Top 10 SEO Agencies in Cagliari, Italy for the Year 2024


1. Publikendi

5 from 158 Reviews

Publikendi is a marketing agency based in Cagliari, Sardegna, founded in 2015. They offer strategic marketing services for small and medium-sized businesses, developing projects with a creative approach. Services offered include: - Strategic marketing - Content creation - Social media management - Brand development - Graphic design - Logo design Overall, Publikendi is a creative agency focused on helping businesses build and enhance their brand presence through innovative marketing strategies.

Customers praise the teams professionalism, speed, and quality of work at the web development company. Clients appreciate the supportive and welcoming nature of the staff. No negative points are mentioned in the reviews, indicating a positive overall experience with the company.

Via Isonzo, 14, 09122 Cagliari CA, Italy


2. 7NET Studio

5 from 86 Reviews

The company, 7NET Studio, offers services related to .NET, CLR, and Visual Studio. They provide solutions for C 7, with compatibility with any .NET version 4.6.x. The company also offers Visual Studio templates, API endpoints, and enhanced UI control functionality. Their services include software development, project support, and bug fixes. Overall, 7NET Studio specializes in .NET development and provides a variety of solutions for businesses and developers. Services offered: - .NET development - C 7 solutions - Visual Studio templates - API endpoints - Enhanced UI control functionality - Bug fixes and performance improvements

Customers praise 7NET Studio for professionalism, customer focus, and turning ideas into reality. They appreciate the teams ability to listen to their needs and deliver beyond expectations. Despite demanding requirements, Georges work on websites is commended. Positive reviews highlight quality services at the right price. No negative points are mentioned. Verdict: 7NET Studio excels in web development with satisfied customers.

Via Doberdò, 50, 09122 Cagliari CA, Italy

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3. Studio Easy Web srl

5 from 61 Reviews

Studio Easy Web is a professional web agency based in Cagliari, specializing in website creation, e-commerce, social media marketing, and Adwords campaigns. They also offer skills development in various programming languages such as PHP, Dart/Flutter, HTML 5, CSS, and JavaScript. The studio is known for their award-winning apps Timepage, Flow, and Actions, as well as their expertise in low-fidelity wireframing with Balsamiq. Additionally, they provide software development services, including database management, CMS, debugging, and API integration. The company also offers studio furniture inspired by innovative design and a user-friendly website building tool called Sparkle 5. Services offered include: - Website creation - E-commerce development - Social media marketing - Adwords campaigns - Skills development in programming languages like PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and more - App development and wireframing - Software development - Studio furniture design - Website building tool Sparkle 5.

The web agency receives glowing reviews for SEO positioning, professionalism, and customer service. Clients praise the staffs competence and ability to bring websites to the top of Google results. One client highlights the positive experience with the staff, particularly with Daniela, who brought creativity and good humor. The agency is known for its reliability, efficiency, and friendliness, with long-lasting collaborations. Overall, the agency is recommended for its quality services and expertise.

cap, Via Gerolamo Pitzolo, n. 18, 09128 Cagliari CA, Italy


4. Sardinia brand

5 from 55 Reviews

Sardinia brand, founded by Giovanni Pisu and Andre Baradat, showcases the excellence of Sardinia through premium leather products and Mediterranean-inspired fashion. The brand offers a range of items crafted from Italian tumbled leather and cow horn, drawing inspiration from Sardinian heritage. With a focus on high-quality materials and retro style, Sardinia brand aims to bring a taste of Sardinian luxury to the world. Services offered by Sardinia brand: - Premium leather products - Mediterranean-inspired fashion - Retro undertones in design

Antonio Usai, a digital marketing professional, receives glowing reviews for his professionalism, expertise in paid web traffic, and ability to help companies succeed online. Clients praise his skills and effectiveness, recommending him to others. However, the lack of specific details or negative feedback in the reviews suggests potential bias in the testimonials. Antonios focus on Sardinian companies may limit his reach.

Via Stanislao Caboni, 17, 09125 Cagliari CA, Italy

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5 from 13 Reviews

Mentor Consultancy is a Boston-based Business Consultancy firm established in 2012. Their services include Financial Consulting and Consulting Services. The company focuses on helping businesses grow and establish a strong presence in the territory. They are known for their industry leadership in Next-Gen network deployment and operation. They value diversity and inclusivity within their team. Services offered: - Financial Consulting - Consulting Services - Next-Gen network deployment

The web development company received positive reviews for professionalism, immediate response times, excellent service, and successful digital marketing strategies. Clients recommended the company, praising its all-round experience and resolution of needs. Overall, the companys management and empathy were highlighted as strengths. However, the lack of any negative points in the reviews indicates a lack of critical feedback.

