Top 10 Best Tuition Centre near mrt Geylang Bahru, Singapore for the Year 2024


1. Glenn Lee Learning Centre - Providing PSLE/IB/N&OLEVEL/IP Tuition in SG

5 from 31 Reviews

Glenn Lee Learning Centre is a premium tuition agency in Singapore, offering private O-Level online tuition and specialized small group tuition for Primary, Secondary, and IP levels. Founded in 2012 by Glenn Lee, the centre also provides educational programs for IB MYP and IB PYP. They cover a range of levels, including PSLE, N-Level, A-Level, IP, and IB exams. Additionally, they offer enrichment programs and have received positive reviews from parents and students. Services offered: - Private O-Level online tuition - Specialized small group tuition for Primary, Secondary, and IP levels - Programs for IB MYP and IB PYP - Enrichment programs - PSLE, N-Level, A-Level, IP, and IB exam preparation

Teacher Glenns tuition center in Singapore receives positive reviews for improving student grades and creating a conducive learning environment. However, some students still struggle despite the teachers help, indicating potential limitations in the effectiveness of the center. Overall, while the center has strengths in teaching methods and support, improvements may be needed to ensure all students achieve desired results.

865 Mountbatten Rd, #02-53 Katong Shopping Centre, Singapore 437844


2. Kultivate Learning Centre

5 from 26 Reviews

Kultivate Learning Centre is a tuition centre in Singapore that specializes in Science and Mathematics education for primary and secondary school students. They offer an affordable, effective, and engaging W.I.S.E.R programme to help students excel in their Science grades, specifically targeting the PSLE exam. The centre focuses on teaching science vocabulary, keywords, answering techniques, and how to identify what each question demands. They also provide access to tricky and common exam questions to help students achieve higher marks. Services offered: - Science and Mathematics tuition for primary and secondary school students - W.I.S.E.R programme targeting PSLE Science exam prep - Individualized education focusing on Science and Mathematics

Kultivate Learning Centre in Singapore receives overwhelmingly positive reviews from parents praising teacher Toby for improving their childrens grades and confidence in science. The personalized attention, effective teaching methods, and engaging lessons are highlighted as strengths. However, the lack of diversity in subjects taught and potential over-dependence on one teacher are noted as weaknesses. Overall, Kultivate Learning Centre is highly recommended for science tuition.

60 Somme Rd, #01-01, Singapore 207876

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3. Read Think Learn Education Hub (Geylang West / Kallang)

4.9 from 7 Reviews

Read Think Learn Education Hub is a leading tuition center in Boon Keng, Kallang, and Geylang West, offering a premium after school student care program. The center has two outlets and provides carefully crafted after school care programs to suit modern families needs. They also offer services such as small teacher-student ratios, established tuition centers, and a focus on creating enriching learning experiences for children. Services offered: - Tuition services - After school care program - Small teacher-student ratios - Enriching learning experiences

Positive reviews highlight friendly and patient staff, small class sizes, and convenient location. However, there is a mention of wanting a stupid child to become smart, which could be considered insensitive. Overall, the tuition center seems well-regarded.

1205 Upper Boon Keng Rd, #02-01, Singapore 387311


4. Brilliant Minds Learning Centre

5 from 2 Reviews

Brilliant Minds Learning Center is a childcare provider in Singapore that focuses on infants to preschool age children. The center offers a classical education daycare/preschool program, emphasizing learning through games. Services offered include home-based childcare, high-quality resources, and a philosophy of leaving no child behind.

No User's review found.

845 Geylang Rd, Singapore 400845

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5. MYEC Tuition Centre

5 from 1 Reviews

MYEC Tuition Centre in Singapore offers both onsite and online classes taught by MOE current and former teachers. Services include English classes, artist workshops, and a T-shirt project. The center operates at multiple locations, including Geylang Bahru and Aljunied Ave 2. Students have the flexibility to choose their class times and can book in advance. Additional services provided include accessible healthcare services for full-time students at Elmira College. Services offered: - Onsite and online classes - English classes - Artist workshops - T-shirt project - Healthcare services for students

No User's review found.

