Top 10 Best Tuition Centre near mrt Kangkar, Singapore for the Year 2024


1. Five Star Tuition Centre Pte Ltd - CCK & Bukit Panjang

5 from 239 Reviews

Five Star Tuition Centre Pte. Ltd. is a top educational center in Singapore, specializing in English, Math, and Science tutoring. They have received 5-star reviews from parents and offer classes for primary school students. Services offered include: - English enrichment classes - Math tutoring - Science instruction

Five Star Tuition Centre in Singapore receives high praise for dedicated teachers, exam preparation, and student success in PSLE exams. Strengths include caring teachers, helpful workshops, and student improvement. However, some reviews mention challenges for teachers and students in P6, and one criticizes lack of previous reviews. Overall, the centre is recommended for its commitment to student success and academic growth.

143 Teck Whye Ln, #01-233, Singapore 680143


2. EduSpace (Yishun) - English Math Chinese Science Tuition Centre

5 from 230 Reviews

The company is an MOE-Registered tuition centre in Khatib that offers quality English, Chinese, Mathematics, and Science tuition classes. They specialize in primary courses following the latest MOE syllabus and provide holistic exam preparation. Services offered include: - English tuition - Chinese tuition - Mathematics tuition - Science tuition

Eduspace tuition centre in Singapore has received positive reviews for its dedicated and caring teachers, effective teaching methods, and conducive learning environment. Students have shown improvement in their subjects and appreciated the additional support and encouragement provided. However, there are occasional mentions of snacks being used as a form of motivation, which may not be suitable for all students. Overall, the tuition centre seems to offer a supportive and enriching educational experience.

927 Yishun Central 1, #01-173 Yishun, Singapore 760927

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3. Miracle Learning Centre - Science Tuition

5 from 198 Reviews

Miracle Learning Centre in Singapore offers expert tuition in maths, science, chemistry, and physics for primary, secondary, and JC levels. They focus on rapid learning and making education enjoyable. Specializing in science and maths tuition, they cover topics in Chemistry, Physics, and Biology for lower secondary students. The center is praised for its quality teaching and affordable fees. Services offered include: - Maths and Science tuition for primary, secondary, and JC levels - Specializing in Chemistry, Physics, and Biology - Focusing on rapid learning and making education enjoyable - Affordable fees and personalized teaching approach

Students praised Miracle Learning Centre, specifically Mrs. Lew, for significantly improving their Chemistry grades from C to A levels. The tutors are described as caring, patient, and effective in explaining concepts. However, weaknesses include an initial struggle and needing targeted practice. Overall, Miracle Learning Centre is commended for helping students achieve miraculous results.

144 Upper Bukit Timah Road #03-01, Beauty World Centre, Singapore 588177


4. AO Studies LLP Singapore

5 from 106 Reviews

AO Studies is a reputable tuition centre in Singapore specializing in math and physics, with a 90% success rate of students scoring above a B. They offer secondary and JC level tuition, as well as Montessori early learning classes. Services offered include tailored solutions for investment and commercial banking, online tuition classes, and achievement scholarships in graduate education and secondary education. Tuition fees are only charged after 0 days or 4 lessons, and they focus on putting clients, communities, and shareholders at the center of everything they do.

Several students praised AO Studies for personalized teaching, improvement in grades, and effective exam strategies. Tutors like Mr. Lim and Mr. Chu Wei were noted for their patience and dedication. However, some students highlighted the cost or lack of resources. Overall, AO Studies provides valuable academic support and exam preparation, but some students find aspects like cost or resources challenging.

420 North Bridge Rd, #06-10/11/12, Singapore 188727

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5. Future Academy (Bugis)

5 from 48 Reviews

Future Academy is a reputable tuition center in Singapore, offering high-quality small group tuition for O Level, IP, and A Level students. Led by former MOE teachers, the center focuses on Mathematics and Physics subjects. Services offered include: - Results-proven tuition for O Level, IP, and A Level - Small group classes - Led by former Raffles Girls School and Hwa Chong Institution teachers

The tuition center in Singapore receives positive reviews for excellent teaching methods, supportive teachers, and effective use of digital tools. Students praise the clarification of complex topics and improvement in grades. However, some negative points are lack of availability of physical classes and high-pressure curriculum in schools. Overall, the center is recommended for personalized learning and dedicated teachers.

