Charm Pricing

Automatically round off all product prices on your store to be charm priced.

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Save time Increase sales

Multiple rounding techniques supported

Chose from 9, .99, .95, 0, 5 and more.

Works with discounts too

Make sure your discounted prices are also charm priced always

Enable in under 3 minutes

Select your rounding technique and Konigle will maintain your prices.

About the Charm Pricing

Research has shown a consumers' perceptions and evaluations are disproportionately influenced by the left-most digit of the product price. The left-digit effect and the magnitude of price has proven to have positive impact on purchase decisions for a very long time. Brands like Apple, Uniqlo use the charm pricing effect to improve conversions and brand recall.

What can it do for you?

The charm pricing seller tool automatically rounds prices on the online store to the selected charm pricing rounding strategy. The tool works even when running a promotion. You can exclude products from being charm priced too.

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