Top 10 SEO Agencies in Parma, Italy for the Year 2024


1. Web Agency La Digital s.r.l.s

5 from 42 Reviews

La Digital Web Agency based in Parma specializes in Automotive marketing, offering services such as Social media management, Google ADS campaign creation, and SEO. They are focused on digital disruption and offer services such as Creative Strategy, Art Direction, Branding, Interaction Design, and Website Development. The company aims to help businesses digitalize and move towards the future with their services and digital tools. The agency also handles website management to save clients time. Other services include digital skills training for students. Additionally, they provide online promotion services for businesses in Monza, Milan, Naples, and Lecce. Services offered: - Social media management - Google ADS campaign creation - SEO - Creative Strategy - Art Direction - Branding - Interaction Design - Website Development - Digital skills training - Online promotion services

La Digital Motor Strategy receives glowing reviews for their personalized approach, guidance, and professional team. Clients appreciate the skills, camaraderie, and innovative ideas provided by Emil and his colleagues. However, some reviewers note the lack of availability, conflicting ideas, and unprofessional behavior. Overall, La Digital Motor Strategy is praised for its transformative experience, but improvements in communication and consistency are recommended.

Via Carlo Porta, 8/10, 43125 Parma PR, Italy


2. The Bubble Company

5 from 24 Reviews

The Bubble Co is a versatile digital marketing agency offering custom strategic plans through targeted channels. They also offer effective skincare products, cruelty-free and fragrance-free. Bubbles Tea & Juice Company impacts health through drinks, while Erie Bubble Co specializes in handmade bath products. American Bubble Company is known for its premium bubble solution loved by all ages. The Bubble House offers a unique party experience with a transparent dome. The Bubble™ helps businesses share their brand message creatively to target audiences. Services offered: - Digital marketing strategies - Skincare products - Handmade bath products - Premium bubble solution - Unique party experience - Brand messaging solutions

The Bubble Company receives rave reviews for their professionalism, creativity, and precision in web development and online marketing. Clients highlight their excellent graphic design and responsiveness. However, there is a lack of mention of any negative points. Overall, the company is highly recommended for their exceptional work in creating websites and enhancing online presence.

Via Giulio e Giacinto Sicuri, 34/A, 43124 Parma PR, Italy

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3. Mayonese - Digital Sauce!

5 from 23 Reviews

The company offers a variety of sauces, including Dukes Mayo Classic and Dukes Mayo Bowl, as well as a digital gift card. They also provide a digital strategy service. Other products include condiments like Heinz Mayo & Ketchup Mayochup Sauce. The companys digital marketing professional is active on social media discussing mayo. Services offered include: - Sauces - Digital strategy - Condiments delivery - Tartare sauce mix - Newsletter subscription from Mayo Clinic.

The web development company in the city has received highly positive reviews praising their professionalism, quality of service, and ability to fulfill client requests. The clients appreciated the consultative and proactive approach, efficient video creation, and guidance provided. There are no negative points mentioned, indicating a strong recommendation for the companys services.

Str. Naviglio Alto, 46/1, 43122 Parma PR, Italy


4. Neurovend - web agency Parma, eCommerce, siti web, digital marketing

5 from 16 Reviews

Neurovend is a web agency in Parma offering eCommerce, digital marketing, and software development services with a 5-star Google rating. Services include marketing strategy, app development for iOS and Android, and creating landing pages for increased online sales conversions. The team specializes in marketing, eCommerce website development, and app creation.

Neurovend receives positive feedback for professionalism, creativity, and e-commerce expertise, along with effective neuro marketing strategies. However, some customers mention high expectations without clear results and potential issues with managing aspects independently. Overall, the company is recommended for tailored marketing solutions but may need to address transparency and support concerns.

Via Olimpia, 8, 43124 Parma PR, Italy

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5. Dedeho Web Agency Parma

5 from 12 Reviews

Dedeho is a highly rated web agency based in Parma, offering integrated website development with targeted web marketing, SEO, and social media strategies. They have been praised for their professionalism and advanced technology in creating successful marketing strategies. Services offered include: - Web development - SEO - Social media marketing - E-commerce development - Data science and artificial intelligence solutions.

Dedeho, a web agency, receives positive reviews for being helpful, competent, and creative with a trustworthy, respectful approach. The team is praised for their availability, preparation, and professionalism. Filippos assistance in web marketing is highlighted. Some negative points could include a lack of specific details on services provided or potential areas for improvement. Overall, Dedeho is recommended for its expertise in web development.