Via Dante Alighieri, 138, 09128 Cagliari CA, Italy


6. SEO Pirates

5 from 9 Reviews

SEO Pirates is an interactive SEO game where players follow hidden clues to advance through different URLs. The game offers challenges and the opportunity to compete with friends for a place on the scoreboard. The company specializes in custom marketing strategies tailored to individual clients. Services offered include: - SEO game with hidden clues - Competition with friends - Custom marketing strategies

Positive reviews highlight Seo Pirates competence, support, and results in communication projects and digital marketing. Clients praise their responsiveness, dynamic approach, and customer-oriented strategies. However, the geographical distance may pose a challenge, but overall, customers recommend their services. No negative points are mentioned in the reviews.

Viale la Plaia, 15, 09123 Cagliari CA, Italy


7. Marco Sotgiu

5 from 9 Reviews

Marco Sotgiu is a professional with two jobs listed on LinkedIn and an active presence on Facebook. There are multiple professionals named Marco Sotgiu on LinkedIn. He is also a photographer on Flickr. He is known to be detailed-oriented, strategic, and caring towards company employees. The company offers services such as secure and explainable machine learning in Python. Services offered: - Secure and explainable machine learning in Python

Marco, host of Business Box Italia blog and podcast, is praised for his professionalism, empathy, and detailed explanations. His high-quality content and valuable advice stand out. However, reviews specifically highlighting the web development companys strengths and weaknesses are not provided. Therefore, the overall verdict for the company remains unknown.

09134 Cagliari, Metropolitan City of Cagliari, Italy



4.9 from 30 Reviews

The company DirtyWork offers pet waste removal and pooper scooper services in the greater Atlanta area. They specialize in handling the dirty work so that customers dont have to. With affordable rates and a dedication to keeping yards clean, DirtyWork is the go-to choice for pet owners looking to keep their outdoor spaces tidy. Services offered: - Pet waste removal - Pooper scooper services

The web development company, Dirty Work, receives overwhelmingly positive reviews highlighting professionalism, creativity, and personalized service. Clients praise the teams ability to listen and deliver effective solutions. However, one review mentions a previous negative experience with fraudulent practices. Overall, Dirty Work is recommended for their impeccable graphic skills and commitment to meeting client needs.

Via Gaspara Stampa, 23, 09131 Cagliari CA, Italy


9. Sviluppo Reti Commerciali

4.9 from 55 Reviews Website: Not Available

TBM - Temporary Business Management, founded by Francesco Salvadori, offers expertise in internationalization and successful sales network development. They provide training and motivation as key pillars for effective sales networks. Services offered include creation and management of commercial networks, sales team development, and consulting for businesses of all sizes. Overall, TBM focuses on optimizing sales strategies and creating strong networks to increase company sales. Services offered: - Sales network development - Sales team training and development - Commercial network creation and management - Consulting services for businesses

The web marketing course in Cagliari received positive reviews for its clear, professional teaching. Students appreciated the practical knowledge gained and the results achieved. Some mentioned a desire for more hands-on practice. The free course was also well-received for providing interesting ideas despite time constraints. Overall, the course was recommended for those interested in web marketing.

Via S. Tommaso D'Aquino, 09134 Cagliari CA, Italy


10. Karalisweb

4.6 from 21 Reviews

Karalisweb is a Web Agency in Cagliari specializing in Web Marketing since 1998. They offer services such as website design, online presence management, and consulting. The company is known for its expertise in helping businesses be easily found online and stay up to date with current digital trends. Services include website design, online presence management, consulting, and digital strategy development.

KaralisWeb receives positive reviews for their competence, reliability, and ability to understand client needs. Clients praise their efficiency, expertise in web marketing, and transparency. The agencys flexibility and honesty are highlighted, but no negative points are mentioned. Overall, KaralisWeb is recommended for their excellent work in managing online presence and advertising.

Via del Mercato Vecchio, 9/11, 09124 Cagliari CA, Italy

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