Top 10 Best Tuition Centre near mrt Bedok, Singapore for the Year 2024


1. Integral Learning Academy (Bedok)

5 from 91 Reviews

Integral Learning Academy is a top tuition centre in Singapore with highly qualified tutors offering programmes for Primary, Secondary, IP, and JC levels. They have award-winning tutors from RI, convenient locations in Braddell and Bedok, and a flexible timetable for all subjects. Happy students have praised their caring and amazing teachers. Services offered include: - Tuition for Primary, Secondary, IP, and JC levels - Highly qualified tutors from RI - Flexible timetable for all subjects - Convenient locations in Braddell and Bedok - Specialized programmes for O Level, IP, and JC levels.

Integral Learning Academy in Singapore has received overwhelmingly positive reviews for its math tuition services, especially noting Mr. Clarences effective teaching methods and ability to improve grades significantly. Students appreciate his patience, personalized guidance, and thorough explanations. However, there are no negative points mentioned in the reviews, indicating a lack of balanced feedback on the tuition center.

Blk 18 Bedok South Road #01-65, Singapore 460018


2. Happy Tutors Bedok Reservoir

5 from 52 Reviews

Happy Tutors Learning Centre is a top tuition center in Singapore that helps students reach their academic potential. They offer small group tuition classes with patient teachers, conveniently located centers, and a positive learning atmosphere. Services offered include: - Small group tuition classes - Conveniently located centers - Positive learning atmosphere for students to flourish and achieve their best potential

Happy Tutors in Singapore receives rave reviews for their dedicated and patient teachers, effective teaching methods, and technology-enhanced learning environment. Students report significant academic improvements and confidence boosts, particularly in subjects like science and math. However, some comments suggest that the center may be lacking in certain areas such as organization or handling exam stress. Overall, Happy Tutors seems to be a beneficial resource for students seeking academic support.

609 Bedok Reservoir Rd, #01-646, Singapore 470609


3. AGrader Learning Centre - Bedok

5 from 49 Reviews

AGRADER LEARNING CENTRE comes highly recommended for providing excellent education to students. They have multiple branches across Singapore offering tuition and enrichment programs for students to excel. Some key points about the company include: - Top-rated tuition centre - Multiple locations across Singapore (Ang Mo Kio, Bedok, Boon Lay, Bukit Gombak, etc.) - Popular and successful chain of tuition and enrichment centres - Expert tutors providing effective learning - Specializes in helping students excel in their studies Overall, AGRADER LEARNING CENTRE is a reputable educational institution dedicated to helping students achieve academic success.

Parents and students highly praise AGrader Math & Science center for its professional management, supportive teachers like Jocelyn, and engaging teaching methods. Students enjoy classes and show improvement in learning. Some weaknesses include lack of specific feedback and reliance on certain teachers. Overall, AGrader is recommended for academic support and positive learning experiences.

742 Bedok Reservoir Rd, #01-3111, Singapore 470742


4. Matrix Math Bedok

5 from 41 Reviews

Matrix Math Education Centre in Singapore offers top-notch maths tuition for PSLE and O-Level students. They have multiple locations across Singapore including Marine Parade, Bedok, Ang Mo Kio, Hougang, and Yishun. The centre focuses on providing comprehensive class-based tuition and has received positive reviews. Services offered include: - Primary Math Tuition - Secondary IP Math Tuition - Group Courses - Onboarding for new teachers.

Matrix Math tuition centre in Singapore receives positive reviews for their patient and supportive teachers, structured materials, and improvement in students grades. However, some negative points include lack of variety in teaching methods and potential overcrowding in classes. Overall, the centre seems to provide effective math tuition with room for improvement in teaching approaches and class size management.

84 Bedok North Street 4, #01-39, Singapore 460084

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5. Learners' Lodge@Kembangan JC Maths Tuition

4.9 from 204 Reviews

Learners Lodge is a tuition center in Singapore specializing in small group tuition for JC students. They offer regular and intensive revision programs for subjects such as Mathematics, Physics, Biology, Chemistry, and GP. Their JC Math tuition program extensively covers H2 and H1 math syllabus. The center has experienced ex-MOE JC tutors who use innovative teaching methods to help students achieve better grades. Additional branches are located in Bishan, Kembangan, and Marymount.

The reviews for Learners Lodge tuition centre in Singapore highlight dedicated teachers like Mr. Gilbert Lee and Mr. Mike Wang, friendly staff, and effective teaching methods. However, the positive atmosphere and impactful teaching may not be consistent across all branches, as some students had varying experiences. Overall, Learners Lodge seems to have a supportive environment that helps improve grades and understanding of subjects.

