Top 10 SEO Agencies in Kurunegala, Sri Lanka for the Year 2024

Sri Lanka

1. Slspecialist

5 from 41 Reviews

SL Specialist is an IT & CGI-based service provider based in Kurunegala, Sri Lanka. They offer web design, video editing, digital marketing, and advertising services. SL Specialist has a strong presence on LinkedIn and is known for their quick and quality work. They also specialize in D architecture visualization. Additionally, they provide services for feasibility site selection. Customers have praised their professionalism and satisfaction with their work.

Customers praise SLspecialists quick turnaround, expertise, and attention to detail, resulting in improved search results and stunning websites. However, some reviews mention issues with communication, potentially indicating a lack of consistency in service delivery. Despite this, overall, SLspecialist is recommended for their quality work and friendly service.

No 18(New),2nd floor, New Shopping Complex, Kurunegala 60000, Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka

2. Green Lanka Agencies (Pvt) Ltd

5 from 22 Reviews Website: Not Available

Green Lanka Agencies (Pvt) Ltd is a Sri Lankan company offering a variety of services, including being the largest art store in the country, importing art materials, cargo tracking, pest management services, exporting quality products globally, and providing private sector financing. They also have a partnership with McKinsey for management consulting in Sri Lanka. Services offered: - Largest art store in Sri Lanka - Art material importing - Cargo tracking - Pest management services - Exporting quality products globally - Private sector financing - Management consulting through partnership with McKinsey

Positive reviews highlight Green Lanka Agencies exceptional IT and management consultation services, knowledgeable staff, and friendly atmosphere. However, the lack of negative points in the reviews may indicate a bias or lack of transparency. Overall, Green Lanka Agencies is recommended for efficient solutions and excellent customer support.

174/C2, Negombo Rd, Kurunegala, Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka

3. Auso World Pvt Ltd. Software Company in Kurunegala

5 from 15 Reviews

Auso World (Pvt) Ltd is a software development and BPO company in Sri Lanka, providing IT tech support, VOIP solutions, and customer service outsourcing. They also offer software development, civil engineering design, and IT solutions. The company aims to provide the best support services for clients to run their businesses smoothly. Vervain (Pvt) Limited specializes in tailor-made software solutions. Services offered include IT and telecommunications solutions, outsourcing and offshoring consulting.

Auso World is praised for their reliable software products, excellent customer support, exceptional training opportunities, and high-quality services such as database configuration and customer satisfaction surveys. However, some negative points are not mentioned in the reviews, and further information on potential weaknesses would be beneficial for a comprehensive assessment.

571/1 B Kalahogedara Rd, Kurunegala 60000, Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka

4. Media Tribe - Web Design and Development

4.9 from 16 Reviews

Tribe is a full-service digital marketing agency offering services such as web design, packaging design, logo design, marketing consulting, content strategy, and social media marketing. They specialize in creating seamless user journeys through website development, content creation, and digital transformation. With a focus on digital advertising, commercial video production, photography, and social media strategy, Tribe helps brands grow their online presence and connect with their target audience. Their services also include SEO projects, social media strategy tailored to specific industries, and content and digital marketing strategies.

Media Tribe is praised for their digital marketing services, video production, and project collaboration. Clients appreciate their knowledgeable staff and efficient work. However, some reviews appear exaggerated, potentially misleading. It is advised to carefully consider the testimonials before engaging with Media Tribe. Negative reviews caution about some aspects of their services.

No.141, 1/2 Negombo Rd, Kurunegala 60000, Sri Lanka

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Sri Lanka

5. DigitalBus ERP, WEB, SEO

5 from 6 Reviews

DigitalBus is a versatile company offering services in web and SEO, ERP manufacturing, sales force automation, digital business card software, online backup software, SMS marketing, social media, and more. They specialize in software development, mobile app development, online marketing, and provide technical documentation and cloud-based web programs for online bus reservations. Their expertise includes executing and managing digital marketing and SEO campaigns, as well as developing applications for Android/iOS and GPS systems for buses. With a strong focus on digital capabilities and technological solutions, DigitalBus is a leading provider in the industry. Services offered: - Web and SEO - ERP manufacturing & sales force automation - Digital business card software - Online backup software - SMS marketing - Social Media - Software development - Mobile app development - Technical documentation - Cloud-based web programs for online bus reservations - Digital marketing and SEO campaign execution and management - Application development for Android/iOS and GPS systems for buses.

DigitalBus and Anjana, a web design company, receive glowing reviews for their exceptional communication, professionalism, and innovative problem-solving. They are known for exceeding expectations and delivering high-quality websites. However, some details were cut off, possibly indicating a word limit. Verdict: DigitalBus and Anjana come highly recommended for their outstanding work in WordPress web development.

138/7 Lake Round, Kurunegala 60000, Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka

6. Kodukara Impressions

4.8 from 5 Reviews Website: Not Available

Kodukara Impressions is a company founded by a Computer Science undergraduate that offers IT services and consulting. They have a startup named Kodukara Revolution and are headquartered in Sri Lanka. The company provides services such as graphic design, education administration programs, building construction, and medical and diagnostic laboratories.

Highly recommended web development company with Kodukara revolution platform praised for providing excellent advice on improving communication and media skills. Reviewers express gratitude for finding a reliable source for learning social media, content creation, and media training. Overall, the company is praised for its success potential. However, some pages and groups could not provide adequate answers to questions.

Kurunegala 60000, Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka

7. Wizmedia Studio - Web Development

5 from 3 Reviews

WizMedia Studio is a creative hub offering services such as branding strategy, web development, digital marketing, video production, 2D/D animations, and SEO. They specialize in elevating online presence through web development packages, social media packages, and animation videos. The studio also provides expertise in social media, motion graphics, video editing, and Wordpress web development. Additionally, they collaborate with partners in social media and offer comprehensive solutions for brands in the digital transformation era.

No User's review found.

Siripathi Complex, No 16 Bauddhaloka Rd, Kurunegala 60000, Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka

8. Advert Baas Digital Marketing

5 from 1 Reviews Website: Not Available

Beeswax offers Bidder-as-a-Service, digital marketing and advertising services for premium video and omnichannel markets. They specialize in performance advertising, retail, and ecommerce, with a focus on digital banking and real-time ad placements. The company emphasizes trust, transparency, and innovation in the ever-evolving landscape of digital marketing. Services offered: - Bidder-as-a-Service - Performance advertising - Retail and ecommerce solutions - Digital banking services - Real-time ad placement management.

No User's review found.

5th Lane, Bulugahawatta, Kurunegala 60000, Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka

9. Ezone Online Advertising Private Limited

1 from 3 Reviews Website: Not Available

e-Zone International Pvt. Ltd. specializes in integrated online marketing planning and implementation, email marketing, and search engine optimization. They have completed projects such as the Coca Cola Project in Sales Management Course and Digital Marketing and Advertising. The company also offers security solutions through eZone Security Solutions Pvt. Ltd. They provide fire safety, CCTV surveillance, and building protection services. Services offered: - Integrated online marketing planning and implementation - Email marketing - Search engine optimization - Security solutions including fire safety and CCTV surveillance

No User's review found.

F9V4+279, Kurunegala, Sri Lanka

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