Repeat Purchase

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When customers purchase from an online store or brand again, it is known as a repeat purchase. This is an indication of brand loyalty. High brand loyalty leads to greater profit margins.

What is a repeat purchase ?

A repeat purchase is when a customer buys from an online store or brand again. A customer making repeat purchases is an indicator of brand loyalty and higher profit margins.

Why is a repeat purchase important?

Konigle's research on repeat purchases shows that less than 20% of shoppers buy from an online store a second time. But those who do, have ~4 times the Customer Lifetime Value than those who don't. That means when customers are loyal and buy again, the store not just spends less to get new customers but customers buy more too, resulting in higher profit margins for the online store.

How to increase repeat purchase?

Here are a few tactics to consider:

  1. Provide excellent customer service.
  2. Automatically offer a discount coupon for the second purchase.
  3. Offer perpetual discounts to high-value customers using customer-based pricing.
  4. Run flash sales periodically.
  5. Give existing customers a special price for new product launches.