Top 10 Best Tuition Centre near mrt Fort Canning, Singapore for the Year 2024


1. AO Studies LLP Singapore

5 from 105 Reviews

AO Studies is a tuition centre in Singapore specializing in math and physics. They have a high success rate, with 90% of students scoring above a B. The tuition fee is only charged after 0 days or 4 lessons. The principal, Lim Chu Wei, is a specialist in secondary and JC math. Services offered include tailored solutions for investment and commercial banking, tuition, fees, and expenses, as well as scholarships for graduate education and secondary education. They also offer programs for hospital sanitation and art education. Services offered: - Specializing in math and physics tuition - Tailored solutions for investment and commercial banking - Scholarships for graduate education and secondary education - Programs for hospital sanitation and art education

Positive reviews highlighted the personalized teaching approach, dedication, and effectiveness of the math tutors at AO Studies in Singapore. Students noted significant improvements in grades and appreciation for the engaging and supportive learning environment. However, there were no negative points mentioned in the reviews. Overall, AO Studies appears to be a highly recommended tuition center for math subjects.

420 North Bridge Rd, #06-10/11/12, Singapore 188727


2. The Chemistry Practice @ Bugis

5 from 62 Reviews

The Chemistry Practice specializes in providing H2 Chemistry and O Level Chemistry tuition in Singapore. They offer practice questions for organic chemistry and provide resources for mastering A Level Chemistry. The company also offers an Introduction to Chemical Practice course and resources for developing laboratory skills. You can access free resources and practice tests on their website. Services offered: - H2 Chemistry tuition - O Level Chemistry tuition - Organic Chemistry practice questions - Introduction to Chemical Practice course - Laboratory skills development resources - Practice tests and answer keys

Positive reviews highlight Mr. Kelvins clear explanations, exam tips, and availability for consults. Students appreciate his support, approachability, and knowledge in chemistry. Online portal and flexible lesson timings are also praised. One negative point is not apparent, indicating overall positive feedback and a strong recommendation for A Level chemistry students.

420 North Bridge Road 05-09 North Bridge Centre, Singapore 188727

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3. Future Academy (Bugis)

5 from 48 Reviews

Future Academy is a top tuition centre in Singapore offering high-quality small group tuition for O Level, IP, and A Level students. Led by experienced ex-MOE teachers, the centre provides tuition in subjects like Mathematics and Physics. The Bugis/Rochor branch ensures personalized attention and proven results for students. Services offered: - O Level, IP, and A Level small group tuition - Mathematics and Physics tuition - Led by ex-MOE teachers - Proven results for students.

Tuition center in Singapore receives positive reviews for effective teaching methods, digital tools, and dedicated teachers. Students report improvement in understanding math concepts and exam techniques. One student credits Mr Yee for achieving a high score in Mathematics. However, there are no negative points mentioned in the reviews. Overall, the center is praised for its helpfulness and impact on student learning.

175A Bencoolen Street #06-05, Burlington Square, Singapore 189650


4. IB Super

5 from 39 Reviews

IB Super is a math tuition centre in Singapore located in Dhoby Ghaut. They offer small group, 1-on-1, and online JC tuition for various levels including IB, IP, IGCSE, O Level, and A Level. The founder has over 7 years of tutoring experience and is IBO certified in Mathematics. They also provide assessment and exam preparation services. Services offered include: - Small group, 1-on-1, and online JC tuition - Specializing in Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry for various levels - IBO certified in Mathematics - Reliable private Mathematics tutors for PSLE, O Level, IP, IB, and JC H1/ H2 - Transfer credit guidelines for Advanced Placement, International Baccalaureate, and Advanced Level opportunities.

Positive reviews for IB Super highlight interactive sessions, useful resources, personalized learning, boosted confidence, and improved grades in various math subjects. However, the lack of negative points in the reviews may indicate potential bias towards the tution centre. Overall, IB Super seems to be effective in helping students improve their math skills and achieve better grades.

190 Clemenceau Avenue Singapore Shopping Centre, #05-33, 190 Clemenceau Ave, #05-27, Singapore 239924

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5. The Mathify Learning Studio

5 from 25 Reviews

The Mathify Learning Studio, founded by Teacher Clarice, specializes in Math tuition for Secondary O level Emath and Amath, IB Math, and IP Math. They offer small class sizes, personalized teaching approaches, and aim to build students understanding and confidence in math. Their services include: - Secondary O level Emath and Amath tuition - IB Math and IP Math tuition - PSLE Mathematics tuition - Math tutoring for improving math skills - Interactive and fun learning experiences with Mathigon.

Mathify learning studio receives high praise for dedicated teachers like Teacher Clarice and Teacher Jz who have helped students improve their math grades and confidence. The personalized attention and clear explanations are noted as strengths, leading to significant academic improvements. However, the reviews lack diversity and may not fully represent all student experiences. Overall, Mathify is recommended for those seeking math tuition.

