Top 10 SEO Agencies in Zaragoza, Spain for the Year 2024



5 from 44 Reviews

Garvira & Partners is a cooperative network of digital professionals offering sustainable growth to entrepreneurs. They provide services such as developing educational guides, apps, graphic novels, stories with values, classroom tools, and gamification for schools. The company also focuses on internet privacy and security. Their CEO, José Narces Gaviria, is known for his professionalism and encouraged César Gaviria to run for office. Services offered: - Educational guides - Apps development - Graphic novels - Classroom tools - Gamification for schools - Internet privacy and security solutions

Positive reviews praise GARVIRA&PARTNERS for professionalism, great designs, attentive service, and affordable pricing. However, some negative aspects are not mentioned, making it unclear if there are any weaknesses in their services. The overall verdict is a positive recommendation for anyone seeking web development services in the digital world.

Internet, Casco Antiguo, 50001 Zaragoza, Spain


2. MarketerLab

5 from 25 Reviews

MarketerLab is a comprehensive digital marketing training platform offering courses, certification for marketing specialists, and resources for advertising on platforms like LinkedIn. The company focuses on real-world marketing strategies and offers a Full-Stack Digital Marketing Masterclass for developing remote-capable digital marketing skills. Services offered: - Digital marketing training courses - Certification for marketing specialists - Advertising resources - Full-Stack Digital Marketing Masterclass

The web agency receives glowing reviews for their professionalism, expertise, and honesty, with clients praising their results in marketing and SEO services. Positive feedback highlights their ability to generate new clients and provide excellent advice. No negative points are mentioned in the reviews. Verdict: Highly recommended for their market solutions and transparent business practices.

Andador de Aragüés del Puerto, N3, 50015 Zaragoza, Spain


3. Jiménez Carbó - Agencia Marketing Online, Posicionamiento Web

4.9 from 67 Reviews

Jiménez Carbó is a digital marketing agency in Zaragoza, Spain, offering services such as online marketing, web development, SEO, branding, and digital strategy. They specialize in Google Adwords campaigns and web positioning strategies. With a team of qualified professionals, they aim to boost online visibility and drive quality traffic to websites. The agency focuses on comprehensive project management for both online and offline campaigns. Services offered: - Online marketing - Web development - SEO - Branding - Digital strategy - Google Adwords campaigns - Web positioning strategies

Positive reviews for a web development company highlight excellent service, professional quality, stunning logo creation, and exceptional communication. Clients praise the teams expertise and attention to detail. No negative points are mentioned. Verdict: Highly recommended for marketing and web projects due to exceptional work and professionalism.

Calle Cinco de Marzo 18, Planta 2ª, Oficina 1, Casco Antiguo, 50004 Zaragoza, Spain


4. Sock Data

5 from 19 Reviews

The company specializes in data governance and internet protocol solutions, with a focus on SOCKS protocol. They offer services such as approximate Bayesian computation, data security regulations compliance, and IoT dashboard development.

Sock Data is highly recommended for its professionalism, quick problem-solving, and satisfactory results in digital marketing. They excel in web design, user experience, and technical implementation. However, some reviews mention a competitiveness contest that may overshadow their services. Despite this, the company stands out for its reliability, personal treatment, and efficiency in addressing issues.

Pl. de España, 5, 1ºC, Casco Antiguo, 50001 Zaragoza, Spain

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5 from 7 Reviews

OKTUWEB is a marketing agency specializing in SEO and online presence services. They offer web development, marketing strategies, and SEO services for businesses looking to increase their online visibility. They have been in operation since 2009 and have worked with various clients in different industries. Services offered: - SEO expertise - Online marketing strategies - Web development - Social media trends adaptation

Positive reviews highlight OKTUWEBs professional service, attentive customer care, and personalized approach to web design and SEO. The company is recommended for its attentive, client-centered service. However, there is limited information available on the companys marketing strategies and impact on small businesses.

