Top 10 SEO Agencies in Leeds, United Kingdom for the Year 2024

United Kingdom

1. SOS Marketing

5 from 36 Reviews

SOS Marketing is a creative and independent agency specializing in helping businesses thrive through smart and savvy marketing strategies. They offer services such as referrals, branding, websites, social media management, and t-shirts. Their approach is no-nonsense and target-smashing, aiming to make businesses stand out and succeed in the competitive market.

SOS Marketing receives positive reviews for professionalism, quality websites, and effective digital marketing results. The team delivers on client needs and offers fair pricing. Some clients mention difficulties experienced during the collaboration. Despite this, SOS Marketing is recommended for its creativity and successful outcomes. Overall, they are a reliable web development company with room for improvement in communication and project management.

The Leeming Building, Ludgate Hill, Leeds LS2 7HZ, UK

United Kingdom

2. Validus Media - SEO

5 from 17 Reviews

Validus Media is a family-run digital marketing agency based in Leeds, offering services such as website development, SEO, Google Ads/Shopping, and social media marketing. They specialize in cost-effective, outcome-oriented online marketing and provide a range of marketing and design services. Contact Andrew for digital marketing, web design, web development, SEM, SEO, and social media services. Trio Media is another fully integrated digital marketing agency based in Leeds. Validus Media Ltd. provides advertising services in Leeds and London. Services offered include Technical SEO, SEO Strategy & campaigns, and award-winning advertising.

Validus Media receives glowing reviews for their attentive customer service, tailored website designs, and technical expertise. Clients praise the team for going above and beyond expectations, solving complex issues, and delivering outstanding results. However, there is a lack of diversity in the types of services mentioned, potentially limiting their capabilities in certain areas. Overall, Validus Media is recommended for their quality work and dedication to client satisfaction.

152 Osmondthorpe Ln, Osmondthorpe, Leeds LS9 9EG, UK

United Kingdom

3. Green Gecko Digital

4.9 from 59 Reviews

Green Gecko Digital is a one-stop digital company specializing in SEO and web design. Their team offers outstanding website design, digital growth strategies, and SEO solutions. They also provide services such as PPC, CRO, and digital strategy. The company is known for top-rated digital marketing services. Customers can purchase products like swim goggles with a digital green gecko design from their online shop. Additionally, Green Gecko Digital has a strong presence on social media platforms like Instagram. Services offered: - Website design - SEO solutions - PPC - CRO - Digital strategy

Green Gecko Digital receives glowing reviews for their professionalism, quality of work, and customer service. Clients praise their SEO services, web development skills, and personalized approach. However, the lack of any negative feedback raises questions about the authenticity of the reviews. Despite this, Green Gecko Digital seems like a reliable choice for web development and SEO services.

Suite 13, FlexSpace, Burley Rd, Burley, Leeds LS4 2PU, UK

United Kingdom

4. Trio Media

4.9 from 38 Reviews

Trio Media is a digital marketing agency based in Leeds with expertise in web design, SEO, PPC, and social media. They also offer podcast production and high-quality audio-visual equipment. Their services include: - Web design - SEO - PPC - Social media - Podcast production - Audio-visual equipment

Customers praise Trio Media for understanding their needs and delivering amazing results in branding, website building, and digital marketing. However, one customer criticizes them for lack of follow-up after initial contact, raising concerns about their professionalism. Despite some negative feedback, overall, Trio Media is commended for their excellent work and customer service.

Regents Court, Harrogate Rd, Chapel Allerton, Leeds LS7 3PD, UK

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United Kingdom

5. Daniel Latto Digital Marketing Agency

4.9 from 37 Reviews

The Daniel Latto Digital Marketing Agency is a UK-based Full Service Agency offering services such as Web Site Design, SEO, Facebook Ads, Social Media Content, and Business Finance solutions. They help clients grow their brand and business by driving traffic from existing customers and providing swift access to funds through Merchant Cash Advance. The agency is known for their expertise in digital marketing strategies and web design services. Services offered: - Web Site Design - SEO - Facebook Ads - Social Media Content - Business Finance solutions

Customers praise Dan Lattos Property Sourcing Training, digital marketing services, and website design for their effectiveness and results. However, some reviews highlight the need for improvements in customer service and attention to detail. Overall, Dan Lattos agency delivers on expertise and results but may need to focus on enhancing the overall customer experience for better client satisfaction.

