Top 10 SEO Agencies in Bologna, Italy for the Year 2024


1. Davide Nanni

5 from 121 Reviews

Davide Nanni, a chef and influencer, is known for preparing dishes showcased in La Cucina Italiana. He has a significant following on Instagram. Additionally, he has experience in scientific assistance and a background in CrossFit. Davide Nanni is known for his unique style and fashion collaborations. Services offered by the company: - Cooking and Recipe Development - Social Media Influence - Scientific Assistance - CrossFit Training - Fashion Collaboration

Customers praise Davide for his professionalism, competence, and helpfulness in managing website projects. He is described as attentive, patient, and quick to respond to needs. However, a previous web design studio incident raises concerns about reliability. Some weaknesses include potential issues with customer service and communication. Despite positive feedback, caution is advised due to past experiences.

Via della Croce Coperta, 13, 40128 Bologna BO, Italy


2. Studio Samo

5 from 47 Reviews

Studio Samo Consulting is a digital marketing agency based in Italy since 2005. They offer a range of services including SEO, Google Ads, digital strategy training, and online courses. The agency has a dedicated classroom with multimedia capabilities and live streaming options. The agency also offers pilates classes. Founded in 2015, the artist-owned MASARY Studios is managed by Ryan and Samo. Key services offered include: - SEO - Digital Strategy Training - Google Ads - Online Courses - Pilates Classes

Intensive master course in Digital Marketing with updated and in-depth content, practical focus, and industry professionals as instructors. However, the course may be more suited for professionals than entrepreneurs. Limited basis required, but intense and rewarding experience. Overall, recommended for those looking to enhance digital marketing skills.

Via del Fonditore, 12, 40138 Bologna BO, Italy

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3. Bewable - Web Consulting

5 from 19 Reviews

Bewable is a web consulting firm that specializes in services like website design, e-commerce in Prestashop, SEO, and online advertising campaigns on platforms like Google Ads, Microsoft Ads, and Facebook Ads. They also provide services like managing AdWords campaigns and creating modern responsive websites in Italian and English. Other services include social media marketing and email marketing. Bewable was founded in 201 and offers a range of web consulting services. Services offered: - Website design - E-commerce in Prestashop - SEO - Online advertising campaigns - AdWords campaign management - Social media marketing - Email marketing

The web development company received positive feedback for their professional technician, excellent advice, and reliability. Customers praised them for saving time and money, and for being serious and precise. However, some customers may find the reviews overly positive and lacking in specific details or potential areas for improvement. Overall, the company is recommended for their expertise and customer service.

Via del Fossato, 27, 40123 Bologna BO, Italy


4. Evonbiz

5 from 18 Reviews

Evonbiz is a digital marketing agency based in Bologna, Italy. They specialize in Google Ads, SmartTV advertising, and ICT project management. The company is known for its focus on quality and innovation. The founder, Tiziano Ostigoni, is an expert in business economics and general management, with a passion for strategic analysis and digital marketing. Evonbiz offers digital marketing services since 2002. Services offered: - Google Ads - SmartTV advertising - ICT project management

Evonbiz, a web development company, receives positive reviews for professionalism, experience, and personalized service. Clients praise their reliability, efficiency, and quick response times. However, the lack of negative feedback or criticism from reviewers may raise questions about transparency and authenticity. Overall, Evonbiz appears to be a reputable and recommended company in the industry.

Via Vittoria, 4/INT 10, 40133 Bologna BO, Italy

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5. Consulente SEO

5 from 12 Reviews

Francesco Corbisiero is a SEO consultant with over 5 years of experience in digital marketing and web design, helping small and medium businesses grow by improving their search engine rankings. The company offers services in SEO, digital marketing, and web design. SEO is emphasized as crucial for business success in todays digital landscape. Customers can expect expertise in optimizing search engine rankings and gaining business advantages through SEO strategies. Additional services include digital marketing consultation and web design services tailored to businesses needs.

Francesco, an SEO consultant, receives praise for professionalism, transparency, and tangible results in site indexing and customer acquisition. Clients highlight his expertise, availability, and effectiveness. However, the overwhelming positive feedback may lack objectivity, potentially creating a biased perspective on his services. Overall, Francescos expertise in SEO is well-regarded, but a more balanced evaluation of his performance is necessary.

