Top 10 SEO Agencies in Murcia, Spain for the Year 2024


1. Posicionamiento Digital

5 from 37 Reviews

The company specializes in digital marketing services, focusing on SEO, keyword research, and online visibility. They offer assistance with technical aspects of digital businesses and utilize cutting-edge technology for optimization. Their services include: - SEO positioning - Keyword research - Online visibility enhancement - Marketing strategy consultation - Google Marketing and E-Commerce Professional Certificate program.

Positive reviews highlight exceptional customer service, effective social media management, and successful website design outcomes with good communication. Pacos personal touch is appreciated. However, lack of specific details on services provided, limited mention of technical expertise, and no mention of pricing or timelines are weaknesses. Verdict: Strong customer service and communication, but need more emphasis on technical skills and transparency.

C. Jupiter, 8, Bajo C, 30010 Murcia, Spain


2. Alejandro Saura

5 from 28 Reviews

Alejandro Saura Villanueva is an SEO consultant in Murcia, specializing in digital marketing and website traffic optimization. He helps businesses improve online visibility, develop effective online marketing strategies, and increase sales. Additionally, he has expertise in working with silver nanoparticles for sensor applications and mixed oxides for water splitting. Services offered by Alejandro Saura Villanueva include: - SEO consulting - Digital marketing strategies - Website traffic optimization

Customers praise Alejandro Saura as an outstanding SEO Consultant in Murcia, citing increased web traffic and revenue. They appreciate his professionalism, commitment, and effective solutions. However, previous negative experiences with agencies highlight the importance of trust and reliability in the industry. Overall, Alejandro receives high recommendations for his expertise and results-driven approach.

C. Ceballos, 7, bajo derecha, 30003 Murcia, Spain


3. Qcreativa

5 from 22 Reviews

QCreativa is a digital advertising agency based in Lima, Peru. They specialize in SEO services, improving website visibility. The agency also offers YouTube content on cardmaking. Services offered include: - SEO positioning - YouTube content creation - Digital advertising solutions - Certifications in WooCommerce, Google Analytics, and Hootsuite.

Ana (QCreativa) receives glowing reviews for her attentive, professional, and efficient approach to web development projects. Clients praise her ability to adapt to their needs and deliver high-quality results quickly. Ana is highly recommended for her intelligence, skill, and friendly demeanor. No weaknesses are mentioned, providing an overall positive verdict for her services.

Av. Marqués de Los Vélez, 26, 30008 Murcia, Spain


4. Marketing Digital Murcia ®

4.9 from 128 Reviews

Marketing Digital Murcia is a creative agency in Murcia offering services such as social media management, web design, graphic design, online stores, SEO, and SEM. They specialize in digital marketing and communication campaigns, providing expertise in content marketing, digital strategy, and business development. With a focus on communication, advertising, and online marketing, they help elevate brands through services like web design, UX/UI, SEO/SEM, and social media marketing. Services offered: - Social media management - Web design - Graphic design - Online stores - SEO - SEM - Content marketing - Digital strategy - Business development - Communication campaigns

The web development company in the city has received glowing reviews, praising their professionalism, creativity, and ability to capture brand identity. Clients appreciate their flexibility, innovation, and results. However, no negative points were mentioned in the reviews. Overall, the company is highly recommended for creating corporate websites and providing exceptional digital marketing services.

C. Huerto Pomares, 1, Bajo Edificio Sumarte, 30004 Murcia, Spain

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5. Sergio Vázquez SEO

4.9 from 46 Reviews

Sergio Vázquez is a prominent SEO and digital marketing consultant with a strong presence on Instagram. He teaches SEO and digital marketing at various universities, and helps businesses improve their online presence through effective SEO strategies. He has expertise in Google Ads and provides consulting services through Sozpic. Sergio is known for his insightful classes and his reputation as an excellent SEO consultant. Services offered: - SEO consulting - Digital marketing expertise - Google Ads specialization - Teaching SEO and digital marketing at universities

Positive reviews highlight Sergio Vazquez as a great SEO and digital marketing professional, providing successful results and a pleasant experience. However, one negative review points to poor results, high costs, and lack of empathy, along with an acknowledgment of failure from Sergio. Despite positive feedback, the negative review raises concerns about credibility and performance.

