Top 10 Best Tuition Centre near mrt Holland Village, Singapore for the Year 2024


1. AfterSkool Learning Centre

4.9 from 579 Reviews

AfterSkool Learning Centre in Singapore offers tuition for O and A Levels, IBDP, IGCSE, and Integrated Programme with MOE-accredited tutors. They specialize in Economics and offer an extensive range of subjects. The Director has experience in the healthcare industry. Jerome teaches science, math, physics, and aims to instill passion in students. They provide online lessons and coaching in Education Technology. The company has positive reviews and is ready to help during the pandemic. Services offered: - Tuition for O and A Levels, IBDP, IGCSE, and Integrated Programme - Specialization in Economics - Extensive range of subjects - Online lessons - Coaching in Education Technology

Afterskool tuition center in Singapore is praised for its well-maintained, conducive learning environments, engaging teachers, and tailored lessons. However, reviews lack specific details or critical analysis beyond general positivity. While students appreciate the facilities and teaching methods, a more comprehensive evaluation of academic outcomes and effectiveness could provide a more rounded assessment.

31 Holland Cl, #01-215/217, Singapore 270031


2. Best Physics Tuition Centre Pte Ltd

5 from 245 Reviews

The Physics Cafe is a highly-rated tuition center in Singapore founded by Mr. Dave Sim. They offer tuition in Physics, Maths, and Chemistry for IP, O Level, JC, and A Level students using top school methods. The experienced tutor, Mr. Tony Chee, is dedicated to helping students achieve academic success. Featured in the Straits Times, with a 5.0 Stars G Review, The Physics Cafe is known for providing excellent Physics education. Services offered: - Tuition in Physics, Maths, and Chemistry - For IP, O Level, JC, and A Level students - Taught by award-winning tutors - Focus on building strong foundations and skillsets for academic success

Mr Chee, a physics teacher in a tuition centre in Singapore, receives high praise for his patience, clear explanations, engaging lessons, and helpful materials. Students commend his ability to clarify doubts and enhance their understanding of physics concepts. Despite the positive reviews, there is a lack of criticism or areas of improvement mentioned. A final verdict is highly recommended for Mr Chees physics classes.

170 Upper Bukit Timah Rd, #B1-32, Singapore 588179


3. Indigo tuition Center- math

4.9 from 121 Reviews

Indigo Education Group is a premier tuition center in Singapore offering a wide range of educational services. They specialize in Math and Economics tuition for secondary and JC students, providing essential skills and knowledge for academic excellence. In addition, they offer one-to-one tutoring and consulting services for students with learning disabilities. The company has received recognition for their outstanding commitment to community impact. Services offered include: - Math tuition - Economics tuition - Secondary Express, IP, and JC tuition - One-to-one tutoring and consulting - Specialty in students with learning disabilities

Mr Peng is a highly praised math teacher at a tuition centre in Singapore. Students appreciate his engaging teaching style, helpful tips, and caring attitude. He is commended for his ability to improve grades and boost confidence in math. However, the lack of negative feedback in the reviews suggests that there may be bias in the reviews.

144 Upper Bukit Timah Rd, #03-02, #03-40/41 Beauty World Centre, Singapore 588177


4. Math Prodigies Learning Centre

4.9 from 35 Reviews

Math Prodigies Learning Centre is a specialized tuition center in Singapore offering math coaching for primary and secondary school students preparing for the PSLE and O Level exams. Their approach aims to help students improve from struggling in math to excelling in the subject. Services offered include: - Primary and secondary math coaching - Preparation for PSLE and O Level exams - Helping students overcome math phobia by turning them into math lovers

Math Prodigies in Singapore receives positive reviews for engaging teaching, making math enjoyable, and improving students grades. However, some negative feedback about tuition fees and lack of progress by long-term students surfaces. Overall, Math Prodigies seems effective for boosting students interest and performance in math, but potential high costs and limited long-term progress may be concerns for parents.

16 Jalan Masjid Kembangan Suites #01-07, Singapore 418941

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5. EduFirst Learning Centre (Bukit Timah) - English Math Chinese Science Tuition Centre

5 from 13 Reviews

EduFirst Learning Centre in Bukit Timah offers tuition classes in English, Math, Chinese, and Science for primary, secondary, and pre-school students. They have a team of tuition teacher specialists and freelance tutors. The centre has been voted as one of the top tuition centres in Singapore. Services offered include premium education for primary and secondary school students, with a focus on key subjects like Maths, English, Science, and Chinese. The centre aims to provide quality education and support to students in need of extra academic help. Services offered: - English, Math, Chinese, and Science tuition classes - Tuition teacher specialists and freelance tutors - Premium education for primary and secondary school students - Focus on key subjects like Maths, English, Science, and Chinese

Tutors at the Edufirst Bukit Timah outlet in Singapore receive positive reviews for their dedication, patience, and ability to improve students skills and interest in English and Math. Reviews highlight friendly staff, quality worksheets, and a conducive learning environment. However, there are no negative points mentioned, indicating overall satisfaction with the tutoring services.

1 Fifth Ave., #02-01 Guthrie House, Singapore 268802



5 from 3 Reviews

Math Science Guru is a premier tuition center in Singapore specializing in Primary and Lower Secondary Maths and Science. They offer online programs for students across Ontario and Canada. The center guarantees improved grades with a money-back guarantee program. Their services include: - Primary and Lower Secondary Maths and Science - Chemistry tutoring - Crystal growing kits - Online tutoring for math, science, and the arts

No User's review found.

91 Bencoolen St, Sunshine Plaza, Singapore 189652


7. The Knowledge Key Tuition Centre

5 from 2 Reviews

The Knowledge Key Tuition Centre in Singapore, established in 2008, offers a conducive learning environment with experienced teachers specializing in PSLE. Services offered include: - Tuition for various grades - Conducive learning environment - Experienced and committed teachers - Specializing in PSLE Overall, the Knowledge Key Tuition Centre aims to provide quality education and academic support for students.

No User's review found.

170 Upper Bukit Timah Rd, B2-03, Singapore 588179


8. Tuition Singapore - ManyTutors Home Tuition

2 from 2 Reviews

The company offers a range of tutoring services in Singapore, including bilingual tuition, Chinese tuition, English tuition, and more. They have immediate tuition jobs available for tutors to apply. The company also provides private tutoring for high net-worth families through Tutors International. Additionally, they offer free Math homework help for students. Services: - Bilingual tuition - Chinese tuition - English tuition - Immediate tuition jobs - Private tutoring for high net-worth families through Tutors International - Free Math homework help for students

No User's review found.

492 Sims Ave, Singapore 387562

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