175A Bencoolen Street #06-05, Burlington Square, Singapore 189650


6. Kultivate Learning Centre

5 from 26 Reviews

Kultivate Learning Centre specializes in providing affordable and engaging tuition for Science and Mathematics for Primary and Secondary school students. They offer a tried-and-tested W.I.S.E.R. programme to help students ace the PSLE Science paper and improve their grades. The centre focuses on teaching Science vocabulary, keywords, and question-identifying techniques. They also provide access to tricky and common exam questions and offer individualized education tailored to each students needs. Students at Kultivate Learning Centre show significant improvements in their grades thanks to dedicated and effective teachers like Toby. Services offered: - Affordable and engaging tuition for Science and Mathematics - W.I.S.E.R. programme for PSLE Science - Teaching Science vocabulary, keywords, and question-identifying techniques - Access to tricky and common exam questions - Individualized education tailored to each students needs

Kultivate Learning Centre in Singapore has received positive reviews praising Teacher Toby for significantly improving students science grades and confidence. However, no negative points were mentioned in the reviews. The centre is recommended for its competent teachers, small class sizes, and effective teaching methods. Overall, it seems like a reliable option for students seeking academic improvement in science subjects.

60 Somme Rd, #01-01, Singapore 207876


7. Happy Tutors Learning Centre - Proven Results Since 2013

4.9 from 91 Reviews

Happy Tutors Learning Centre in Singapore has been providing small group tuition classes since 201, with proven results and a high rating from 91 reviews. The center offers effective teaching and learning environments, catering to students of all levels. Services offered include: - Small group tuition classes - Proven academic results - Patient and experienced teachers - Social enterprise focus - Positive reviews from satisfied customers

Happy Tutors in Singapore receives positive reviews for dedicated and caring tutors who improve students grades significantly. However, some reviews mention a limited time spent at the center, implying a possible lack of long-term impact. The center is praised for flexibility and customized teaching methods. Despite positive outcomes, the brevity of students attendance raises questions about the centers long-term efficacy.

519 Jurong West Street 52, Singapore 640519


8. My Tuition Place

4.8 from 25 Reviews

My Tuition Place in Singapore offers tuition services to help students improve and excel. They have a student testimonial video and are located at Yio Chu Kang Road. The company provides convenient payment options through Tuition Express® and MyProcare® integration. Tuition rates and fees are updated annually, and students can contact the Student Financial Service Center for assistance. Anticipated financial aid may be applied to offset tuition costs. Services offered include: - Tuition services - Convenient payment options - Student financial assistance - Testimonial videos

My Tuition Place, a Singapore tuition center, is praised for its engaging tutors, fun learning environment, and personalized attention. However, some reviewers noted that while it offers results, it lacks a focus on purely academic aspects. Overall, the center is recommended for those struggling with Math and Science, as it provides a strong foundation and enjoyable learning experience.

8J Yio Chu Kang Rd, ICB Shopping Centre, Singapore 545522


9. MindFlex Home Tuition Agency

4.8 from 598 Reviews

MindFlex Home Tuition Agency in Singapore offers effective home tuition for all subjects with a 100% free trial available. It is trusted by over 5,000 parents and has a strong social media following. The agency provides top home tutors and a user-friendly platform for tutor requests. Services offered include: - Home tuition for all subjects - Free trial available - Trusted by over 5,000 parents - Top home tutors available - No agency fees involved

Several positive reviews highlight prompt responses, efficient service, and dedicated tutors. However, a concern is raised about limited time for assessment of teaching effectiveness. Reviewers appreciate the agencys professionalism but desire more proactive communication. Overall, MindFlex receives praise for quality tutoring services, strong tutor profiles, and progress made by students under their guidance.

28 Sin Ming Ln, Singapore 573972


10. SmileTutor Home Tuition Agency

4.7 from 1240 Reviews

SmileTutor is a prominent home tuition agency in Singapore with over 1100 reviews and a 4.7-star rating. They have been operating for 7+ years and offer free services for parents and students looking for home tutors. Their services include: - Providing tutors to teach at your home - Offering tuition services for students - Maintaining a 100% free service for clients Overall, SmileTutor is a highly rated and reliable choice for those seeking home tuition services in Singapore.

SmileTutor in Singapore has received positive reviews for their quick response, professional service, and effective tutor matching. However, some reviewers mentioned concerns about tutor quality and past experiences with tutors. Overall, SmileTutor is recommended for its efficiency in matching tutors to students needs, but potential customers should be cautious and ensure the quality of the tutors before committing.

21 Bukit Batok Cres, #22-76, Singapore 658065

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