Top 10 SEO Agencies in Tirana, Albania for the Year 2024


1. TOK

5 from 82 Reviews

The company offers a variety of services for viewers, travelers, and students, with a focus on TikTok trends, culinary experiences, travel information about the community of Tok in Alaska, and Theory of Knowledge education. Services include: - Watching personalized short videos on TikTok - Booking reservations, takeout, and culinary experiences - Providing information about the community of Tok, Alaska - Assessing Theory of Knowledge through an exhibition and essay

Customers praise TOKs skilled staff, responsiveness, and high-quality work in web design and marketing. However, some highlight long project durations as a downside. Overall, TOK impresses with its professionalism, communication, and ability to build trust, making it a top choice for those seeking a reliable and innovative web development partner.

Str. Abdyl Frasheri , EGT Tower, 6th Floor, Suite 13, Tirana 1001, Albania


2. Webstudio Albania

5 from 73 Reviews

Edison Zacaj is a professional specializing in Accounting and Business Administration with experience at WebStudio Albania. The company offers services such as lead generation, sales expertise, online presence building, and traffic and sales growth for businesses. They have major clients in cleaning companies and real estate, and are listed as one of the top web development companies in Albania for 2024. Evolve Web Studio, a digital agency, is known for their expertise in digital consultancy, website design, and digital marketing. Services offered by WebStudio Albania include: - Lead generation - Sales expertise - Online presence building - Traffic and sales growth.

Positive reviews praise the web development companys exceptional quality and staff. However, lack of specific details on services and outcomes may leave potential clients uncertain. Overall, highly recommended for quality work, but improvements in providing more information could enhance transparency and credibility.

Tirana 1001, Albania


3. Marketing One

5 from 42 Reviews

Marketing One Group is a market leader in providing insights that lead to actionable decisions for businesses. They offer sustainable fabric development, color creation, and management for fashion apparel and home furnishings. The company specializes in result-driven online marketing and development, with a focus on personalized one-to-one marketing. Marketing One is known for combining human creativity with contemporary technology to deliver digital marketing solutions. Their Marketing One Stop Shop (MOSS) offers a comprehensive marketing program for businesses. Additionally, Marketing One offers customized active campaigns, live chat support, and expertise in helping businesses achieve growth through digital marketing strategies.

Marketing One is praised for its professionalism and ability to deliver results in marketing campaigns. However, there are minor concerns about responsiveness and communication. Overall, the agency is recommended for its expertise and collaboration.

Rruga Gjergj Kastriot Skenderbeu, Mzezë, Tirana 1050, Albania


4. Spontan Creative Media

5 from 32 Reviews

Spontan Creative Media is an award-winning agency based in Tirana, Albania, offering a range of services including design/branding, marketing, development, and photo/video. The agency aims to make life easier for their clients by providing solutions in areas such as business, sales, marketing, design, writing, programming, and strategy. They have a strong online presence with a significant following on Instagram. Spontan Creative Media collaborates with medium and big businesses to help them achieve their goals through creative and innovative approaches. Services offered: - Design/Branding - Marketing - Development - Photo/Video

Customers praise Spontans exceptional design understanding, customer service, and results. The teams leadership, creativity, and attention to detail are highlighted as strengths. However, reviews lack specific examples or critiques, potentially raising concerns over authenticity and depth. Recommended for businesses seeking a standout marketing agency, but skeptical buyers may wish for more detailed feedback or evidence of success.

Rr, Rruga Besim Imami, Tiranë 1001, Albania

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5. Digital Marketing Innovation

5 from 27 Reviews

Digital Marketing Innovation is a Google Partner specializing in marketing technology trends and innovative strategies. They offer services such as branded non-fungible tokens, advertising in audio and video streams, automation for email marketing, influencer marketing, chatbots, voice search, and artificial intelligence. The company helps businesses innovate in marketing and technology to reach their target audience effectively and build stronger customer relationships. With a focus on digital marketing and technology innovation, they provide expertise in driving brand loyalty and increasing customer engagement.

Reviewers praised the companys great workplace culture, team spirit, and opportunities for growth. However, some noted the lack of pressure and described the staff as overly friendly. Overall, the company is recommended for those seeking a comfortable work environment with supportive colleagues. Negative points include lack of challenge and possibly too relaxed atmosphere.

