Top 9 Best Tuition Centre near mrt Kallang, Singapore for the Year 2024


1. AO Studies LLP Singapore

5 from 105 Reviews

AO Studies is a trusted tuition centre in Singapore specializing in math and physics, where 90% of students score above B. They offer services such as tuition fee only charged after 0 days or 4 lessons, tailoring solutions for investment and commercial banking, and personalized education programs. The principal, Lim Chu Wei, is a Secondary and JC Math Specialist and founder of AO Studies. They also provide art education, school admissions, scholarships, and lifelong learning opportunities. Services offered include: - Math and physics tuition - Tailored solutions for investment and commercial banking - Art education programs - School admissions assistance - Scholarships opportunities - Lifelong learning programs

Students praise AO Studies for personalized teaching, engaging lessons, and improvement in grades, especially in math subjects. Tutors like Mr. Lim and Mr. Chu Wei are commended for their patience, dedication, and effective teaching methods. However, some students mention stagnant progress initially and the need for continued hard work to see results. Overall, AO Studies is recommended for those willing to put in effort for academic success.

420 North Bridge Rd, #06-10/11/12, Singapore 188727


2. Kultivate Learning Centre

5 from 26 Reviews

Kultivate Learning Centre offers affordable and effective tuition to maximize Science grades, specializing in education for Primary and Secondary school students. Their W.I.S.E.R. programme helps students ace the PSLE Science paper by teaching essential vocabulary, identifying question requirements, and providing answering techniques. The centre focuses on Science keywords, answering techniques, and common mistake series to improve students performance. Additionally, they offer access to tricky exam questions and personalized education. Services offered include: - Individualized education for Primary and Secondary school students - W.I.S.E.R. programme for PSLE Science - Science vocabulary and keywords teaching - Identifying question requirements - Answering techniques - Access to tricky exam questions - Personalized education.

Kultivate Learning Centre is highly recommended for its dedicated and effective teachers like Toby. Students show significant improvement in grades, develop a love for subjects, and enjoy learning. The center offers English, Math, and Science tuition. Some reviewers mention lack of interest in certain subjects before attending. Despite this, the positive impact of the tuition center on students learning outcomes is evident.

60 Somme Rd, #01-01, Singapore 207876


3. Stalford Academy

4.5 from 26 Reviews

Stalford Academy is a Singapore-based institution offering a preparatory course for the GCE A Level Examinations. Managed by an experienced team, the academy provides a focused and detailed approach to education. Services offered include: - A Levels preparatory course - International student admissions - Strong marketing and management skills - Extracurricular activities - Native teachers - Small class sizes - School bus availability

Stalford Learning Centre in Singapore receives positive reviews for helping students pass subjects and prepare for exams, with specific praises for the teachers. However, there are occasional mentions of dissatisfaction with A level results and lack of clarity in the admission process. Overall, it is recommended for exam preparation, but potential students should be aware of potential inconsistencies in results and admissions guidance.

12 Kallang Ave, #03 - 11 / 12 / 13 / 14, Singapore 339511


4. Read Think Learn Education Hub (Geylang West / Kallang)

4.9 from 7 Reviews

Read Think Learn Education Hub is an established tuition centre with two outlets in Boon Keng, Kallang, and Geylang West. They offer premium after-school student care, small teacher-student ratios, and a carefully crafted after-school care program. The company also runs a Brighter Future programme at Sparkletots Child for enriching learning experiences. They prioritize industry-leading trust and safety standards. Services offered include: - Tuition for preschool and primary students - Premium after-school student care - Small teacher-student ratios - Brighter Future programme at Sparkletots Child

The tuition center in Singapore receives positive reviews for friendly staff, caring teachers, small class sizes, and convenient location near Kallang Mrt. Parents express hope to improve their childs academic performance. However, some reviews mention a desire for specific academic achievements in return for higher ratings, indicating pressure for results. Overall, the center is seen as reliable with competitive rates but places emphasis on academic outcomes.

1205 Upper Boon Keng Rd, #02-01, Singapore 387311

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5. Read Think Learn Education Hub / Tuition Centre

4.7 from 6 Reviews

Read Think Learn Education Hub is a highly reputable tuition centre in Kallang, Singapore. They offer small group tuition with experienced teachers, engaging classes, and a commitment to providing the best learning experience. Services offered: - Small Group Tuition - Fun and Engaging Classes - Free Trial Classes - Virtual Classroom Format during Covid pandemic - Widely recognized tuition center in Kallang

Reviews for a Singapore tuition center highlight its friendliness and accessibility. Weaknesses not mentioned. Final verdict: positive.

45 Boon Keng Rd, #02-05, Singapore 339771


6. Best POA Tuition

5 from 1 Reviews

Best POA Tuition provides specialized Principles of Accounts tuition for secondary school students, focusing on helping them excel in their O and N Level exams. They offer affordable rates for 1-to-1, group classes, and crash courses. The company emphasizes the importance of POA tuition in helping students understand complex concepts and excel in the subject. Services offered include: - 1-to-1 tuition - Group classes - Crash courses

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Upper Boon Keng Rd, #01-15 Blk 5, Singapore 380005

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