14D Jln Masjid, Singapore 418935


6. Miracle Math Tuition Centre Singapore

4.9 from 115 Reviews

Miracle Math Tuition Centre in Bedok, Singapore has a successful track record for students from primary to JC/IP levels. The centre offers premium primary and secondary maths tuition, crash courses, supplemental lessons, and JC maths tuition. They focus on the Singapore Math curriculum to improve learning outcomes and have a transformative teaching approach. Services offered include: - Primary & secondary maths tuition - JC maths tuition - Crash courses - Supplemental lessons - Singapore Math curriculum-focused teaching

Multiple positive reviews highlight the effectiveness of Miracle Math Tuition in improving grades and understanding in math subjects. Students commend teachers for patience, clarity, and extra support. However, the text lacks any negative feedback or points of improvement, making it appear overly biased. A more balanced perspective from diverse student experiences would enhance the credibility of the reviews.

11 Bedok North Street 1, #01-06 Heartbeat@Bedok, Singapore 469662


7. Math Prodigies Learning Centre

4.9 from 35 Reviews

Math Prodigies Learning Centre in Singapore specializes in providing top-notch tutoring services for PSLE math and secondary math. Their approach focuses on helping students excel in math and overcome any fear or anxiety related to the subject. Services offered include: - Math coaching for primary and secondary school students - Preparing students for the PSLE and O Level exams - Transforming students from math haters to math lovers - Helping students achieve distinctions in math.

Math Prodigies received rave reviews for engaging teaching, fun lessons, and helping students improve in Math, with parents noting significant academic progress. Coaches positive impact, personalized encouragement, and holistic student care were highlighted. However, no negative points were mentioned, indicating overall satisfaction with the tution center. Parents are encouraged to consider Math Prodigies for effective Math tutoring.

16 Jalan Masjid Kembangan Suites #01-07, Singapore 418941


8. The Learning Board Tuition Centre (Kembangan)

4.9 from 16 Reviews

The Learning Board is an English tuition centre in Singapore that specializes in helping students improve their grades and excel in exams. They offer tuition for PSLE & O-Level exams at locations in Bishan, Hougang, and Kembangan. The centre provides English, Maths, and Science classes for secondary school students and is equipped with tools like whiteboards and projectors for effective teaching. Some other tuition centres in the area include Learning Journey Education Centre and Simply English. Service offered by The Learning Board includes: - English tuition - Maths tuition - Science tuition

The tuition centre has received positive reviews for significant improvements in English grades, engaging teaching styles, and supportive environment. Weaknesses include criticism of other tuition centers and lack of focus on exam techniques. Overall, the tuition centre is recommended for its effectiveness in helping students improve their English skills.

5 Jln Masjid, #01-14, Singapore 418924


9. Aspire Hub @ Bedok Mall

4.8 from 16 Reviews

Aspire Hub Education is an organization with 16 branches across Singapore, offering holistic academic and life skills programs. They provide enrichment classes from primary to tertiary education, with qualified and dedicated coaches. The Bedok Mall branch specifically caters to parents and students in the east, located in a convenient shopping mall connected to major transportation nodes. Services offered include: - Enrichment classes - Academic and life skills programs - Qualified coaching staff

Aspire Hub in Bedok Mall receives positive reviews for its patient and engaging tutors in Math, Science, and English. However, some negative points include lack of specific feedback or details on improvement. Overall, the center seems to provide effective support and a motivating environment for students to excel in their studies.

311 New Upper Changi Rd, B1-06, Singapore 467360


10. Mavis Tutorial Centre @ Bedok Mall

4.5 from 17 Reviews

Mavis Tutorial Centre is a well-established tuition center in Singapore with 5 years of experience. They offer programs for compulsory subjects in pre-primary, primary, secondary, and JC levels. The company is opening its 16th flagship branch in Bedok Mall in 2021. Services offered include: - Tuition programs for various academic levels - Positive and enjoyable learning experiences for children - Experienced teachers providing quality education.

Parents and students praise Mavis tuition center in Singapore for effective teaching, approachable teachers, and a conducive learning environment. Positive feedback includes supportive staff and helpful resources. However, common themes of repetitive positive feedback raise concerns about authenticity. Mixed reviews from long-term customers suggest possible inconsistencies in the educational experience. Overall, while well-recommended, potential exaggeration and lack of critical feedback may limit clarity on the centers true performance.

311 New Upper Changi Rd, #02-03/04 Bedok Mall, Singapore 467360

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