packages a little pricey. Overall, Eezpal is a reliable and competent partner for web hosting needs, particularly for those looking for excellent customer support and service.

7.192969, 80.590592, Weligalla, Kandy, Sri Lanka 20610, Sri Lanka

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5. Business Campaign

5 from 5 Reviews

The company specializes in marketing campaigns to promote products or services and raise awareness for specific goals. Services offered include strategic marketing efforts, promotion on various media platforms, and partnership opportunities with global organizations.

Business Campaign is highly recommended for social media management, Facebook advertising, and email marketing. They excel in growing followers and achieving results beyond digital and social marketing. However, there is a lack of specific details provided in the reviews. Overall, Business Campaign is a reliable option for companies seeking effective digital and social media marketing solutions.

72/8/1/1 Nagasthenna Rd, Kandy 20000, Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka

6. Devsmark (Pvt) Ltd

5 from 5 Reviews

Devsmark (Pvt) Ltd is a web development, graphics designing, and digital marketing company based in Kandy, Sri Lanka. They offer digital solutions to a global audience and specialize in logo branding, graphic design, and IT technical support. Their services include web development, graphic design, digital marketing, and IT technical support.

Positive reviews commend the web development company for its excellent logo design services, emphasizing simplicity and memorability. The company is praised for its high-quality service. However, no negative points are highlighted in the available reviews. Overall, the company seems to excel in logo design services, garnering positive feedback from clients.

4, 19A Pitakande Rd, Kandy 20000, Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka

7. Sandaruwan Abeysinghe - website and seo service

5 from 2 Reviews

pahansoft Lanka Technology provides training in POS and ERP systems, with opportunities for employment in related fields. The company also offers web design, SEO services, and digital marketing solutions. Key services include: - POS and ERP systems training - Web design and development - SEO services - Digital marketing solutions Overall, pahansoft Lanka Technology equips individuals with the skills needed for success in technology-related industries.

No User's review found.

main street, Kandy 20000, Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka

8. ALTER GLOBAL (Email Marketing ,Digital Marketing)

5 from 2 Reviews Website: Not Available

The company specializes in digital marketing and email marketing services, providing a global standard certification. They offer self-paced online learning, career-defining certifications, and professional training. Their services include search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click advertising (PPC), social media marketing, mobile marketing, and content marketing. The company also helps businesses with email marketing strategies and configurations, catering to the evolving digital landscape and the increasing importance of email as a core marketing format.

No User's review found.

7JQH+VXC, Kandy, Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka

9. Shape Advertising(Pvt)Ltd.

4.9 from 9 Reviews Website: Not Available

GroupM is a leading media investment company that offers expertise in brand strategy and sales performance through advanced analytics, products, and platforms. They aim to make advertising more effective for consumers and shape the future of media. Services provided by the company include: - Brand strategy - Sales performance optimization - Advanced analytics - Advertising products and platforms Overall, GroupM is a key player in the advertising industry, focusing on maximizing the impact of advertising campaigns for their clients.

The web development company receives positive feedback for its cheap prices, good quality work, and friendly service. Customers highly recommend visiting for high-quality digital printing. However, the reviews lack specifics and detailed information about the companys offerings. Negative points, such as any potential downsides or areas for improvement, are not mentioned.

118 Wariyapola Sri Sumangala Mawatha, Kandy 20000, Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka

10. Media Asia Networks

4.8 from 5 Reviews

Media Asia Networks is a prominent media and advertising agency in Sri Lanka, specializing in out-of-home branding options. Their Game Media Asia Network engages audiences across various Asian websites. Recently, KC Global Media Entertainment acquired a group of Asian pay TV channels from Sony Pictures Entertainment. The company offers multicultural media services and integrates operations with MadFish Digital. They utilize CrowdTangle for social media analytics. Additionally, the company is involved in telework networking and provides media reviews catering to the undergraduate classroom. Disney Networks Group Asia Pacific operated specialty television channels in Hong Kong. South Asian Network supports and advocates for the South Asian community. Services offered: - OOH branding options - Advertising services - Social media analytics - Telework networking - Media reviews - TV channel operations - Community support for the South Asian community

Positive review for an advertising agency in Kandy, showcasing their excellent work on a campaign. The agency is praised for their performance and wished well. No negative points mentioned. This positive testimonial highlights the agencys competency and success in delivering results for clients campaigns.

Number 63 Level, 3 Raja Veediya, Kandy 20000, Sri Lanka

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