Top 10 Best Tuition Centre near mrt Tai Seng, Singapore for the Year 2024


1. AO Studies LLP Singapore

5 from 105 Reviews

AO Studies is a reputable tuition center in Singapore, specializing in math and physics. With 90% of students scoring above a B, they offer personalized learning solutions for secondary and JC students. The tuition fee is only charged after 0 days or 4 lessons. The center is run by Principal Lim Chu Wei, a specialist in math education. Services offered by AO Studies include: - Math and physics tuition for secondary and JC students - Personalized learning solutions - Tailored investment and commercial banking solutions for clients - Cashiers office services for tuition, fees, and expenses

Multiple students praise AO Studies tutors, particularly Mr. Lim, for their patient, engaging teaching methods, personalized approach, and effective exam strategies. However, some experiences were initially challenging, and progress was slow. Lack of reviews mentioning any negative aspects raises concerns about transparency and overall reliability of the center. Overall, AO Studies seems to offer quality tuition with areas for improvement.

420 North Bridge Rd, #06-10/11/12, Singapore 188727


2. Everyday Tuition- Awarded as Top 5 Singapore Tuition Centres

5 from 83 Reviews

Everyday Tuition is a top-ranked multi-subject tuition center in Singapore, awarded Best in English Online Tuition Classes by Parents World. The center offers English, Math, Chinese, and Science classes for Primary and Secondary students. With multiple locations and a strong track record, Everyday Tuition is known for its quality education and dedicated teaching staff. Services offered: - English, Math, Chinese, and Science tuition classes - Top-notch Primary and Secondary classes in Singapore - Online tuition classes - Award-winning education programs

Everyday Tuition in Singapore receives positive reviews for dedicated and supportive tutors, customized materials, flexibility in learning options, and significant improvements in students grades. The systematic program and prompt responses are highlighted. However, some reviewers mention the lack of personal experience with the center or hope for future improvements. Overall, Everyday Tuition seems to be a reliable option for academic support.

Orchard Towers, Orchard Rd, #05-26 400, Singapore 238875


3. Future Academy (Bugis)

5 from 48 Reviews

Future Academy is a top tuition center in Singapore, led by ex-MOE teachers offering small group tuition for O Level, IP, and A Level students. The Bugis/Rochor branch provides high-quality tuition in subjects like Mathematics and Physics. The team includes former Hwa Chong Head-of-Department of Mathematics Mr Lau and former Raffles Girls School Teacher Ms Chen. Services offered at Future Academy include: - Results-proven O Level, IP, and A Level small group tuition - High-quality tuition for O Level/IP/A Level students - Led by experienced ex-MOE teachers - Specializes in Mathematics and Physics - Locations in Bugis and Bukit Timah branches.

The tution centre in Singapore receives positive reviews for effective teaching methods, knowledgeable teachers, and use of digital tools. Students appreciate the support and improvement in grades. However, some mention a aggressive curriculum, while others commend individual attention. Overall, the centre is praised for its dedicated teachers and holistic approach to learning.

175A Bencoolen Street #06-05, Burlington Square, Singapore 189650


4. Keystone Tutors

5 from 16 Reviews

Keystone Tutors is a leading private tutoring company based in London, offering tutoring both in-person and online. They have proven track records in various subjects and have a commitment to tutoring for at least a 2-year period. The company provides a personalized approach to teaching, with a focus on the students needs. Services offered include: - Private tutoring in various subjects - Online tutoring - Education and client management roles - Mentoring and guidance opportunities

Keystone Tutors in Singapore received positive reviews for their professional tutors who helped students excel in exams and entrance interviews, securing offers from top schools. While clients praised the quality of teaching and service, some reviews mentioned challenges in communication and finding the right tutor. Overall, Keystone Tutors come highly recommended for their effective and reliable tutoring services.

One George St, Singapore 049145

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5. Studious Minds Tuition Centre

4.8 from 19 Reviews

Studious Minds is a top tuition center in Singapore offering O-level Chemistry, Mathematics, and IB curriculum tuition. They provide refresher courses, quality learning experiences, renowned tutors, and affordable rates. The center focuses on cognitive flexibility, small class sizes, and engaging curriculum to help students stay motivated and interested in learning. Services offered: - O-level Chemistry and Mathematics tuition - IB curriculum tuition - Refresher courses - Quality learning experiences - Small class sizes - Engaging curriculum

Customers praised the tutors at Studious Mind Tuition Center in Singapore for their dedication, clear teaching methods, and ability to improve student grades significantly. However, some reviews lacked specific examples or details, which could have provided a more comprehensive understanding of the tutors effectiveness. Overall, the center seems to have a positive impact on students academic performance.

