Top 10 SEO Agencies in Rostock, Germany for the Year 2024


1. Viminds - Digitalmarketing GmbH

5 from 43 Reviews

Viminds GmbH is a digital marketing agency based in Rostock, Germany, focusing on sustainable digital concepts and strategies for ambitious and growth-oriented businesses. They offer services such as consulting, digital marketing, UI/UX design, and development. Viminds aims to provide innovative solutions that are effective and compelling in the digital landscape.

Former employees praise viminds for their professionalism, innovation, and supportive work environment. Clients appreciate their expertise in lead generation, convenient location, website development services, and collaboration on various projects. However, lack of negative reviews limits a comprehensive evaluation. Overall, viminds seems to excel in online marketing solutions, customer focus, and project execution, making them a strong choice for businesses seeking effective marketing strategies.

Carl-Hopp-Straße 4B, 18069 Rostock, Germany


2. BRAIN interactive

5 from 42 Reviews

The text provides a comprehensive overview of the human brain, covering topics such as subcortical grey matter structures, the effects of THC, the role of the hippocampus in memory, and the development of neural networks. It also discusses the impact of social interactions on brain development and aging. Services offered by the company: - Interactive brain modeling powered by the Wellcome Trust - Mapping of the human brain and exploration of its functions - Development of neural networks through connecting neurons axons and dendrites - Study of memory systems and their brain substrates. Overall, the text provides valuable insights into the complexities of the brain and its functioning.

Positive reviews praise Brain interactive for their SEO and Ads support, successful increase in sales, excellent advice, and transparent working style. Customers appreciate the agencys technical competence and enjoyable collaboration. However, the lack of any negative feedback makes it difficult to fully assess the companys performance. Overall, Brain interactive receives high praise for their SEO and Ads services.

Lange Str. 20, 18055 Rostock, Germany

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3. LUPCOM media GmbH

5 from 21 Reviews

LUPCOM media GmbH is a digital IT service provider based in Rostock, Germany, with over 20 years of experience in online marketing. They specialize in UX design and realization, catering to businesses looking to embrace digitalization. With a focus on being pioneers of the digital landscape, they offer a range of services including: - Online marketing - UX design - Realization of digital projects Overall, LUPCOM media GmbH is a reputable company dedicated to helping businesses navigate and succeed in the digital world.

Customers praise Lupcom for their creative team and effective web development, with one client noting success in online sales. However, there are no negative points mentioned, indicating a lack of balanced feedback. Overall, Lupcom appears to have a strong reputation for quality work and customer satisfaction.

Rahnstädter Weg 33, 18069 Rostock, Germany


4. GmbH

4.9 from 17 Reviews GmbH is a full-service advertising agency based in Rostock, Germany, focused on providing personalized, innovative, and creative solutions for web design, advertising, and campaigns. They offer services such as web design, branding, digital and print media design, corporate design, and campaign management. They are committed to helping businesses achieve sustainable success through efficient and comprehensive strategies.

Customers praise pxmedia for their quality, attention to detail, and reliability in executing advertising campaigns. Reviews highlight the great working atmosphere, fair pay, and strong communication with the team. Overall, pxmedia is viewed as a trustworthy partner for advertising needs, offering competence, passion, creativity, and excellent service. There are no negative points mentioned in the reviews.

Tannenweg 22m, 18059 Rostock, Germany

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5. AENEA-Marketing GmbH & Co. KG

5 from 8 Reviews

The text provides information about AENEA Marketing GbR, a company that helps small and medium-sized businesses optimize their sales through marketing strategies. They offer services such as content production, product shootings, and social media management. AENEA Marketing aims to support businesses in reaching their marketing goals efficiently.

Positive reviews praise AENEA Marketing for their friendly, reliable service, efficient problem-solving, fair prices, excellent communication, and successful campaigns. However, the emphasis on coffee as a highlight may detract from the core message of their marketing services. Overall, AENEA Marketing shows promise for professional collaboration with their competent team.

Hundertmännerstraße 2, 18057 Rostock, Germany


6. Sunlocal

5 from 7 Reviews

The Digital Marketing Agency in Zurich, BlueGlass, focuses on improving rankings, generating leads, and increasing revenue. They are a top-rated agency on Clutch, GoodFirms, and Upwork, offering services such as SEO and paid advertising to boost website traffic. They also specialize in content marketing, conversion rate optimization, and digital analytics. The agency has a track record of satisfied customers and offers full-service online marketing solutions in SEO, SEA, and social media. Services offered: - SEO - Paid advertising - Content marketing - Conversion rate optimization - Digital analytics

Sunlocal is praised for its user-friendly platform and excellent customer support. Customers appreciate the time-saving features and direct contact with clients. The program helps maintain accurate information and boosts online presence. Some reviewers mentioned strong service from Mr. Sandmann and effective opening hours management. No negative points are mentioned, indicating high satisfaction with the program and service.

Herweghstraße 1, 18055 Rostock, Germany


7. Marcel Rudolph - SEO und KI aus Rostock

5 from 4 Reviews

Marcel Rudolph is a Senior SEO Manager and AI Expert at MANDARIN in Rostock, Germany. He is passionate about SEO and AI, with experience dating back to 2011. The company offers services such as SEO management, AI implementation, and website optimization. Marcel Rudolph has a background in proteomics research and editorial work, bringing a unique perspective to his role.

No User's review found.

Sassnitzer Str. 9, 18107 Rostock, Germany


8. SEO Freelancer

5 from 3 Reviews

The company offers a newsletter for current and aspiring SEO freelancers, with valuable insights on becoming a successful freelancer in the field. They also provide advice on attending SEO events, creating personal websites, updating resumes and portfolios, and using job boards. Additionally, the company offers services such as e-commerce website creation and SEO skills practice on personal websites. Services offered: 1. Newsletter for SEO freelancers 2. Advice on becoming a successful freelancer . E-commerce website creation 4. SEO skills practice on personal websites

No User's review found.

Neptunallee 7b, 18057 Rostock, Germany


9. Seoplana - SEO Agentur Rostock

3 from 1 Reviews

Seoplana is an online marketing agency based in Rostock, Germany. They offer SEO services and can be contacted at 01579 2497545. Services offered include: - Online Marketing - SEO optimization - Digital marketing solutions

No User's review found.

Altschmiedestraße 29, 18055 Rostock, Germany


10. ECommerce Coaching

4 from 12 Reviews

The company offers eCommerce coaching and online courses to help entrepreneurs scale their businesses. Services include personalized mentorship, business coaching, online course creation and sales, and essential eCommerce skills training. The company aims to help individuals launch, grow, and scale their online brands using proven strategies.

lakör receives positive reviews for their SEO services and Shopify shop creation, but also faces criticism for unsolicited advertising emails. Clients appreciate creativity and competency, but some find their marketing tactics untrustworthy. Overall, lakör provides diverse services with mixed customer experiences, particularly in email communication.

Am Kreuzgraben 5, 18146 Rostock, Germany

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