Top 10 Best Tuition Centre near mrt Yishun, Singapore for the Year 2024


1. EduSpace

5 from 230 Reviews

Eduspace Education is an online learning portal specializing in Dassault Systèmes products and solutions. They offer compact and intensive online training with a focus on fast benefits for advanced students interested in glacier studies. The platform bridges the gap between educators and students, providing vocational qualifications and tools for secondary school students and teachers. Trusted by parents and students in Singapore since 201, Eduspace offers awards and services such as buying notes, research laboratories supported by technology, and tailor-made consultancy services for educational dreams. Services offered: - Online learning portal for Dassault Systèmes products and solutions - Compact and intensive online training - Vocational qualifications and certifications - Tools for secondary school students and teachers - Buying notes service - Research laboratory supported by technology - Tailor-made consultancy services for educational objectives

Parents and students praise EduSpace for knowledgeable and caring tutors who provide effective teaching methods, snacks, and a conducive learning environment. The center has shown significant improvements in students understanding and grades. However, the positive focus on snacks as a motivator might suggest a lack of emphasis on academic rigor. Overall, EduSpace is recommended for a supportive and engaging learning experience.

927 Yishun Central 1, #01-173 Yishun, Singapore 760927


2. Hannah Tuition, Yishun Sembawang Canberra

5 from 55 Reviews

Hannah Education & Technology offers small group tuition for Secondary Maths, Chemistry, and Physics in locations such as Yishun, Sembawang, and Woodlands. They provide online science programs and tailored lessons to enhance learning and boost grades. The company is known for its quality tuition services and has been ranked among the top 10 Chemistry tuition centres in Yishun. Services offered by Hannah Education & Technology include: - Small group tuition for Secondary Maths, Chemistry, and Physics - Online science programs - Tailored lessons for achievement improvement

Mrs. Chew and Teacher Hannah received praise for their teaching methods and impact on student performance. Parents appreciated Mrs. Chews support and dedication. The only suggested improvement was to open more slots. Overall, the tutoring center seems to have a positive influence, and the reviews are highly complimentary with no major weaknesses mentioned.

156 Yishun Street 11, Singapore 760156


3. Samuel Math And Science Tuition

5 from 44 Reviews

Samuel Math and Science Tuition, run by Li Minghui Samuel, provides individualized Math and Physics tuition for JC and Secondary School students in Singapore. The curriculum includes 405 hours of instruction, focusing on Behavioral Science, Didactic Medicine, and other subjects. Family nurse practitioners are also trained through their program. The company caters to students from various locations such as Yishun, Khatib, Punggol, and Sembawang. Overall, Samuel Math and Science Tuition offers comprehensive academic support for students seeking to excel in Math and Physics. Services offered: - JC (A Level H1, H2, H) and Secondary School (O Level, N Level) Math and Physics tuition - Curriculum covering 405 hours - Focus on Behavioral Science and Didactic Medicine - Training for family nurse practitioners - Located in various areas including Yishun, Khatib, Punggol, and Sembawang

Mr. Samuel, a highly praised math teacher at the tuition center in Singapore, is commended for his patient teaching style, effective methods, and ability to improve students grades significantly. However, some reviews note that he may rely heavily on summarizing topics briefly, potentially limiting in-depth understanding. Overall, Mr. Samuels teaching style and results earn him high praise, with a few critiques on depth of explanation.

509A Yishun Ave 4, Singapore 761509


4. AGrader Learning Centre - Northpoint City

4.9 from 85 Reviews

AGrader Learning Centre at Northpoint City in Yishun offers a range of services for students. These include FRx Gift Cards, earning FRx Points, and a second outlet opening soon. The center is known for its unique teaching methods and is conveniently located in Northpoint City. Services offered include: - FRx Gift Cards - Earn FRx Points - Tutoring for various subjects - Unique teaching methods

AGrader tuition centre in Singapore receives positive reviews for its engaging and attentive teachers, interactive lessons, and effective study materials. Students have shown improvement in subjects like science and creative writing. However, the centre lacks negative feedback from dissatisfied customers or areas for potential improvement. Overall, AGrader seems to be a reliable choice for parents seeking tuition services for their children.