Rruga e Dibres, Ndërtesa Nr.10, Hyrja 22, Apartamenti 5 & 6, Tirana 1017, Albania


6. Social Media Marketing Agency -

5 from 20 Reviews

The company is a digital marketing agency based in New York, specializing in social media marketing and digital advertising. They offer services such as website design, branding, business strategies, social media management, marketing coaching, and agency growth tips. With a focus on helping businesses attract customers and grow their online presence, the agency provides expert digital marketing solutions tailored to individual needs.

Positive reviews praise the social media marketing agency in Tirana for excellent service, helping with ads and leads, and understanding business needs. Most notably, team lead Donald is commended for going above and beyond. However, some negative feedback would provide a more balanced perspective.

Rruga Frosina Plaku, Kompleksi Magnet, Auriga 1, Apt 1022, Tirana 1001, Albania


7. SEO Company -

5 from 9 Reviews

El Paso SEO Services is a SEO agency that offers solutions to help grow businesses by increasing online visibility and reaching the right audience. They provide on-page SEO optimization and help attract unlimited traffic to boost marketing efforts. OneIMS offers search engine optimization services tailored to business growth in Alabama. They focus on ROI and developing strategies to outshine competitors in search rankings. The company also provides KPI-oriented SEO strategies and various SEO services to help online businesses grow. Services Offered: - On-Page SEO Optimization - Online Marketing - Search Engine Optimization - KPI-Oriented SEO Strategies

The reviews praise the marketing agency in Tirana for its professional services and effective SEO strategies. However, a previous agencys failure is noted, indicating a level of inconsistency. While the company is commended for its accuracy in analysis and reports, the negative experiences with other agencies raise concerns about dependability. Overall, the agencys strength lies in its SEO services, but its reliability may be questioned.

Rruga Mihal Duri, Tirana 1001, Albania


8. Marketing Agency -

4.9 from 36 Reviews

GROW Marketing Agency is a St. Louis-based digital marketing agency that specializes in website design, digital marketing, branding, and business strategies. They work with leading brands to create experiences that people love. Some of the services they offer include: - Website design - Digital marketing - Branding - Business strategies - Multi-channel paid media campaigns - Ongoing campaign optimization - Results tracking - People-focused business building Overall, GROW Marketing Agency focuses on helping businesses grow and increase their return on investment through strategic marketing solutions.

Grow Marketing is praised for its expertise in SEO and personalized marketing plans in Tirana. Clients appreciate the dedicated representatives and positive results, such as significant increases in domain authority. However, the lack of negative reviews does not provide a balanced perspective on the companys services. Overall, Grow Marketing appears to be a reliable choice for improving SEO and marketing strategies in Tirana.

Rr. "ISLAM ALLA", Nd.51, H.3, Ap.18, Tirana 1001, Albania


9. Albanian Marketing Academy

4.9 from 39 Reviews

The Albanian Marketing Academy offers training programs in digital marketing and social media management. The academy has a strong online presence with a large following on Instagram. They provide marketing solutions to local businesses and have a focus on digital marketing education. Erald Xhuti is a key figure at the academy, and they offer a Master Digital Marketing Course in partnership with IIM Skills. The company is well-known in Albania for providing high-quality marketing education and solutions. Services offered: - Training in digital marketing - Social media management - Marketing solutions for local businesses - Master Digital Marketing Course collaboration with IIM Skills

Positive reviews highlight exceptional digital marketing training, valuable insights, engaging lectures, and relevant course material. Clients highly recommend the company for its delivery and expertise. No negative points are mentioned. It is recommended for those seeking comprehensive digital marketing training.

Rr. Pjetër Bogdani Nd 10, H 5, Apt 1, 1-st Floor Tiranë, 1019 Tirane, Albania, Tirana 1001, Albania


10. Evolve Web Studio - Digital Agency

4.6 from 28 Reviews

Evolve Web Studio is a digital agency based in Albania that specializes in website design, web and app development, online marketing, and IT solutions. They prioritize quality, innovation, and speed in their work, utilizing the latest web technologies to help clients thrive. Services offered include WordPress, SEO, Drupal, Magento, and web design. Contact them at for more information.

Evolve Studio in Albania is highly recommended for web design projects, with praised knowledge, experience, and responsiveness. Their e-commerce creations are also satisfying. However, a lack of negative feedback suggests potential bias in the reviews. Further insights from a diverse range of clients would provide a more balanced evaluation of Evolve Studios services.

Rruga Mine Peza Pallati 2, Shkalla 3, K2, Ap1 (pas Bar Grand Tiranë AL, Tiranë 1000, Albania

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