Av. Juan Carlos I, 59, Planta 3, 30100 Murcia, Spain


6. Ginés Mayol

4.9 from 35 Reviews

The company, Ginés Mayol, is a digital marketing and SEO agency located in Murcia and Madrid. They specialize in online marketing strategies, SEO consultations, and digital marketing services to help businesses improve their online presence and generate more leads. Some of the services offered by Ginés Mayol include: - SEO On Page - Backlinks - SEO Off Page - Content Marketing Overall, Ginés Mayol aims to help businesses grow and succeed in the online space through effective digital marketing strategies.

Ginés Mayols SEO services are highly praised for improving website rankings, increasing traffic, and attracting potential clients. Clients appreciate his professionalism, expertise, and commitment to their projects. Some mention a drop in visits post-redesign, but Ginés successfully resolves issues. Overall, Ginés Mayol is lauded as one of the best in the field, recommended for companies looking to enhance their online visibility.

C. San Rafael, 2, Oficina 1A, 30007 Murcia, Spain


7. Seostar

4.8 from 11 Reviews

SEO Scholars is a company that transforms public high school students into college graduates with a 90% college graduation rate. They set a high standard for academics and offer services such as Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide, SEO plugin and toolkit for WordPress, vocal coaching, SEO newsletter content, and SEO consultancy. The company also offers services related to link building, eCommerce strategies, and SEO auditing. They focus on delivering actionable SEO insights to their clients.

Customers praise Seostar for its exceptional SEO services, quick website creation, and personalized attention. Antonio López is highly recommended for his professionalism and expertise. However, the reviews do not mention any weaknesses or negative points. It is unclear if there are any potential drawbacks or areas for improvement.

C. Círculo Agrícola, 1, 2A-Oficina, 30012 Murcia, Spain


8. Pedro Hurtado SEO

4.8 from 23 Reviews

Pedro Hurtado is a Murcia-based freelance SEO consultant specializing in helping websites reach the top 10 of Google search results. He offers mentorship programs, expertise in meta descriptions and SEO tags, and a focus on privacy protection online. Services offered include: - SEO consultation - Mentorship programs - Meta descriptions and SEO tags expertise - Privacy protection online

The web development company received positive reviews praising Pedro Hurtado for his SEO skills and professionalism. However, a previous client complained about breach of contract and abandonment. Despite the positive feedback, potential clients should be cautious and consider the negative experiences before engaging with the company.

C. Huerto Pomares, 1, 30007 Murcia, Spain


9. Café con SEO

4.7 from 9 Reviews

The company offers a range of services including dental SEO, digital marketing, website development, PPC, social media management, and reputation management. With a focus on reaching and engaging audiences, they partner with Google Premier Partners and provide consulting services for SEO. Their specialties also include Cuban, Peruvian, Latin, and Caribbean cuisine. Additionally, they offer stationery and journaling products, as well as tips on digital marketing and SEO through a podcast.

The reviews for the web development company are mostly positive, with praise for their strong social media presence and communication. However, there are some negative points raised about the quality of their services, with one reviewer stating that their website stopped working well after a year. The positive feedback suggests that the company is attentive and proactive, but potential customers should be cautious about service quality issues.

Av. General Primo de Rivera, 13, 30008 Murcia, Spain


10. Crealogic Digital

4.6 from 32 Reviews

CREALOGIX is a Swiss-based software company specializing in digital banking and wealth management. They offer technology solutions for financial institutions, including a digital banking platform and a customer engagement platform. CREALOGIX has recently been acquired by Vencora UK, expanding its reach in banking technology. Key services provided by CREALOGIX include: - Digital banking solutions - Wealth management software - Application processing - Customer engagement platforms

Crealogic Digital receives high praise for professionalism, technical knowledge, and efficient service in website recovery and digital marketing. Clients value their responsiveness, results, and support. Some clients highlight the positive impact on their business. Overall, the company is recommended for web design and digital needs. No negative points mentioned.

Calle Ortega y Gasset, 9, Edificio Iberdrola, Plantas 6 y 7, 30009 Murcia, Spain

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