Top 10 Best Tuition Centre near mrt Fajar, Singapore for the Year 2024


1. FamilyTutor Singapore - Home and Online Tuition Agency

4.9 from 476 Reviews

FamilyTutor is a popular home tuition agency in Singapore offering 1 to 1 private home tuition services for polytechnic and university students at hourly rates ranging from $60 to $120. They provide experienced tutors and also offer online tuition services. FamilyTutor ensures high standards from their tutors and is known for quick matching with students. Services offered: - 1 to 1 private home tuition - Online tuition services

FamilyTutor Singapore receives positive reviews for their prompt service, friendly tutors, and successful results. However, there are complaints about slightly delayed responses and room for improvement in communication. Overall, the company is recommended for finding suitable tutors efficiently but should work on enhancing responsiveness for a better customer experience.

17 Petir Rd, Singapore 678278


2. Five Star Tuition Centre Pte Ltd - CCK & Bukit Panjang

5 from 239 Reviews

Five Star Tuition Centre Pte. Ltd. is a top tuition center in Singapore with branches in CCK, Bukit Panjang, and Jurong. They specialize in English, Math, and Science enrichment classes for primary school students. The center is highly rated by parents, with over 400 reviews giving it 5 stars on Facebook and Google. Services offered include: - English, Math, and Science tutoring - Premier educational programs - Focus on primary school students - Convenient locations in CCK, Bukit Panjang, and Jurong

Five Star Tuition Center in Singapore receives high praise for dedicated teachers, personalized attention, and effective workshops leading to PSLE success. Parents appreciate the improvement in their childrens academics. However, there are no mentions of any weaknesses or negative aspects in the reviews. Overall, the center is highly recommended for its beneficial impact on students academic progress and success in exams.

143 Teck Whye Ln, #01-233, Singapore 680143

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3. Stepping Stones Study Centre

4.9 from 197 Reviews

Stepping Stones Study Centre in Bukit Panjang, Singapore, established in 199, offers quality and affordable tuition classes for English, Math, and Science for Primary and Secondary School students. They focus on not only educating but also instilling values in their students. The centre is run by reliable tutors and management and provides a nurturing environment for learning. Services offered include: - English, Math, and Science tuition classes - Values-based education - Conducive and nurturing environment

Stepping Stones Study Centre, led by Mr. Wong, receives positive reviews for his engaging lessons and ability to improve grades. However, there are concerns about class sizes, potential favoritism, and lack of individual attention. While Mr. Wongs teaching methods are praised, the overall learning environment may not suit all students. Consider these factors before enrolling at the centre.

439 Fajar Rd, #B1-428, Singapore 670439


4. TutorJohn Learning Centre - Choa Chu Kang Tuition Centre

4.9 from 136 Reviews

TutorJohn Learning Centre in CCK provides small group tuition classes with passionate tutors focusing on deep understanding of subjects. Services offered include: - Small group tuition classes - One-to-one tuition services - Catering to all subjects and academic levels in primary and secondary education - Located in Choa Chu Kang with convenient access to public transportation.

Positive reviews praise Tutor John Learning Centre for dedicated, passionate teachers and improved results. However, negative points include lack of diversity in subjects taught and repetitive feedback. Despite some shortcomings, positive feedback on academic improvements and welcoming environment outweighs the negatives. Reviews suggest Tutor John Learning Centre is a beneficial option for students seeking academic enhancement.

143 Teck Whye Ln, #01-231, Singapore 680143

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5. Stepping Stones Learning Centre (Bukit Panjang)

5 from 68 Reviews

Stepping Stones Learning Centre in Singapore, located in Bukit Panjang and Beauty World, offers tutoring services run by reliable tutors and management. They provide a nurturing and conducive environment for students to learn. The centre has small group classes, and they have over 20 years of experience in education. Services offered: - Tuition classes in various subjects such as Science, Maths, and English - Online payment option available - School visits upon request

Positive reviews highlight engaging and professional teachers who go above and beyond to help students succeed. The teachers are praised for creating a fun and supportive learning environment. Some students have seen significant improvement in their grades. However, some negative points include the demanding nature of the academics and the need for one-on-one lessons for struggling students. Overall, the tuition center receives praise for its dedicated and effective teaching approach.

Blk 258 Bukit Panjang Ring Rd, #01-52, Singapore 670258


6. CalibreMath Learning Centre

4.9 from 36 Reviews

CalibreMath Learning Centre in Singapore offers math tuition with unique strategies to instill a love for mathematics in students. They provide personalized teaching, promote students love for math, and maximize learning through discussion. The centre aims to help students excel in math and offers Secondary to 4 tuition at S$220 per 4 lessons. Their services include: - Personalized math tuition - Promoting love for mathematics - Maximizing learning through discussion - Secondary to 4 math tuition at S$220 per 4 lessons

CalibreMath Learning Centre in Singapore receives positive reviews for dedicated teachers, excellent support, and noticeable improvements in students math grades. Special commendations go to teachers Charles and Janelle for their commitment and effective teaching methods. However, some negative aspects mentioned include students losing interest in math and the need for continuous updates on school test results. Overall, the centre is praised for promoting academic success.

434 Bukit Panjang Ring Rd, RC Classroom, Block 434, Singapore 670434


7. Nanyang Educational Consultancy (Bukit Panjang Tuition Centre)

4.9 from 31 Reviews

Nanyang Educational Consultancy is a top tuition centre in Bukit Panjang (AMK) known for effective tutoring services. They have experienced and passionate teachers and offer personalized learning to help students excel in their studies. Services offered include: - Tutoring in various subjects - Results-focused approach - Experienced and passionate teachers - Personalized learning plans

Nanyang Tuition in Singapore has received positive reviews praising the supportive teachers, personalized attention, and significant improvement in students academic performance. Students appreciate the engaging teaching style and availability of makeup lessons. However, some reviews mention the need for more practice and emphasize the importance of continuous improvement for the students. Overall, the tuition center is recommended for those seeking academic support and improvement.

Bangkit Rd, #03-71 Blk 256, Singapore 670256


8. Mschua tuition learning centre

5 from 1 Reviews

The company offers small group tuition classes with no registration or material fees. They provide individualized learning paths, comprehensive exam preparation, and are known for their English tuition and enrichment services. The founder, Ms. Chua, is a renowned author and educator. Notably, the company does not accept new P6 students after March. Services offered: - Small group tuition classes - Individualized learning paths - Comprehensive exam preparation - English tuition and enrichment services

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Blk 404 Fajar Rd, Singapore 670404

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