Top 10 SEO Agencies in Zagreb, Croatia for the Year 2024



5 from 99 Reviews

Barbara Slade Jagodić, owner of, is a successful SEO solopreneur based in Zagreb. The company offers SEO content services, online education on SEO writing for web and content marketing, and HR solutions. Additionally, provides services such as SEO audit, departmental restructuring, disciplinary management, and more. With over 50 years of experience, the Slade Group is a recognized originator of recruitment services in Australia. Overall, is a comprehensive agency that specializes in SEO, HR, and recruitment services.

Highly positive reviews for Barbaras workshops and education in content marketing and SEO. Participants praised her knowledge, engaging teaching style, and practical advice. The workshops were described as interactive and informative. No negative feedback was mentioned, indicating a strong track record in providing valuable training. Overall, Barbaras workshops are highly recommended for those seeking to improve their digital marketing skills.

Belečka ul. 8, 10000, Zagreb, Croatia


2. Maoio Agency

5 from 40 Reviews

MAOIO is a growth marketing agency focused on providing turnkey solutions for clients. They offer services such as digital audit, budgeting, strategy planning, and business consultation. The agency aims to build long-term partnerships with select clients and has a comprehensive knowledge of digital marketing techniques. Additionally, MAOIO encourages clients to sell their expertise rather than charging by the hour. Services offered: - Digital audit - Budgeting - Strategy planning - Business consultation - Full-service digital agency expertise

Maoio Agency receives glowing reviews for their expertise, support, and outcome-focused approach in web development. Clients praise their knowledge, dedication, and ability to navigate legal hurdles. However, some may find their approach overly technical. Overall, Maoio Agency is recommended for their professionalism, creativity, and understanding of client needs. No negative points mentioned in reviews.

Vladimira Vidrića 8, 10000, Zagreb, Croatia


3. ARCH. Influencer Marketing Agency

5 from 37 Reviews

ARCH. is an influencer marketing agency with 825 followers on Instagram. They have experienced significant growth in terms of team size and revenues. The agency specializes in youth culture marketing, brand communities, and acquiring users for games and digital content. They are known for their creative campaign concepts and ensuring influencer content aligns with brands. ARCH. is based in Croatia with a global presence and offers services such as field marketing, creative insights, and influencer marketing. Services Offered: - Youth culture marketing - Brand communities - Acquiring users for games and digital content - Creative campaign concepts - Influencer content alignment with brands

Customers display high satisfaction with influencer agency, praising creativity, reliability, efficiency, professionalism, and teamwork. They appreciate the family-like environment and quick responses. However, the lack of any negative feedback suggests a potential bias in the reviews, making it difficult to fully assess the agencys performance objectively.

prilaz Gjure Deželića 45, 10000, Zagreb, Croatia


4. Social Wizard

5 from 24 Reviews

Social Wizard is a digital agency specializing in branding, video production, UI/UX design, e-commerce, mobile apps, and web projects. They offer reputation management software for online presence and brand management, as well as social media management services. With a strong social media presence on platforms like Instagram, they provide a one-stop shop for social media and online marketing needs. Additionally, they offer innovative digital solutions and services, such as creating tailored social stories for people with autism. Overall, Social Wizard is a full-service digital agency focused on creative and design solutions for businesses and individuals.

Social Wizard is praised for delivering quality work on time and within budget. They excel in WordPress tasks and mobile app development, with a creative and supportive team. Clients appreciate their expertise in branding and marketing. However, the companys website development skills, communication, and problem-solving abilities are not mentioned. Reviews highlight their dedication, resourcefulness, and knowledge in web design and social media.

Slavonska Avenija 17, 10000, Zagreb, Croatia

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5. Hedgehog Marketing

5 from 22 Reviews

Josh is a freelance digital marketing consultant specializing in small and medium-sized businesses. Hedgehog is a modern digital marketing agency focusing on SEO, web design, content, and digital PR. The company follows the Hedgehog Concept, emphasizing focus and deep understanding in their work. Services offered include graphics design, logo design, website design, and brand communication.

Customers rave about Hedgehog Marketings professional, efficient, and highly skilled service in website development. Luka Jankov receives praise for his proactive problem-solving and quick delivery. Despite the overwhelmingly positive reviews, potential weaknesses could include a lack of diversity in client feedback or negative aspects not mentioned in the reviews. Overall, the companys exceptional service and expertise make them a top choice for website design needs.

Čopci 3, 10040, Zagreb, Croatia


6. L33T digital agency

5 from 13 Reviews

LT Digital Agency, based in Zagreb, Croatia, is a digital marketing agency with almost two decades of experience in the industry. They specialize in website and graphic design, virtual tours, and video production. Recently, they launched a new website for MAMIĆ GRGIĆ VINTER attorneys at law, showcasing their expertise in providing legal advice.

Lt, a web development company, receives high praise for their excellent customer service, professionalism, and ability to deliver quality websites for science and education organizations. Neven and the team are noted for their innovative solutions and top-notch service. However, the lack of any negative feedback may suggest bias in the reviews. Overall, Lt is recommended for their expertise and support.

Ul Antuna Nemčića 7, 10000, Zagreb, Croatia



5 from 8 Reviews is an internet marketing company based in Zagreb, Croatia, offering services such as SEO, SEM, AdWords, and social media management. They provide precise AdWords campaigns and specialize in guiding Facebook campaigns and profiles. Additionally, they offer education in internet marketing. The company has been in operation since 1971 and is known for providing quality services to its clients. Services offered: - SEO (Search Engine Optimization) - SEM (Search Engine Marketing) - AdWords campaigns - Social media management including Facebook campaigns and profiles - Internet marketing education

Customers praise Siniša Gavrilovićs SEO expertise for improving their website visibility and traffic. Positive feedback includes clear explanations and tangible results. However, some reviews lack specific details on the service provided. The general consensus is highly positive, with clients recommending Gavrilovićs SEO services for business growth.

prilaz Ivana Visina 5, 10000, Zagreb, Croatia


8. IGNIS - Marketing agencija

5 from 5 Reviews

IGNIS is a marketing agency based in Parsons Green, England, specializing in web development, Google Ads, SEO optimization, social media marketing, content marketing, and email marketing. They are known for their innovative and creative approach to building brands in the digital era. With a focus on creating new business opportunities for their clients, IGNIS offers a range of services to help businesses grow and succeed.

Customers praise Ignis agency for creating professional, visually appealing websites. They excel in communication, creativity, and efficient service, resulting in high customer satisfaction. However, the lack of any negative feedback in the reviews may indicate a biased or filtered representation of the companys performance. Overall, Ignis is lauded for their expertise and results, but potential drawbacks or areas for improvement are not addressed in the provided reviews.

Ivanićeva ul. 27, 10000, Zagreb, Croatia


9. Logobox

4.2 from 13 Reviews

Logobox is a specialized agency offering digital marketing, web development, and graphic design services. They are known for their minimalist logo designs and also offer a unique publication showcasing logos created by Paul Ibou. Their services include logo design, web development, digital marketing, and graphic design. Services offered: - Logo design - Web development - Digital marketing - Graphic design

Positive reviews highlight a great team and nice people at the web development company, making it a desirable business partner. No negative points are mentioned. Overall, the company seems to excel in teamwork and customer satisfaction, indicating a strong reputation in the industry.

Trg Žrtava Fašizma 6, 10000, Zagreb, Croatia

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