Via Pasubio, 57, 40133 Bologna BO, Italy


6. Web SEO Professionale di Pascarella Carlo

5 from 11 Reviews

The company, run by Carlo Pascarella, offers services in SEO, SEM, email marketing, web design, logo and brand design, and WordPress site design. Their blog provides tips and tricks for better Google positioning. They also host a variety of commencement programs online. Services offered include: - SEO - SEM - Email marketing - Web design - Logo design - Brand design - WordPress site design

Positive reviews for a web development company highlight its professionalism, effectiveness in marketing, and positive outcomes for businesses. The quality/price ratio is commended. However, the lack of any negative points or constructive criticism in the reviews could indicate potential bias or lack of transparency. Overall, the companys strong suits are its marketing services and customer acquisition strategies.

Via delle Rose, 12/2, 40136 Bologna BO, Italy


7. WpSEO - Agenzia SEO

4.9 from 27 Reviews is a digital marketing agency specializing in SEO consulting services, with over 10 years of experience optimizing search engines. They offer a range of services including web marketing, programming, server administration, and more. The agency has received positive reviews for their expertise and technical skills. The company also organizes events and activities, showcasing their commitment to their clients. Services offered: - SEO consulting - Web marketing - Programming - Server administration

Customers praise WpSEO for their professionalism, expertise, and ability to deliver results. The team is commended for their high-quality work, analysis, and clear communication. However, there are no mention of weaknesses. Overall, WpSEO is highly recommended for their SEO services, problem-solving skills, and customer-focused approach, making them a trusted choice in the industry.

Via Arturo Solari, 21, 40128 Bologna BO, Italy


8. Clickable

4.9 from 32 Reviews

Clickable is a company known for its award-winning pro advertising tools and expertise in dedicated search & social advertising. They offer: - Beautiful, brand-consistent, and highly converting ads for all marketing channels - Techniques to make regions of an image clickable - Web map creation with clickable layers - User-friendly clickable button and form interactions - Troubleshooting of clickable list items and links in CMS - Bug reporting for inconsistent clickable behaviors - GPT output structuring for clickable URLs - WYSIWYG editor support for clickable links - Shopify theme customization for clickable multi-column layouts.

Clickables consultancy services receive positive feedback for improving website performance, providing personalized training, and assisting with SEO strategies. Reviewers appreciate the expertise and professionalism of the team. However, some reviews mention penalties from Google and communication issues. Overall, Clickable is recommended for concrete results and reliable services, with a need for better communication and penalty prevention strategies.

Viale Giovanni Gozzadini, 1, 40124 Bologna BO, Italy


9. Sabrina Mastrandrea

4.9 from 39 Reviews

Sabrina Mastrandrea is a professional digital marketing consultant based in Italy. She is skilled in web marketing, SEO strategies, and WordPress website development. Sabrina offers services such as marketing consultation, digital marketing strategies, and marketing expertise. She is also certified in Google AdWords and has clients throughout Italy. Additionally, Sabrina is experienced in easy recruiting and corporate welfare initiatives, and teaches courses on contract management and payroll administration.

Reviews for the web development company show varying experiences. While some clients praise Sabrinas professionalism and customer care, others are dissatisfied with delayed services and lack of follow-through. The inconsistency in service delivery raises concerns about reliability. Despite positive feedback, the negative points regarding timeliness and communication should be addressed for overall improvement.

Via delle Fonti, 72, 40129 Bologna BO, Italy


10. Consulenze Web Marketing

4.7 from 9 Reviews

The company offers web marketing and online communication services in Bologna, specializing in website development, social media marketing, and graphic design. They provide consultation services for improving online visibility and marketing campaigns. Their services include web development, digital marketing, and consultancy for launching new businesses or products in the market. Services offered: - Web marketing consultation - Website development - Social media marketing - Graphic design - Digital marketing consultation - Launching new businesses or products

Customers praise Marco Bortolotti for his web development skills, communication, and personalized teaching approach. However, some reviews mention concerns about the initial level of knowledge required for the courses. Overall, Marco is recommended for his professionalism, competence, and ability to support clients effectively.

Via Emilia Levante, 59, 40139 Bologna BO, Italy

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