Top 10 SEO Agencies in Duisburg, Germany for the Year 2024


1. SahneSeiten - Webdesign

5 from 29 Reviews

SahneSeiten is a web design and website mentoring company offering high-quality and creative services. They specialize in creating websites for coaches and personal brands, with a focus on empowering women. The founder, Jan Haferkamp, brings expertise, heart, and creativity to every project. Services offered include: - Website design and development - Project management - Privacy compliance consultation - Graphic design support.

Customers praise Carina and her team at Cream Pages Web Design for their professional, creative, and supportive approach in creating beautifully designed websites. The use of a digital workspace and detailed explanations make the collaboration efficient. However, some reviewers mention occasional challenges in communication. Overall, the company receives high recommendations for their expertise, professionalism, and personal touch.

Sonnenwall 11, 47051 Duisburg, Germany



5 from 28 Reviews

The company specializes in SEO web design services to optimize websites for search engine rankings. They offer website development, SEO audits, and SEO-friendly website planning. The team emphasizes readability with clear fonts and headers. The companys services also include SEO executive work and a range of digital marketing services such as graphic design and content marketing. Overall, the company focuses on integrating SEO practices into web design to improve search engine rankings. Services offered: - SEO web design - Website development - SEO audits - SEO-friendly website planning - Digital marketing services

Customers praise Maxs professionalism, speed, and helpfulness in creating websites and running advertising campaigns. They commend his ability to teach clients to maintain their websites independently. Reviewers have no negative feedback and highly recommend Max and his company for their quality work and valuable collaboration.

Van-Gogh-Straße 27, 47228 Duisburg, Germany

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3. Digitalstarter. – Online Marketing, Agentur für Webdesign, E-Commerce & SEA, SEO

5 from 20 Reviews

Digitalstarter is an online marketing agency based in NRW that offers services such as SEO, SEA, content marketing, and web design. Salaries for digital marketing roles vary depending on various factors. Other companies in the industry offering similar services include MONOBUNT Digitalagentur and 0101marketing. Services offered by digitalstarter include SEO, SEA, social media, web design, web development, e-commerce, workshops, status and potential analysis, e-commerce and online marketing assistance, digital marketing check, lead engine services, and digital agency services for branding, corporate websites, content marketing, and consulting.

Customers praise digital agency for professional, empathetic engagement, expertise in web design, Google Ads, SEO, and website support. Clients appreciate immediate implementation of requests and smooth project execution. Some express gratitude for pleasant cooperation with the team. However, the text lacks specific examples of weaknesses or negative feedback. Overall, the company receives high praise for its services.

Ruprechtstraße 36, 46049 Oberhausen, Germany


4. Review Stream

4.9 from 15 Reviews

The company offers a variety of services including streaming apps, medical review services, and review scheduling. They specialize in providing high-quality reviews from various sources to be displayed on Wordpress sites with SEO-friendly markup. Additionally, the company conducts medical reviews for complex work comp claims using board-certified physicians. Their streaming services include a turntable that integrates with Sonos speakers, as well as N-STREAM review scheduling for a fee.

Positive reviews commend the ease and speed of service from the web development company, as well as its affordability and effectiveness. Customers praise the business idea and friendly advice. However, initial skepticism was replaced by surprise at the professionalism and quality of the services provided. Overall, the company receives high recommendations, with no major weaknesses mentioned in the reviews.

Bismarckstraße 171, 47057 Duisburg, Germany

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5. Areslan Digital

5 from 9 Reviews

Areslan Digital is a reliable partner in digital advertising, with detailed cookie information and ad impression bids available. The company offers services such as digital marketing, digital strategy, and digital transformation expertise in various international markets. The team includes specialists in SEO, architecture, and concept design, with a focus on driving brand success through the digital realm. They also specialize in creating digital D complete dentures.

Areslan Digital received glowing reviews for their successful lead generation, communication, and results in various industries. Clients praised their competence, personalized service, and online marketing expertise. No negative feedback was provided. Verdict: Areslan Digital is highly recommended for businesses seeking reliable online partners.

Moerser Str. 316 -318, 47198 Duisburg, Germany


6. OMfire! GmbH

4.8 from 20 Reviews

OMfire! GmbH is an online marketing agency based in Duisburg, Germany. They offer tailored solutions for websites and online shops, as well as holistic marketing strategies with a focus on achieving goals. The company is known for being genuine and authentic, reflecting the spirit of the Ruhr area. They provide services such as: - Maßgeschneiderte Lösungen für Websites & Shops - Ganzheitliche Marketing-Strategien - Konsequente Zielausrichtung Overall, OMfire! GmbH is a reputable agency with a strong online presence and a dedicated team.

The web development agency, OMfire, received positive reviews for its orderly system, competent team, and transparent communication. Clients praised the young, motivated team and quick response to requests. However, a lack of specific details or examples in the reviews may leave potential customers wanting more information before making a decision.

Falkstraße 73-77, 47058 Duisburg, Germany


7. Krause und Freunde

4.8 from 18 Reviews

Krause und Freunde is a digital agency located in Duisburg, specializing in website design, digital marketing, and consulting services. The team consists of experts, designers, and WordPress specialists who cater to the individual needs of their clients. Additionally, the agency has a strong network of partners to provide a comprehensive range of digital solutions. Services offered by Krause und Freunde include: - Website design - Digital marketing - Consulting services - WordPress expertise

Krause & Friends receives glowing reviews for their high competence, excellent communication, and impressive results in web development and logo design. Clients praise the teams friendliness, creativity, and professionalism. Some mention the teams patience and expertise. However, there is no mention of any negative aspects. Overall, Krause & Friends is highly recommended for web projects.

Philosophenweg 31-33, 47051 Duisburg, Germany


8. Vosseo online marketing

5 from 5 Reviews

The company Vosseo offers online marketing services to businesses of all sizes, including zzpers, mkbers, and large companies. They focus on improving online marketing strategies and have a track record of successful results. Vosseo also provides lead management and sales support for gyms. Their services include front-end development, web design, SEO, and advertising campaigns. Members have access to an Invited Network of over 00 country clubs and business clubs nationwide. Services Offered: - Online marketing - Lead management - Sales support - Front-end development - Web design - SEO - Advertising campaigns - Access to Invited Network of country clubs and business clubs

The web development company garners positive reviews for competent, reliable, and creative work from clients who praise its prompt and effective results. The company is commended for excellent cooperation and communication. However, the lack of negative feedback implies a potential bias in the reviews. Overall, the companys strengths lie in its expertise and efficiency but may lack diverse perspectives.

Memeler Str. 48, 47178 Duisburg, Germany



5 from 3 Reviews

KomoMedia is a Germany based digital marketing agency that offers website design, SEO, social media marketing, and copywriting services. They also provide printing services such as roller banners, paper bags, and wall banners. The company prides itself on working with customers to meet their needs and has a track record of success with major brands. Their services include: - Website design - SEO - Social media marketing - Copywriting - Digital signage - Digital printing - Large format printing - Web design - Branding

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Wanheimer Str. 23, 47053 Duisburg, Germany

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