Top 10 SEO Agencies in Genoa, Italy for the Year 2024


1. ConsulenzaSocialMedia - Web Marketing

5 from 30 Reviews

The company, Consulenza Social Media, offers expert social media management services with a focus on utilizing various platforms effectively. Services include handling social media pages for Facebook and Instagram, developing web marketing strategies, and providing social media marketing consultations to foster interaction between businesses and consumers. Their team is known for their punctuality, competence, and quick response time, demonstrating proficiency in analytical web procedures. Overall, Consulenza Social Media is a reliable choice for businesses looking to enhance their online presence and engage with their target audience effectively. Services offered: - Social media page management - Web marketing development - Advertising services - Social media marketing consultations

Social Media Consulting in Genoa receives positive reviews for personalized training, competent staff, and adaptability in marketing and social media management. The agency is praised for being helpful and professional. However, the lack of any negative feedback may indicate a bias in the reviews. It is recommended to seek a more balanced perspective from a wider range of clients and sources.

Via Assarotti, 66r, 16122 Genova GE, Italy


2. Webfish

5 from 23 Reviews

WebFish Internet Solutions specializes in website design, hosting, and maintenance for small businesses. Their services include eCommerce sites, graphic design, and online advertising. They also offer web development services such as creating e-shops and electronic stores. The company utilizes a web engine boosted fluorescence in-situ hybridization (webFISH) algorithm for design. They also have a digital agency and a web radio station under their brand. Other services offered include web development applications for easy and fast website development.

Positive reviews highlight Web Fishs professionalism, availability, and ability to provide excellent advice for business growth. Clients appreciate the results and collaboration, recommending the company for web development and online activities. However, the summary lacks criticism or negative feedback, leaving the overall impression overly positive and potentially biased.

Vico Chiuso Paggi, 3/7, 16128 Genova GE, Italy


3. Netsocialize

5 from 15 Reviews

Netsocialize offers digital marketing consulting services in Genova, focusing on web design, SEO, social media, and digital advertising. The company can be contacted through email, social media channels, or phone. Their portfolio showcases recent projects, and they aim to promote businesses online effectively. Other projects by the company include,, and Key services offered by Netsocialize are: - Web Design - SEO - Social Media Management - Digital Advertising - Consulting services for promoting businesses online

Positive reviews praise Pietro for his professionalism, punctuality, and efficiency in SEO work. While customers highly recommend him for his honesty and dedication, negative points or weaknesses are not mentioned. Overall, based on the positive feedback, Pietros services are commendable and trustworthy.

Via Giordano, 14, 16154 Genova GE, Italy


4. TWOW - Web Marketing

5 from 8 Reviews

TWOW Web Marketing is a company specializing in digital marketing solutions, offering services such as setup-startup strategy, funnel optimization, and web communication. They focus on E-commerce & Retail, Lead Generation, Awareness & Engagement, and Digital Transformation. The company prides itself on being specialists in making a difference and provides continuous support to clients. Their expertise lies in various sectors like fashion, jewelry, health, and B2B. Key services offered include: - Setup-startup strategy - Funnel optimization - E-commerce & Retail solutions - Lead Generation services - Awareness & Engagement strategies - Digital Transformation services - Web communication and advertising strategies

TWOW is praised for having young, high-potential, motivated, and organized employees who have successfully helped with digital transformation strategies. The company receives high recommendations and is seen as a beautiful reality in the Genoese panorama. Negative points about the company are not mentioned in the review.

Via Lomellini, 2, 16124 Genova GE, Italy

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5. E

5 from 7 Reviews Website: Not Available

The text discusses various topics including Prince William attending the 2024 BAFTAs, updates on Prince Harrys children, the E-Verify system for confirming work eligibility, breaking celebrity news, E*TRADE for trading stocks, DALL·E 2 AI system for creating images, 202 Ford Mustang Mach-E®, exponential function, and government e-visa policies. Services offered by the company include stock trading, image creation, electric vehicles, and e-visa processing.

The reviews for the web development company in the city praise the staff for being trained, competent, and offering quality services. Customers highlight the professionalism, knowledge, competence, and kindness of the team. They are described as excellent both professionally and personally. No negative points are mentioned in the reviews, showing a strong and positive reputation for the company.

Via Isola del Vescovo, 191/6, 16138 Genova GE, Italy


6. Samantha Di Palma

5 from 6 Reviews

The text provides information about Samantha Di Palma, a professional involved in talent acquisition, recruitment, social media marketing, and visual content creation. She is also engaged in teaching swimming and participating in the Joe Di Palma Cancer Foundation. Additionally, she works as an Export Coordinator at Air Menzies International. Services offered by the company include: - Recruitment and talent acquisition - Export coordination services - Social media marketing - Video marketing - Web design - Online advertising - Swimming teaching - Cancer foundation involvement

Positive reviews praise the authors social media work as fantastic and professional, with a talent for understanding and delivering what people want. However, the lack of reviews about the web development services is a weakness, making it unclear if the authors skills translate to their core business. Overall, positive feedback on social media, but uncertainty about web development capabilities.

Via della Piazzetta, 4, 16132 Genova GE, Italy


7. Elio Parodi - SEO

5 from 5 Reviews

Elio Parodi is a Senior SEO Specialist at Kenshomedia who also works as a consultant and trainer in SEO in Genoa. He offers SEO services including optimization and consultation for websites. Other employees at Kenshomedia include Alessandro Piccolo, Ikenna Onyejiaka, and Yohan Leon. Services offered by the company include translation, editing, SEO, and copywriting. Elio Scarci and Godwin Charls are also listed as employees specializing in product management and leadership. Services offered by the company: - SEO optimization - Consultation - Training - Translation - Editing - Copywriting

Elio Parodi received glowing reviews for his SEO services, demonstrating competence, reliability, and results. Clients praised his professionalism, expertise, and ability to improve website visibility and generate increased traffic. Overall, Elios services were highly recommended for anyone seeking to enhance their online presence. No negative points were mentioned in the provided reviews.

Vico Sant Ignazio, 7, 16128 Genova GE, Italy


8. MC2 Lab s.r.l - Web Agency - Web Marketing

5 from 5 Reviews

MC2 Lab Web Agency in Genova specializes in creating websites and managing social media to help businesses achieve their online goals. They offer services such as website development, SEO, social media management, web marketing, and more. With a focus on communication and digitalization, the agency goes beyond traditional advertising to make online presence effective for clients. They work with industry leaders like GroupM, Microchip Technology, and Clarivate to provide quality insights and technical support.

The web agency is praised for trust, professionalism, efficiency, and real results with analyzed reports. Clients appreciate the agencys availability, readiness, and competence, giving it five stars. No negative points mentioned, indicating high satisfaction with the services provided. Overall, the agency is commended for its exceptional service and performance.

Via Luccoli, 29/2, 16123 Genova GE, Italy


9. SettimoLink Srl - Web Agency

4.6 from 94 Reviews

SettimoLink S.r.l. is a dynamic Web Marketing Agency based in Genoa, Italy, with a Google rating of 4.6 from 82 reviews. They offer services such as website creation, Google campaigns, Facebook advertising, and digital marketing. Additionally, they provide services including Google AdWords, Facebook Ads, and web master data entry. Follow them on Instagram for updates and insights into their work.

The reviews for the web development company Settimolink are mostly positive, highlighting the professionalism, availability, and effectiveness of their services. However, one negative review stands out, citing a bad experience and lack of clarity in the promotion. Despite this, the majority of reviews recommend Settimolink for their exceptional services.

Via Papigliano, 2, 16131 Genova GE, Italy

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