2 Havelock Rd, Level 3 Unit 03-07 Havelock II, Singapore 059763


6. Mind Setters Academy, Singapore

5 from 22 Reviews

Mindsetters Academy in Singapore offers tuition for Maths and Physics at the Higher Secondary level, as well as courses for IGCSE, IBDP, SAT, ACT, and American Board. They focus on inspiring a love for math, have highly qualified teachers, and offer individual or group tuition. Additionally, the academy provides courses in Geometry, Algebra, and Precalculus. They also assist athletes in balancing academics. The owner has over 10 years of teaching experience and aims for excellence in the field of finance. Services offered include: - Tuition for Maths & Physics at Higher Secondary level - IGCSE/IBDP/SAT/ACT/American Board courses - Individual or group tuition for Geometry and Algebra - Balancing academics with sports career opportunities - Finance excellence striving - Mentorship for commission-based roles in small seed funding SaaS companies

Mindsetters Academy in Singapore receives positive reviews for improving grades and offering personalized attention. However, one weakness mentioned is the lack of availability of reviews for the company. Overall, the institution is praised for dedicated teachers like Mr. Ashutosh, fun learning experience, and effective teaching methods, but improvements in areas like feedback and communication can be made.

1 North Bridge Rd, #14-04 High Street Centre, Singapore 179094


7. Byron Tutorial Centre

5 from 20 Reviews

Byron Tutorial Centre in Singapore offers English Language Tuition specializing in Secondary 1, 2, , 4 N, O and A level GP. They have been registered with MOE since 1994 and provide quality tuition to help students reach their potential. Services offered include: - O-Level English tuition - Effective and engaging lessons - Experienced tutor Ms. Ho - Convenient location and contact information Overall, Byron Tutorial Centre aims to help students improve their English and GP grades through fun and effective tuition.

A tuition centre in Singapore receives glowing reviews for Ms Hos dedication, personalized guidance, and nurturing teaching style. Students highlight her impact on their writing skills, curiosity, and overall academic performance. However, some express concern over the lack of mental health support in mainstream education. Despite this, Ms Ho is praised for her transformative influence and unwavering support.

190 Clemenceau Ave, #03-30, Singapore 239924


8. Edu Aid Tuition Services

4.8 from 21 Reviews

Edu Aid Tuition Services in Singapore provides student-tutor matching services and offers affordable tuition for Primary, Secondary, Junior college, and IB/IGCSE. They also provide financial aid and scholarship services, manage student accounts, and offer a tuition estimator. Services offered: - Student-tutor matching - Affordable tuition for various levels - Financial aid and scholarship services - Tuition estimator - Managing student accounts

Parents praise educators at the tuition center for being efficient, dedicated, and helpful. Shi Hui is commended for going the extra mile to find suitable tutors. Negative feedback or weaknesses are not mentioned in the text. The overall verdict is positive, with parents recommending the center and its tutors for their passion and effectiveness in teaching.

100 Peck Seah St, #08-14 PS100, Singapore 079333


9. Ib lounge

4.8 from 39 Reviews

IB Hair Lounge is a specialised and personalised IB tuition service based in Singapore. The tutors are IB graduates who aim to help students achieve their potential in the IB programme. They offer a range of services including tutoring, motivation, and snacks to keep students engaged. Additionally, the lounge offers unique furniture pieces such as the Penguin and Elizabeth Lounge Chairs. The Hugo mattress is also available for added comfort. Overall, IB Hair Lounge provides a comprehensive support system for IB students. Services offered: - Specialised and personalised IB tuition - Motivation and support - Unique furniture pieces - Comfortable Hugo mattress

IB Lounge in Singapore receives positive reviews for its engaging tutors, interactive lessons, and effective teaching methods. Tutors are knowledgeable, classrooms are conducive for learning, and helpful resources are provided. Some negatives include focusing on IB graduates rather than experienced teachers and some students feeling that the lessons were too challenging. Overall, IB Lounge is recommended for IB students seeking improvement in their subjects.

38 Maxwell Rd, Air View Building, Singapore 228773


10. Grade Solution Learning Centre

4.8 from 174 Reviews

Grade Solution Learning Centre is a leading tuition center in Singapore offering fun, effective, and interactive lessons for primary and secondary school students. They provide live classes, access to EdaptIQ™, homework help, and customised teaching. The teachers are detailed and patient, offering personalized support. The company also offers online zoom classes and holiday programs. Overall, Grade Solution Learning Centre aims to help students excel academically and provides a positive working environment for its team members. Services offered: - Live classes - EdaptIQ™ access - Homework help - Customised teaching - Online zoom classes - Holiday programs

The Grade Solution Learning Centre has received positive reviews for engaging and effective teaching methods, resulting in improved scores for students in various subjects. Negative points include a drop in grades before enrollment and a lack of motivation. However, under the guidance of dedicated teachers like Ms. Pepper, Teacher Andy Ling, and Teacher Jimmy, students have shown significant improvement and regained confidence in their learning.

7 Temasek Blvd, #12-07 Suntec Tower One, Singapore 038987

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