930 Yishun Ave 2, #03-37 Northpoint City - North Wing, Singapore 769098

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5. EduFirst Learning Centre (Yishun - Khatib Branch) - English Math Chinese Science Tuition Centre Student Care Singapore

4.9 from 57 Reviews

EduFirst Learning Centre in Singapore offers quality tuition services for primary and secondary school students in English, Math, and Science. They have gained a reputation for their award-winning and top-ranked tuition services with a proven learning methodology and holistic exam preparation. Services offered include tuition classes, workshops, and programs for primary and secondary levels, focusing on key subjects. Additionally, they provide Kumon enrichment classes for primary, preschool, and secondary students.

Edufirst at Yishun @ Wisteria Mall receives mixed reviews. While some praise the patient teachers, engaging activities, and supportive environment, others criticize disorganization, overcrowding, and questionable practices. Complaints include messy facilities, lack of space, and high fees for low-quality services. Overall, the centers positives are overshadowed by negative aspects, leading to a recommendation to explore other options.

598 Yishun Ring Rd, B1-22/23 Wisteria Mall, Singapore 768698


6. Etern Education Centre

4.8 from 44 Reviews

Etern Education Centre is a leading Chinese tuition brand in Singapore, offering well-crafted programmes for students from Kindergarten 1 to Secondary 4. They aim to instill confidence in students to achieve great results in Chinese. Services offered include: - Chinese classes for students from pre-school to secondary - Premium programmes based on the latest MOE syllabus - Multiple campus locations with contact numbers provided - Highly rated by ParentsWorld as one of the Best Enrichment Schools 202.

Dedicated tutors at the tuition center in Singapore provide engaging and personalized lessons, resulting in improved academic performance. Positive feedback highlights the professionalism of the teachers and well-crafted materials. However, negative feedback is not provided, and there may be a lack of critical analysis in the reviews.

235 Yishun Street 21, #01-450 Block 235, Singapore 760235


7. IMatter Learning Centre, Yishun Junction 9

4.8 from 66 Reviews

iMatter Learning Centre at Yishun Junction 9 offers tuition and enrichment programs for Primary, Secondary, and JC levels. They specialize in English, Math, Science, Chinese, A Math, Biology, Chemistry, and Physics. With a focus on adopting the right fundamentals in teaching and learning, they provide individualized attention to each student. Operating from the heart, they believe that every learner matters. Located in Yishun Junction 9 Mall, they aim to make a difference in the educational journey of their students. Services offered: - English - Math - Science - Chinese - A Math - Biology - Chemistry - Physics

Students praise Mr. Kwok for his patience, thorough teaching, and exam preparation. The small group setting allows for individualized attention and positive results. However, there are complaints about unclear topics and challenges in understanding certain concepts. Overall, Imatter Learning Centre is commended for its personalized approach and effective teaching methods, despite occasional difficulties in understanding difficult topics.

18 Yishun Ave 9, #02-48 Junction Nine, Singapore 768897


8. EduFirst Learning Centre (Yishun Northpoint) - English Math Chinese Science Tuition Centre Singapore

4.8 from 104 Reviews

EduFirst Learning Centre in Yishun is a well-established tuition center with a proven track record of producing top students. They offer primary courses in English, Math, Science, and Chinese, following the latest MOE syllabus. With a focus on holistic exam preparation and a trusted learning methodology, they have received high ratings and recognition as one of the top tuition centers in the North area. Additional services offered include EZYMath Studio and Reliance Learning Lab in Sembawang.

Positive reviews highlighted effective teaching methods, friendly teachers, and improvements in grades. However, some negative points include the need for continuous improvement and concerns over fee comparisons. Overall, the tuition center is recommended for its personalized approach and enthusiastic teachers, but potential students should consider fee structures and ongoing improvements.

1 North Point Dr, #02-164 Northpoint, South Wing, Singapore 768019


9. EduKate Yishun English Math and Science Tutor Tuition Centre

4 from 12 Reviews

The company offers Primary and Secondary English, Math, and Science tuition by experienced tutors in Punggol and Yishun, Singapore. Some tutors are NIE, Uni graduates, and professional degree holders. Services offered include small group tutorials, full-time tutors, and Cambridge eduKate programs. Services: - Primary and Secondary English, Math, and Science tuition - Small group tutorials - Full-time tutors - Cambridge eduKate programs

Parents praise the tutors professionalism, attentiveness, and focus on improvement in English and Math for their children. The tuition center is noted for high standards, caring attitude, and systematic teaching methods. Some mention the premium fees. Overall, the center receives positive feedback and is recommended for early engagement in P4-5.

Yishun Ave 4, Block 664, Singapore 760664

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