Block 72 Geylang Bahru, #01-3000, Singapore 330072


6. Read Think Learn Education Hub / Tuition Centre

4.7 from 6 Reviews

Read Think Learn Education Hub is a well-known tuition center located in Kallang, Singapore. They offer small group tuition conducted by experienced teachers and educators. The center provides high-quality, engaging classes with limited slots, free trial classes, and a commitment to providing the best learning experience. They offer thematic education programs and focus on balancing academic and holistic learning. Additionally, they successfully transitioned to virtual classrooms during the Covid-19 pandemic. Services offered include: - Small Group Tuition - Fun and Engaging Classes - Thematic Education Programmes - Virtual Classroom Format

Reviews for a tuition centre in Singapore highlight its accessibility and friendly atmosphere. However, no specific strengths or weaknesses are mentioned. Overall, the centre seems welcoming and approachable, but lacking in detailed reviews to provide a clear verdict on its effectiveness.

45 Boon Keng Rd, #02-05, Singapore 339771


7. First Grade Study

4.7 from 18 Reviews

The text discusses various educational tools and methods for teaching vocabulary, such as games like Word Memory Game and Word Bowling. It also mentions North Carolinas Standard Course of Study and recommends read-alouds like Knuffle Bunny. Additionally, it touches on the readiness of four-year-olds for first grade and a study on mathematics achievement from first grade to second grade. Services offered by the company: - Educational tools and games for vocabulary learning - Standard Course of Study guidance - Read-aloud recommendations - Research on readiness for first grade and mathematics achievement

Positive reviews mention supportive tutors, flexible scheduling, and helpful admin team at First Grade Study. However, negative points include a lack of detail on specific academic improvements and the need for more information on the quality of teaching. Overall, First Grade Study appears to provide a positive learning environment but could benefit from more detailed feedback on academic progress.

57 Geylang Bahru, #01-3513, Singapore 330057


8. EduFirst Learning Centre (Aljunied) - English Math Chinese Science Tuition Centre Singapore

4.7 from 20 Reviews

EduFirst Learning Centre is a highly acclaimed tuition centre with multiple locations in Singapore, offering classes in English, Math, Chinese, and Science for primary and secondary students. It has been recognized as a top tuition center by Parents World Magazine and offers a range of subjects including A Maths, E Maths, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, and POA. Additionally, the company provides student care services and has received overwhelming demand for its classes in various locations across the country. Services Offered: - English, Math, Chinese, Science tuition for primary and secondary students - Student care services - Various subjects including A Maths, E Maths, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, and POA.

Edufirst Aljunied is highly praised for its caring and responsible staff, effective academic support, and well-rounded curriculum. However, some parents mentioned concerns over pushy academic standards and limited flexibility during holidays. Overall, the centre seems to provide a positive academic and nurturing environment for students, but parents should be cautious of the intensity of academic expectations.

110 Lor 23 Geylang, #01-07, Singapore 388410


9. Ace Tutors Home Tuition Singapore

4.6 from 53 Reviews

The company is a tuition agency in Singapore that has been helping parents find home tutors since 2008. They provide MOE, graduate, and undergrad tutors, with a focus on Physics tuition and PSLE and Secondary School tuition. The tutors have qualifications as graduates with full-time teaching experience, and the agency is highly recommended for private tuition. They offer services such as tutor selection and have a CEO who provides support for students facing exam stress. Services offered: - Home tuition for Physics, PSLE, and Secondary School subjects - Qualified MOE, graduate, and undergrad tutors - Tutor selection assistance - Support for exam stress

Positive reviews highlight efficient and effective tutors at Ace Tutors, with particular praise for Joshua and Mr. Lee Cheng Wei. Reviewers appreciate personalized attention, clear progress tracking, and tailored lesson plans. However, some mention limited tutor options and potential for improvement in communication and tutor variety. Overall, Ace Tutors receives high praise with room for growth in certain areas.

274 MacPherson Rd, Singapore 348599


10. Lifelong Learning Institute - Learning Hub in Singapore

4.5 from 288 Reviews

Lifelong Learning Institute (LLI) in Singapore offers a variety of upskilling and reskilling courses for continuous learning. The learning hub provides training facilities and event spaces, with partnerships with NTUC LearningHub and FastJobs. LLI emphasizes the importance of lifelong learning in overcoming global challenges and achieving Sustainable Development Goals. Services offered include career agility hub, cybersecurity, project management, data analytics, coaching, and independent e-learning opportunities. Contact LLI for booking facilities and further information.

Positive reviews highlight Cheryls engaging teaching style and knowledge in wine, making the course informative and interactive. However, a lack of diversity in course offerings is noted. The space at the training center is praised for its natural lighting and accessibility to public transport. Negative points include the lack of variety in course topics and potentially limited quiet study spaces. Overall, there is a desire for more course offerings and variety.

11 Eunos Rd 8, Singapore 408601

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