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The day after Thanksgiving is generally the busiest day of the season for online shopping. Cyber Monday can be a great occasion to get the best sales. The Black Friday and Cyber Monday weekend is commonly known as BFCM.

BFCM Meaning

BFCM Stands for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. This is a great opportunity for everyone to save a big amount of money. 

Why is BFCM important ?

This is the biggest sale that takes place in the US every year on Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day. The reason For using this term is because Black Friday traditionally takes place on the day after Thanksgiving, and Cyber Monday typically Comes on the Next Monday.

BFCM is the biggest shopping sale event in the USA on the day after Thanksgiving in the United States and the first Monday of December in Canada. Black Friday got its name because it was traditionally the day when retailers and companies went “ into the black ” or turned a profit for the time.

Nowadays all over the world getting advantage of these shopping days. Many companies and shop owners give high discounts for their customers to get engaged.

Over time these sales days increase profits for companies and retailers. Internet users also get big benefits from these high discounted deals. In this new era e-commerce field growing day by day and these days very helpful for everyone who works in the e-commerce business.

BFCM Shopify

Whoever works in the e-commerce business everyone knows about Shopify. Shopify is a great platform for creating an online store for business. If we talking about BFCM Shopify,  last year's data so Shopify store owners collectively had over $6.3 billion USD in Sales on these Black Friday and Cyber Monday days. The sales increase almost 23% from the previous year 2020.

COVID-19 hit small businesses in the offline market but it increases online demand for more products than in previous years. Now Every small store owner also shifted to the online market stores as per record they made more money than the offline market.

  1. People are shopping from e-commerce websites.
  2. fulfillment options are getting high demand.
  3. During BFCM 2021, 15% of all orders are global.
  4. 71% of Purchases are made on Mobile devices.
  5. Customers want to get social
  6. In 2022 Estimated sales growth is 50% from last year.


Following good strategies for BFCM Retailers:

  1. Decide your discount amount before the event days.
  2. Promote your store before and during the sale on various platforms.
  3. Get customer engagement on social media.
  4. Run ads on various social media.
  5. engage with your customer and give the best support.
  6. Retarget the same audience with the various different inventory.
  7. Work on the feedback of customers.

BFCM Marketing

Good marketing strategies give the high sales in BFCM days. If you want to sell inventory and beat your competitors so you need to focus on marketing. As per an expert in e-commerce, you can follow the below marketing ideas.

  1. Create a bundle of your Product.
  2. Make a good landing page.
  3. Utilize social media for traffic.
  4. offer hourly deals.
  5. Create Creative ideas about gifts.
  6. Offer free bonuses.
  7. always extend your sales to engage with more customers.
  8. Create attractive product images.
  9. Keep update customers on email

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