Top 10 SEO Agencies in Pavlodar, Kazakhstan for the Year 2024


1. ТОО "Prides

4.9 from 13 Reviews Website: Not Available

The company offers a range of services including snowplow services, LGBTQ+ representation in games, and discussions on the concept of pride. They emphasize the importance of celebrating LGBTQ history and culture during Pride month, and caution against excessive pride leading to narcissism. The company encourages a balanced approach to pride, highlighting the potential pitfalls of arrogance. Services offered: snowplow services, LGBTQ+ representation in games, discussions on pride and arrogance.

Positive reviews highlight the companys transparency, professionalism, prompt feedback, and quality work. Clients appreciate the teams friendliness and efficient delivery of services. However, the reviews lack detailed information on the companys capabilities and range of services. Further reviews are needed to assess the companys overall performance and reliability.

Korolenko Street, Pavlodar 140000, Kazakhstan


2. Global Media - Разработка и реклама сайтов

5 from 4 Reviews

Global Media Group is a web studio specializing in website development, web design, and branding. They offer services such as website design, logo development, SEO promotion, and contextual advertising. The company conducts research in web technologies and internet advertising, showcasing a high level of professionalism in their work. Their services include: - Website development - Web design - Logo development - SEO promotion - Contextual advertising

No User's review found.

Ofis 105, Lermontov St 94/1, Pavlodar 140000, Kazakhstan


3. Issledovatel'skiy Tsentr

4.5 from 4 Reviews

Issledovatelskiy Tsentr Simpo.Biz is a research center located in Leningrad Oblast, China. They also have locations in Taian, China, and Ust-Kamenogorsk, Kazakhstan. The company provides various research services and can be contacted through phone or email. Services offered include: - Research services - Contact information - Website - Cultural research - Language research - Educational materials and publications

No User's review found.

Academician Qanysh Sätbayev St 63, Pavlodar 140000, Kazakhstan


4. IStyle web agency

3.6 from 8 Reviews Website: Not Available

The company iStyle is a boutique hotel situated in a historically enchanted building, with a focus on innovative design. Additionally, they offer holistic branding services, graphic/brand design, web development, and AI solutions for styling and promotion. They also specialize in website design and have a tradition of growth and innovation in the building products industry. Services offered: - Boutique hotel accommodation - Holistic branding services - Graphic/brand design - Web development - AI solutions for styling and promotion - Website design - Building products innovation

Negative reviews highlight the companys unprofessionalism, mistreatment of employees, lack of payment, use of free templates for websites, and poor quality work. The company was blacklisted and employees were treated poorly with unfavorable contracts. Overall, the reviews portray the company as the worst in the industry, with significant concerns raised about their practices and credibility.

Улица Қабдеш Нұркин 104/1, Pavlodar 140000, Kazakhstan

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5. Algorithm

5 from 1 Reviews Website: Not Available

The companys algorithm focuses on logic and control in programming, translating functional notation into relational language. It helps solve mathematical problems efficiently. The algorithm provides a set of instructions to accomplish tasks and analyze various factors for search results. The complexity of algorithms is based on space and time consumption. Recent updates have shown significant impacts on search results. The company offers the following services: - Procedure for solving mathematical problems - List of instructions for tasks - Analysis of search factors - Updates on algorithm impacts

No User's review found.

Ploshchad' Pobedy 25, Pavlodar 140000, Kazakhstan

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