20 Kramat Ln, #05-02 United House, Singapore 228773


6. Best Physics Tuition Centre, Tony Chee -

4.8 from 18 Reviews

Best Physics Tuition is a leading education center in Singapore, specializing in Physics tuition for A-level, O-level, and IP students. Founded by Tony Chee, an experienced Physics tutor, the center offers head-start classes for students, JC Level and H2 Physics tuition, and personalized classes. Services offered include: - Physics tuition for A-level, O-level, and IP students - Head-start classes for students - JC Level and H2 Physics tuition - Personalized classes under the guidance of experienced tutor Tony Chee.

Customers praise Mr. Chees dedication, patience, and ability to simplify complex physics concepts. He has helped improve grades significantly and is highly recommended for physics tuition. However, some may find his teaching speed too fast. Overall, Mr. Chees tuition receives glowing reviews for its effectiveness in helping students excel in physics.

261 Waterloo St, #01-22, Singapore 180261


7. Connected Learning – Online Primary & Secondary Chinese Tuition In SG

4.9 from 10 Reviews

The company, Connected Learning, offers online Chinese tuition with native tutors following the MOE syllabus. They provide real-time, small group classes for Primary and Secondary School students and offer flexible language learning solutions for businesses and employees. The company is known for its dedication to connecting students, faculty, and staff to valuable learning resources. Services offered: - Online Chinese tuition with native tutors - Real-time, small group classes for Primary and Secondary School students - Flexible language learning solutions for businesses and employees - Connecting students, faculty, and staff to valuable learning resources

Connected Learning, a Singapore tuition center, receives rave reviews for its patient teachers, small class sizes, and strong results in PSLE exams. Positive feedback on improvement in Chinese language skills, dedicated teachers, and personalized learning experience. However, there are no negative points mentioned by reviewers, overall high praise for the centers teaching methods and results. Highly recommended for children seeking academic improvement and support.

60 Paya Lebar Rd, #04-12 Paya Lebar Square, Singapore 409051


8. Learners Exploratorium. Best Tuition and Enrichment Experience

5 from 5 Reviews

KINEX offers a range of educational services, including small group learning experiences, enrichment classes, and after-school care options. They provide great learning resources and facilities for students from pre-K to grade 12. Summer Space Camp and FSU Planetarium are just a few of their engaging programs. The companys focus on providing a unique and intense school experience sets them apart. Services offered include: - Enrichment classes - Homework club - Early care and after care - Athletics and enrichment program - Coeducational experience from 18 months to grade 12 - STEM education opportunities.

Learners Exploratorium in Singapore is praised for customized approach, small group learning, welcoming staff, and caring tutors. However, some reviewers mention heavy reliance on one particular teacher and lack of variety in teaching styles. Overall, the center is recommended for holistic development, but potential drawbacks include over-reliance on individual teachers and limited teaching methodologies.

13 Haig Rd, #01-153, Singapore 430013


9. The Great Knowledge Keepers

5 from 1 Reviews

The Great Knowledge Keepers is a leading private tuition agency in Singapore offering tutoring services. They match tutors with students based on learning pace, offer a referral program, and have a focus on hiring experienced tutors. Some services offered by the company include: - Matching tutors with students - Flexible private Spanish tutoring jobs - Extensive knowledge in the subjects taught

No User's review found.

7 Temasek Blvd, Singapore 038987


10. Kumon Learning Centre - Great World

1 from 1 Reviews

Kumon is a renowned after-school enrichment program offering Math, English, and Chinese language subjects for students from preschool to 12th grade. They specialize in nationwide math and reading programs and have learning centers worldwide. The O in their logo represents the importance of critical thinking. Despite being widely spoken, Spanish is less used in the business world compared to Chinese Mandarin. Services offered include: - Enrichment classes for Primary, Preschool, & Secondary students - Mathematics, English, and Chinese language subjects - Nationwide after-school math and reading programs - Learning centers for students from pre-school to 12th grade

No User's review found.

1 Kim Seng Promenade, #03-124A Great World, Singapore 237994

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