C. de los Mártires, 10, Casco Antiguo, 50003 Zaragoza, Spain


6. Wanatop

4.8 from 73 Reviews

Guangzhou Wanatop Trading Co.,Ltd specializes in manufacturing and exporting auto sensors and common rail valves. They are a Google PREMIER Partner and offer a wide range of products on AliExpress. Their services include marketing online, engine oil pressure sensors, and digital marketing training at Wanatop Academy. Key offerings include: - Auto Sensors - Common Rail Valves - Engine Oil Pressure Sensors - Digital Marketing Training

Customers praise Wanatop as a top marketing agency with dedicated professionals achieving excellent results in SEO and website design. However, some mention slow progress or issues with initial website design. Overall, Wanatop is recommended for their commitment, availability, and ability to support digital strategies, with a particularly highlighted new logo.

C. de Pablo Ruiz Picasso, 10, 50018 Zaragoza, Spain


7. Triddeo

4.8 from 18 Reviews

Trideo is a company that specializes in producing programs for television, radio, and the internet at the intersection of faith and modern culture. They offer integrated Risk Information Management Systems for healthcare captives. Trideo also provides marketing services and solutions in the digital marketing sector. Their services include: - -D hologram projectors - Event reporting modules - Risk Information Management Systems for healthcare captives - Marketing services - Programs for television, radio, and internet at the intersection of faith and modern culture.

Triddeo, a web development company, receives glowing reviews praising their expertise, customer service, and dedication to clients projects. Clients report satisfaction with SEO improvements and ongoing support. However, no negative points are mentioned, suggesting a lack of critical feedback. Overall, Triddeo is highly recommended for digital marketing projects by satisfied clients.

Calle María de Luna, 11 CEEI, 50018 Zaragoza, Spain


8. RIL Studio

4.7 from 55 Reviews

Reliance Foundry is a leading supplier of bollards, commercial bike racks, industrial wheels, and custom castings in North America. Reliance Entertainment Pvt Ltd is an Indian media and entertainment company under the Reliance Group. The company has partnerships with Disney and operates RelianceGames. Reliance Industries, headquartered in Mumbai, is a major player in the petroleum industry. Services offered include bollards, bike racks, industrial wheels, custom castings, media and entertainment, and gaming.

The web development company has received positive reviews for their photography courses, marketing agency services, and website design. Clients praised their professionalism, communication, and practical results. However, the lack of negative feedback does not provide a well-rounded view of their services. Overall, the company appears to be a reliable choice for digital marketing needs.

P.º de la Independencia, 6, Entresuelo 2, Casco Antiguo, 50004 Zaragoza, Spain


9. Socialonce

4.3 from 30 Reviews

The company is a consortium of leading social science research centers around the world. They offer a social media management tool called Zoho Social, as well as services in design, waterfront dining, and social connections for health and emotional well-being. They emphasize the importance of social care for brain development and offer analytics for social profiles on various platforms. Services Offered: - Social media management tool - Design services - Waterfront dining - Social care for health - Analytics for social profiles

Positive reviews highlight SocialOnce as a professional, cost-effective, and efficient web development company that delivers results. However, negative reviews criticize the company for unfulfilled promises and lack of refunds, raising concerns about reliability and honesty. Mixed feedback suggests caution when considering their services.

P.º de la Independencia, 19, 6º Dcha, Casco Antiguo, 50001 Zaragoza, Spain


10. O10media

4 from 48 Reviews

o10media is a digital marketing agency based in Zaragoza, specializing in web positioning, web design, and online store development. Founded in 2011 by experienced professionals in the marketing and advertising industry, the agency offers services such as Google Shopping, social media management, and legal services related to digital law. They also have a passion for Car Culture through their OTO Culture community. Services offered include: - Web positioning - Web design - Online store development - Google Shopping - Social media management - Legal services for digital law

Mixed reviews for a web development company in Zaragoza. Positive feedback highlights effective web positioning services, with one customer praising a drastic improvement in their business. However, negative reviews warn of unfulfilled promises, extra charges, lack of communication, and unprofessional behavior. Caution advised when considering working with this company.

P.º de María Agustín, 29, 50004 Zaragoza, Spain

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