BOGO - Meaning & Definition

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BOGO - Meaning & Definition

Meaning of BOGO and how as an online store you can use it to promote products.

BOGO, stands for Buy One Get One. This is a sales promotion technique in which an item is offered for free or reduced price, when another item is bought at full price.

BOGO Implementation Tips by retail guru Kar Tiong

1. The item offered free is usually of the same time, priced same or at a lower price.

2. The second item is usually offered for FREE , which is sometimes referred to as BOGOF in countries such as the UK

3. BOGOs work well for items that are easy to pick up psychologically by one person, like in fast fashion, polo tees. Shoppers can easily buy the same tee in different colors

4. BOGOs usually don't work well for items like formal shoes unless its a group buy scenario

5. BOGOs work well for higher margin items

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