Top 10 SEO Agencies in St. Gallen, Switzerland for the Year 2024


1. Sonja Bloch Medien

5 from 18 Reviews

Sonja Bloch Medien is a web design and programming company based in St. Gallen, Switzerland. They specialize in providing expertise and strategies tailored to their clients needs, with a focus on customer satisfaction. The company offers services such as web design, programming, WordPress adjustments, and online shop development. They have worked with various clients, including businesses and blogs, to enhance their online presence and functionality.

Sonja Bloch receives glowing reviews for her development work, particularly in building flexible platforms, providing competent advice, and expertly handling technical aspects. She is praised for her innovation, efficiency, and professionalism. However, there is no mention of any weaknesses. Overall, Sonja comes highly recommended for her services in web development.

Rosenbergweg 18d, 9000 St. Gallen, Switzerland


2. Göldi hilft!

5 from 15 Reviews

Göldi hilft is an online marketing expert named Michael Göldi who assists individuals and businesses in adapting to the digital age. Services offered include websites, online shops, SEO, analytics, and coaching. Additionally, they provide a Zahnungshilfe product for babies and promote the benefits of Curcumin. Goldie, the Seelöwe, is also involved in teaching kids proper dental hygiene.

Göldi Helps receives positive reviews for their hands-on approach in online marketing, AdWords campaigns, and website optimization. Clients appreciate the personalized service, expertise, and fair pricing. However, lack of pricing transparency and potential dependency on the consultant were mentioned as negatives. Despite this, the company comes highly recommended for successful online marketing projects.

Schreinerstrasse 3, 9000 St. Gallen, Switzerland


3. REMBRAND - Branding. Campaigning. Digital.

5 from 13 Reviews

Rembrand AG is a digital marketing company that offers a range of services to help brands enhance their online presence. Services offered by Rembrand include online marketing, social media marketing, newsletter campaigns, display advertising, branding, campaigning, and digital marketing campaigns. The company utilizes AI technology to provide advertisers with the engagement of sponsored social posts and the scale of media buys. Customers can also benefit from digital product placement campaigns on platforms like YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram. Rembrand AG has received positive reviews for its web development services and is known for its expertise in marketing and digital transformations.

Positive reviews highlight the creativity, cooperation, and goal-oriented approach of the web development company, emphasizing their worth and excellent media planning skills. However, no negative points were mentioned in the reviews. Overall, the company is recommended for its great collaboration and quality services.

Sonnengartenstrasse 6, 9000 St. Gallen, Switzerland


4. Point break - Digital Marketing

5 from 11 Reviews

The company offers a range of services in digital marketing, design, and engineering. They specialize in creating effective digital strategies and providing services such as online marketing, leadership training, digital content creation, and Texas license to carry classes. With a team of experienced professionals, they offer tailored and personalized digital marketing solutions to help clients achieve their goals. Their services include digital advertising, print materials, telecommunications, and more. The company focuses on engaging audiences and driving meaningful action through their campaigns.

Customers rave about Point-Breaks positive team atmosphere, reliable and competent work, top-notch advice, and excellent collaboration and communication. While reviewers highly recommend working with Marc, there may be a lack of specific details provided in the reviews. Overall, Point-Break seems to excel in customer service and teamwork, but could benefit from more detailed feedback.

Burgstrasse 47, 9000 St. Gallen, Switzerland

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5 from 10 Reviews

CLOOC GmbH is a company that offers clock and timing solutions, including an adjustable clock FPGA IP core, loud alarm clocks, and longcase clocks. They also provide web design services and are known for their synchronization systems. The company is based in Zeeland, Michigan, and has a focus on home furnishings. Some of the services offered by CLOOC GmbH include: - Adjustable clock FPGA IP core - Loud alarm clocks - Longcase clocks - Web design services

Customers praise CLOOC GmbH for their competent, innovative, and creative advice when creating websites and logos. However, there are mentions of missing elements in the services provided. The company receives high recommendations, particularly for video production. Overall, CLOOC GmbH is praised for their commitment and creativity in web development.

