Top 10 Best Tuition Centre near mrt Lavender, Singapore for the Year 2024


1. Best Physics Tuition Centre Pte Ltd

5 from 245 Reviews

The Institute of Physics (IOP) in Singapore offers top-notch tuition programmes for students struggling with Physics, taught by experienced tutors following school methods. They specialize in O Level, JC, and A Level Physics, providing a strong foundation for students to excel. Additionally, the company offers personalized learning programs in various subjects like coding and reading, aiming to help students achieve their academic goals. Services offered by the company include: - Physics tuition programmes - Personalized learning programs - Coding and reading programs - O Level Physics Tuition - O Level A Math Tuition - H2 Physics Tuition

Students praise Mr. Chees teaching style for improving their physics understanding through concise notes, exam tips, and clearing doubts. Some highlighted his patience and dedication, while others mentioned boosted confidence and improved grades. However, there is a lack of mention on interactive teaching methods or individualized approaches. Overall, Mr. Chees physics tuition receives positive feedback with a few minor areas for improvement.

170 Upper Bukit Timah Rd, #B1-32, Singapore 588179


2. Polymath Learning Centre

5 from 103 Reviews

Polymath Learning Centre provides premium PSLE math and science tuition at great value. Services offered include full-colored worksheets, notes, mind maps, and small-group physical tuition at the Balmoral branch. The lessons are engaging, with a focus on bringing enthusiasm and humor to the learning experience. The center emphasizes building a strong foundation in math and science for students, with a track record of hard work and resilience. Online and in-person tuition options are available to cater to different learning preferences.

Parents praise Mr. Chungs engaging and effective teaching style at Polymath tuition center in Singapore. The workshops are interactive, informative, and focused on building a strong understanding of concepts. However, some reviews mention a desire for Mr. Chung to teach secondary students. Overall, Polymath receives glowing recommendations for its approach to math and science education.

433 Clementi Ave 3, #01-262, Singapore 120433


3. Colourtrain Academy – The Best Math Tutors & Math Tuition In Singapore

5 from 24 Reviews

Colourtrain Academy is a top tuition centre in Singapore offering comprehensive courses in Bukit Batok. They provide primary math classes taught by Teacher Clara, using the Math Method™️ curriculum that integrates seamlessly into the Singapore Primary Math curriculum. The academy has suitable tutors to help students unlock their math potential and achieve success in math. Services offered include: - Primary school math tutoring - Customised Math Method™️ curriculum - Comprehensive math lessons - Top tuition centre in Bukit Batok - Suitable tutors for students needs

Teacher Clara at ColourTrain Academy in Singapore receives glowing reviews from parents and students alike for her patience, passion, and effective teaching methods. Students show improvement and enthusiasm for mathematics under her guidance. Positive aspects include her approachability and ability to explain concepts clearly. Overall, Teacher Clara and ColourTrain Academy receive high praise, with no negative feedback provided.

633 Bukit Batok Central, #012-126 2nd Flr, Singapore 650633


4. Yi Xue Learning Centre (易学堂) - Clementi

5 from 23 Reviews

Yi Xue Learning Centre in Singapore offers Primary & Secondary Chinese Tuition & Enrichment Classes. The center is located near Clementi Mall at Grantral Mall @ Clementi. All teachers are full-time, NIE trained, EX-MOE School Teachers. The learning center aims to help students fall in love with the language. Services offered include: - Primary & Secondary Chinese Tuition - Enrichment Classes - Full-time NIE trained teachers - Ex-MOE School Teachers

Yi Xue Learning Centre in Singapore receives positive reviews for improving students Chinese language skills, especially in essay writing. Strong points include dedicated teachers, engaging lessons, and helpful resources. However, there are no negative points mentioned in the reviews. Overall, the centre is highly recommended for those looking to excel in Chinese language studies.

3151 Commonwealth Ave W, #02-04A Grantral Mall @ Clementi, Singapore 129581

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5. Matt's Education

5 from 20 Reviews

Matts Education is an enrichment center that offers English, Maths, and Science classes for primary and secondary school students. The founders have been dedicated to planning the curriculum and teaching classes since 2011. They have multiple locations, including Jurong West and Clementi. Services offered include: - English, Maths, and Science classes for primary and secondary school students - Personalized curriculum planning - Experienced and dedicated founders and teachers

Matts Education in Singapore receives positive reviews for engaging lessons, helpful staff, and improved academic performance. However, some negative feedback includes a lack of focus on non-academic matters and potential favoritism towards certain students. Overall, Matts Education is recommended for its comprehensive study materials and committed teachers, but potential areas of improvement could include equal treatment for all students.