Via Lodovico Borsari, 23/a, 43126 Parma PR, Italy


6. Net Project S.r.l.

5 from 7 Reviews

Net Project S.r.l. was founded in 200 by experienced professionals in the IT services industry. The company offers a range of services including management software, ERP system, CRM, and technology solutions. They specialize in architecture, engineering, urban planning, and environmental assessments. Net Project Consulting, a partner organization with a vast European network, provides education and work opportunities in Romania. They focus on communication and advertising projects, offering personalized solutions to enhance business initiatives. Services offered: - Management software - ERP System - CRM - Technology solutions - Architecture and engineering services - Urban planning - Environmental assessments - Communication and advertising projects

A web development company in Parma receives positive reviews for professionalism, creativity, and customer service. Clients recommend for social media management and online marketing. No negative feedback mentioned. Verdict: Reliable, creative, and highly recommended for SMEs in the region.

Via Castone di Rezzonico, 4, 43123 Parma PR, Italy



5 from 5 Reviews

The company focuses on improving website rankings through SEO strategies and optimizing content. They offer services such as publishing relevant content, updating regularly, metadata optimization, improving high-potential pages, and achieving SEO-friendly URL structures.

SeoWay receives glowing reviews for web marketing and SEO services, with clients praising their professionalism, affordability, and results. Strengths include punctuality, knowledge of Google rules, and effective strategies. Weaknesses not mentioned. Verdict: Highly recommended for web marketing needs with outstanding results.

Via La Spezia, 90, 43125 Parma PR, Italy


8. Realizzazione Siti Web - Agenzia web Parma - Socialtech Factory web

4.9 from 13 Reviews

The company in Parma offers services such as website development, copywriting, SEO, e-commerce website creation, and web design. They are known as a leading web agency in Parma, providing services for SEO, marketing, and website design. The company also specializes in research and development projects in various industries. They offer a team of web designers, graphic designers, programmers, photographers, and videographers to handle projects. Additionally, they focus on promoting social participation among young people in Parma. Services offered: - Website development - Copywriting - SEO - E-commerce website creation - Web design - Marketing services - Research and development projects - Social participation initiatives for young people.

Customers praise the web development company for their professionalism, kindness, and innovative ideas. They find the team very prepared, reliable, and trustworthy, expressing satisfaction and regaining confidence after past negative experiences. However, no negative points are mentioned in the reviews. Overall, the company is highly recommended, with clients expressing full satisfaction and confidence in their services.

Piazzale Balestrieri 31/A, Vicolo Scacchini, 3, 43122 Parma PR, Italy


9. Ranking Road Italia - Agenzia SEO

4.9 from 17 Reviews

Ranking Road Italia is an SEO agency with expertise in international and national SEO strategies. They offer services such as SEO, PPC, digital marketing, content strategy, and conversion rate optimization. The agency specializes in White hat SEO techniques and has a strong reputation for ethical practices in Italy. Their experienced team helps businesses improve their organic rankings and expand into foreign markets. Services offered: - SEO - PPC - Digital marketing - Content strategy - Conversion rate optimization

Positive reviews for Ranking Road Italia highlight their expertise in SEO, digital marketing strategies, and efficiency in Google Analytics migration. Collaborators appreciate their professionalism, consultative approach, and Event on Artificial Intelligence. Negative feedback is not provided. Overall, Ranking Road Italia is commended for their competence and up-to-date knowledge in the industry.

Via Emilia Est, 216a, 43123 Parma PR, Italy


10. Agenzia Web ExtraWeb Parma

4.3 from 17 Reviews

Extraweb Parma is a web agency offering services such as web design, e-commerce development, software, marketing, and SEO. They specialize in creating corporate websites and custom graphics. The agency also provides personalized software for quote management. They have a partnership with AAC Consulting and offer services in digital strategy, analytics, architecture, and web and mobile application development. Visit their website for more information. Services offered: - Web design - E-commerce development - Software development - Marketing services - SEO optimization - Quote management software

Positive reviews praise the companys professionalism, competence, helpfulness, and honesty with competitive pricing. A highlighted workshop website redesign received high praise. However, the lack of negative points in the reviews suggests a potential bias or incomplete picture of the companys services. Overall, positive feedback indicates a strong reputation for the web development company.

Piazzale Balestrieri, 31/A, 43122 Parma PR, Italy

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