St. Leonhard-Strasse 45, 9000 St. Gallen, Switzerland


6. Excity Marketing

5 from 8 Reviews

Excity Marketing Mangold is a top advertising agency in East Switzerland and St. Gallen, specializing in branding, web design, and photography/video services. They have a strong online presence on Instagram and offer GIFs on their profile. With a focus on performance marketing and affiliate marketing technology, they are a trusted name in the industry. Services offered by Excity Marketing include: - Branding - Web design - Photography - Video production - Animation - Flyer design.

Excity Marketing receives positive feedback for their young, innovative team, professional support, cost-effective solutions, customer-oriented approach, and quality services. The company is praised for implementing projects professionally and creating a club platform. Negative points or weaknesses are not mentioned in the reviews. Overall, Excity Marketing is highly recommended for its excellent services in the real estate marketing sector.

Bürglistrasse 4, 9000 St. Gallen, Switzerland


7. Thomas Nüesch

5 from 5 Reviews

The company is a digital marketing specialist and offers services such as optimization of brands, SEM and PPC account management, tech support, and event coordination. They have experienced professionals with a track record of success in various digital marketing roles.

Customers praise Thomas Nüeschs expertise in online marketing, pointing out his ability to significantly improve their strategies and increase sales. They appreciate his dedication, precision, and flexible approach. However, there are no negative points mentioned in the reviews. Overall, Thomas Nüesch is highly recommended for his valuable contributions to online marketing.

Hölderlinstrasse 24, 9008 St. Gallen, Switzerland


8. ErisCom Mediaagentur GmbH

4.9 from 14 Reviews

ErisCom Mediaagentur GmbH is a marketing partner specializing in TV advertising, video spots on satellite and terrestrial platforms, and advertising at Pristina Airport. Founded in 201, the company is known for its work with prominent clients such as Sunrise, a top Swiss network provider. Services offered by ErisCom include: - TV advertising in Kosovo and the diaspora - Airport advertising at Pristina Airport - Marketing on Albanian TV channels

The web development company is highly praised for professionalism, competence, reliability, and the exceptional skills of Arsim Dautaj. Clients recommend the company for its attention to detail and consistent project updates. No negative points are mentioned in the reviews. Overall, the company is highly recommended for its performance and team members.

Hechtackerstrasse 8A, 9014 St. Gallen, Switzerland


9. Demodia - Digital & Inbound Marketing - Agentur

4.8 from 6 Reviews

Demodia is a certified digital marketing consultancy that offers marketing strategy and services. As a HubSpot Gold partner and Salesforce consulting partner, they provide a blueprint for customer acquisition and specialize in digital marketing, content marketing, and marketing automation. They have a dedicated team committed to delivering success for their clients, as noted in positive testimonials. Services offered: - Marketing strategy - Digital marketing - Content marketing - Inbound marketing - Marketing automation

Demodia is praised for its ability to develop marketing strategies and automation programs to generate leads and help clients penetrate new markets. Clients view them as integral team members and appreciate their creativity, reliability, and up-to-date knowledge of trends and technology. Demodias strengths lie in their mix of ideas and digital marketing expertise, executed by experienced professionals. No weaknesses are apparent from the reviews provided.

Rosenbergstrasse 69, 9000 St. Gallen, Switzerland



4.8 from 19 Reviews

The text provides information about a full-service advertising agency in Eastern Switzerland that specializes in web, print, and digital projects. The agency, A G Pittas, is affiliated with Tufts Medical Center in Boston and conducts research on topics like vitamin D and calcium in relation to diabetes. Services offered by the agency include: - Web design - Print design - Digital project creation Overall, the agency prides itself on creating innovative and impactful advertising solutions for clients.

The agency in St.Gallen is praised for its consistency, creativity, and commitment to delivering quality work. Clients appreciate the personal advice, dedicated team, and fine coffee. However, the agencys location may be seen as a weakness, as it is described as a hidden gem in a picturesque area. Overall, the agency is highly regarded for its strategic brand planning and creative approach.

Bogenstrasse 7a, 9000 St. Gallen, Switzerland

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