Blk 433 Clementi Ave 3, #01-250, Singapore 120433


6. Indigo tuition Center- math

4.9 from 121 Reviews

Indigo Education Group is a top Math Specialist Tuition Centre located in Beauty World Centre, Singapore. They offer a range of education services, including JC Mathematics Tuition and one-to-one tutoring. The center has been in operation since 2011 and is known for its premier education services. Indigo Education Group also provides coaching for students with learning disabilities and has received awards for its community impact. Their recent merger with Math Academia highlights their continued expansion and commitment to excellence in education. Services offered: - JC Mathematics Tuition - One-to-one tutoring - Coaching for students with learning disabilities - Community impact initiatives

Mr Peng is praised for his caring, patient, and helpful teaching style, with students noting improvements in their math grades and enjoyment of the subject. He is commended for his comprehensive resources, engaging lessons, and ability to make challenging concepts understandable. Students appreciate his friendly demeanor and personal attention. The only potential weakness mentioned is the lack of explicit negative feedback. Overall, Mr Peng is highly recommended for math tuition.

144 Upper Bukit Timah Rd, #03-02, #03-40/41 Beauty World Centre, Singapore 588177


7. The Thought Tailor (Jurong East)

4.9 from 184 Reviews

The Thought Tailor is a top English tuition center in Singapore located in Jurong East. They offer high-quality English and General Paper tuition services. Their centers are conveniently located near MRT stations. The Thought Tailor provides lessons for $50 each, with various time slots available on Saturdays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays. They have experienced teachers with over 8 years of teaching experience and boast positive reviews from current and graduated students. Services offered: - English and General Paper tuition - Conveniently located centers - Affordable lessons - Experienced teachers

The tution center in Singapore, TTT helped students improve their writing and comprehension skills through structured lessons, extensive notes, and engaging resources. Despite the positive aspects mentioned by students, some reviews highlighted the overly comprehensive notes, lack of emphasis on critical thinking, and inconsistency in teaching quality as potential weaknesses. Overall, TTT seems to be a beneficial center for English improvement, but some improvements could be made for a more well-rounded educational experience.

2, 02-07 Venture Dr, Vision Exchange, Singapore 608526


8. Elite Tutor Home Tuition Agency

4.9 from 211 Reviews

Elite Tutor is a leading tuition agency in Singapore that provides experienced and committed tutors for home tuition. They offer bespoke tutoring services and have a forecasted worth of $227bn by 2022. They also have available tuition assignments and exceptional private tutors in Hong Kong. The company specializes in private tutoring for high net-worth families and recruits elite tutors for homeschooling and traveling tuition roles. They have licensed and certified teachers, offer in-home tutoring, and are located in Singapore. Services offered: - Home tuition with experienced tutors - Bespoke tutoring services - Private tutoring for high net-worth families - In-home tutoring by licensed and certified teachers - Available tuition assignments.

Elite Tutor Agency in Singapore receives positive reviews for matching suitable tutors, effective communication, and significant improvements in student performance. Tutors like Sabrina and Mr Khoo are praised for their dedication and impact on students academic progress. However, there is a lack of diversity in tutor profiles, and the agency could benefit from more variety in teaching styles. Overall recommended for parents seeking dedicated tutors.

2 Venture Dr, #24 – 01, Singapore 608526


9. TLC Learning Centre

4.8 from 83 Reviews Website: Not Available

The TLC Learning Centre in Singapore is a well-established academic learning center offering services such as draft coaching, academic integrity, resources and programs for online learning, and support for students, instructors, and teaching assistants. They are also a Level Four Colorado Shines early childhood education and pediatric therapy center, a non-profit organization partnering with the Colorado community. Additionally, UvA Teaching & Learning Centres in Amsterdam promote expertise in education, and the TLC Foundation for Body-Focused Repetitive Behaviors provides support for individuals experiencing related behaviors. The company also offers quality childcare in Auckland and programs for infants, toddlers, preschoolers, Kindergarteners, and school-aged children.

Students praise Mr Toh and Ms Khoo from the tuition center for their effective teaching methods, dedication, and friendly approach. While some find Mr Tohs humor occasionally annoying, overall, the positive impact on grades and learning experience is emphasized. Commendations include improved understanding, notes, and results. The center comes highly recommended, especially for math subjects.

150 Pandan Gardens, Ayer Rajah Community Club, #01-03, Singapore 609335


10. SmileTutor Home Tuition Agency

4.7 from 1242 Reviews

SmileTutor is a leading home tuition agency in Singapore, offering services that are 100% free. They provide professional tutors to teach at your home and help students achieve good grades in exams. Some key services offered by SmileTutor include: - Free home tuition services - Professional and expert tutors - Streamlined search for top home tuition agencies in Singapore Overall, SmileTutor is dedicated to helping students succeed and providing quality educational support.

Customers praise SmileTutor for quick response, suitable tutors, and improved grades. However, some mention past bad experiences with tutors and high commission rates. Overall, SmileTutor is commended for helping students excel academically, but potential clients should be aware of possible issues with tutors and payment.

21 Bukit Batok Cres, #22-76, Singapore 658065

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