Top 10 Best Tuition Centre near mrt Hougang, Singapore for the Year 2024


1. The Classroom - O Level Math & Science Specialists

5 from 208 Reviews

The School of Mathematical and Data Sciences offers interlocking degree programs focusing on mathematics, statistics, and data sciences. They have a unique G.P.S. Method that helps students achieve high grades in Math, Chemistry, and Physics. The school helps students excel in math and real-world problem-solving, with a focus on implementing Next Generation Mathematics Learning Standards. The program prepares students to teach language arts, social studies, math, and science at the middle school level. Services offered: - Interlocking degree programs in mathematics, statistics, and data sciences - G.P.S. Method for high grades in Math, Chemistry, and Physics - Emphasis on math proficiency and real-world problem-solving - Preparation for teaching at the middle school level

The reviews for the tuition centre in Singapore are overwhelmingly positive, highlighting caring and dedicated teachers who help students improve significantly in subjects like Chemistry, Physics, and Math. Teachers are praised for their patience, guidance, and willingness to go the extra mile for students. The only potential negative point could be the potential overwhelming workload for students due to the high expectations for improvement. Overall a highly recommended tuition centre.

Blk 806 Hougang Central, #04-154, Singapore 530806


2. One.Tuition Place Pte Ltd

5 from 187 Reviews

One.Tuition Place Pte Ltd is a tuition center in Singapore specializing in JC, secondary, and primary level classes. Established in 2011, they offer flexible schedules and are conveniently located in Hougang. Services offered include: - A Level, Secondary, and Primary school tuition - Flexible class schedules - Convenient location in Hougang

Mr Ong, a patient and dedicated tutor at a Singapore tuition center, receives praise for significant grade improvements in math and science subjects. Students appreciate his clear explanations, various teaching methods, and personalized attention. Some reviews highlight the abundance of practice materials and test papers provided. However, the text lacks any negative feedback, making it difficult to assess potential weaknesses of Mr Ong as a tutor.

203 Hougang St 21, Singapore 530203


3. Edufirst Learning Centre (Hougang Branch) - English Math Chinese Science Tuition Centre Singapore Student Care

5 from 43 Reviews

Edufirst Learning Centre is an award-winning tuition center with 22 branches in Singapore. They offer English, Math, Chinese, and Science tuition for primary and secondary school students. The center also provides student care services. Services offered include: - English, Math, Chinese, and Science tuition for primary and secondary students - Student care program - Small group instruction - Tailored P1 curriculum

EduFirst Learning Centre in Singapore receives positive reviews for knowledgeable teachers, comprehensive curriculum, and individual attention. However, some weaknesses include the need for clearer communication on progress updates and occasional rescheduling issues. Overall, the centre is praised for its clean environment, accommodating staff, and beneficial learning materials, making it a recommended choice for academic success.

21 Hougang St 51, #01-28 Green Shopping Mall, Singapore 538719


4. Candela Learners Cove (formerly Eton Tuition Centre)

5 from 29 Reviews

The company is a tuition center that focuses on concepts-based learning rather than rote memorization. They offer primary, secondary, and JC tuition for exams like PSLE, O levels, and A levels. The tutors are trained to guide students effectively. The company is located in various cities such as Concord, New London, and Slidell. They have received awards for students in doctoral training centers, and their students often go on to prestigious colleges like Kings College, Cambridge. Overall, the company encourages a reflective learning environment and offers personalized education for academic success. Services offered: - Concepts-based learning - Tuition for primary, secondary, and JC levels - Training by qualified tutors - Awards for students - Transition to prestigious colleges like Kings College

Candela tuition centre in Singapore receives positive reviews for breaking down complex concepts, providing clear notes, and offering effective exam techniques. However, some students struggled with basic concepts before joining, indicating a potential weakness in foundational teaching. Overall, Candela is praised for its supportive environment and helpful teachers, but improvements in foundational teaching could enhance the learning experience.

424 Hougang Ave 6, #B1-74, Singapore 530424

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5. EduSpace (Hougang) - English Math Chinese Science Tuition Centre

5 from 19 Reviews

eduSpace is an MOE-Registered tuition centre in Hougang offering English, Chinese, Mathematics, and Science tuition classes for various levels. They provide comprehensive guidebooks to help students excel academically. Services offered include: - English tuition - Mathematics tuition - Chinese tuition - Science tuition

Positive reviews highlight dedicated teachers, effective teaching methods, and supportive environment at EduSpace tuition center. Students improved in math and science subjects. Recommendations were made due to the helpful nature of the tutors. However, no negative points were mentioned in the reviews. Overall, EduSpace seems to be a reliable and beneficial option for students seeking academic support.

1187 Upper Serangoon Rd, #01-48 The Midtown, Singapore 533971


6. Simply Education Tuition Centre - Hougang

5 from 2 Reviews

The company offers tutoring services in STEM subjects such as Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Engineering. Tutors have experience with high school curricula and can provide individualized instruction for various courses. Free tutoring is available on campus and virtually, with a focus on improving students understanding and performance in science and math subjects. Services offered include: - Individualized Instruction - STEM Learning Resources - Student Writing & Reading Center - High school and University tutoring in Math and Sciences

No User's review found.

806 Hougang Central, #03-154, Singapore 530806


7. Stalford Learning Centre @ Hougang, Hougang Mall

4.5 from 6 Reviews

Stalford Learning Centre offers tuition and enrichment programs for preschool, primary, secondary, and junior college students. They have multiple locations including at Hougang Mall, Northpoint City, Tiong Bahru Plaza, and White Sands. Services offered include Chinese tuition, phonics and reading, mental abacus, English and Math, and P1 preparatory classes.

Stalford tuition center in Singapore receives positive reviews for fun, engaging lessons, helpful teachers, and significant improvements in students Chinese language skills and exam performance. However, there were concerns about school teachers being perceived as fierce. Overall, the center is praised for clarifying misconceptions and providing kind and supportive teachers.

90 Hougang Avenue 10 #05-06 Hougang Mall, Singapore 538766


8. MIND Matters Education Centre (Hougang)

4.4 from 9 Reviews

Established in 2005, MIND Matters Education Centre has Tuition Centres in Woodlands Civic Centre and The Midtown @ Hougang. They offer tutoring services for primary and secondary students, with business hours on weekdays from pm to 9pm. The company is urgently looking for freelance EMS teachers in Hougang. They also run volunteer learning centres and participate in community programs with organizations like Hougang Care Centre and Bethesda Care Centre. MINDS is a social service agency serving individuals with intellectual disabilities. Additionally, they offer services such as learning programs, fitness classes, and optical services at select participating stores in Hougang.

Mind Matters tuition center in Singapore receives positive feedback for its passionate and helpful staff, effective teaching methods, and improvement in students grades. Students appreciate the personalized learning, improved confidence, and understanding of the school syllabus. However, some negative feedback is lacking, making it difficult to assess any potential weaknesses. Overall, Mind Matters seems to be a reliable and beneficial tuition center.

1187 Upper Serangoon Rd #01-27 The Midtown, Lobby, A, Singapore 533971

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