Dragon Bridge House, 253 Whitehall Rd, Leeds LS12 6ER, UK

United Kingdom

6. Bobble Digital

4.9 from 27 Reviews

Bobble Digital LTD is an award-winning digital marketing agency based in Leeds, UK, specializing in social media strategies, PPC, and SEO. They have a strong online presence with 940 followers on Instagram and offer services such as Strategy, PPC, SEO, Social, and Video marketing. The company is known for its collaborative and agile approach to digital marketing. Additionally, they focus on recruiting and onboarding digital professionals into their business. Overall, Bobble Digital is a vibrant agency committed to providing top-notch digital marketing solutions. Services offered: - Social media strategies - PPC - SEO - Video marketing - Digital professional recruitment and onboarding

Bobble Digital receives glowing reviews praising their knowledgeable and friendly team, customized service, and positive impact on business performance. Clients commend their technical expertise and commitment, with particular shoutouts to Manni, Cai, and Dean. However, no specific weaknesses are highlighted. Overall, Bobble Digital is highly recommended for their exceptional service and unwavering support.

Suite 1.07, Department, 4 The Boulevard, Leeds LS10 1PZ, UK

United Kingdom


5 from 7 Reviews

The Salt Agency is a multifaceted company offering services in fashion modeling, technical SEO, marketing, digital recruitment, talent agency representation, and technical expertise. They provide opportunities for models to join their agency and have a strong presence on social media platforms like Instagram. Their services include: - Fashion, editorial, lifestyle, and commercial print modeling - Technical SEO expertise - Marketing and commerce services - Global digital recruitment - Talent agency representation - Technical SEO marketing services

Customers praise SALT Agency for resolving Google penalties, improving website architecture, and achieving significant traffic and sales growth. Clients appreciate the teams knowledge, responsiveness, and passion for their work. However, some reviewers mention dissatisfaction with previous consultants, suggesting a need for improvement in certain areas. Overall, SALT Agency receives positive feedback for their results-driven approach and customer service.

Springwood House, Low Ln, Horsforth, Leeds LS18 5NU, UK

United Kingdom

8. Spike

4.9 from 18 Reviews

Spike offers a unified platform for team collaboration, combining chat, emails, meetings, and collaborative documents in one space. The platform eliminates the need for multiple apps and streamlines communication for teams. Spike also specializes in premium entertainment and storytelling through scripted and non-scripted series. The company is known for its innovative solutions in supersonic flight. Services offered by Spike include: - Unified team collaboration platform - Premium entertainment and storytelling - Supersonic flight solutions - Modern inbox for email, chat, calls, and notes integration - STEM education solutions through SPIKE Prime - RISC-V ISA Simulator Spike

Spike Digital receives glowing reviews for their SEO and digital marketing services, with clients praising their professionalism, innovation, and tangible results. Clients appreciate their proactive approach and ability to drive business growth. They are described as honest, reliable, and the perfect antidote to spam and poor service in the industry. However, more details on specific weaknesses would provide a more balanced view.

MARSHALL COURT, Marshall St, Holbeck, Leeds LS11 9YP, UK

United Kingdom

9. SEO Travel

4.7 from 13 Reviews

SEO Travel is a marketing agency specializing in providing services to the travel industry. With a focus on travel SEO and marketing strategies, they help clients increase organic traffic by an average of 12% in 12 months. They offer services such as building local landing pages, backlink building, and keyword research to help clients improve their online presence and attract more customers. Key services offered by SEO Travel include: - Travel SEO and marketing strategies - Local landing page development - Backlink building - Keyword research

SEO Travel receives glowing reviews for their high standard of work, creativity, promptness, and dedication. They offer imaginative and practical solutions for improving SEO visibility. However, while there are no explicitly negative reviews, some potential weaknesses could include a lack of specific feedback or details about the services offered. Overall, SEO Travel seems to be a highly recommended choice for businesses in the travel industry.

City House, New Station St, Leeds LS1 4JB, UK

United Kingdom

10. SEO Leeds - Leeds #1 SEO Agency

4 from 10 Reviews

The company offers a variety of services including web design, digital marketing, and SEO optimization. They have a strong online presence and positive reviews. With a focus on customer satisfaction and innovative solutions, this company is a reliable choice for businesses looking to improve their online presence and drive growth.

Highly recommended SEO Leeds for excellent results, advice, and implementation. The team is small but performs above expectations. Positive feedback outweighs negative points; no weaknesses highlighted in the reviews. Overall, SEO Leeds is a top choice for SEO services in the city. No negative feedback provided.

1st Floor, 4230 Park Approach, Leeds LS15 8GB, UK

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