Top 10 SEO Agencies in Augsburg, Germany for the Year 2024


1. Agentur Charismarcom

5 from 22 Reviews

Charismarcom is a digital marketing agency based in Düsseldorf and London. They specialize in performance marketing, website design, influencer marketing, and media advertising. The agency works with mid-sized clients internationally and aims to reach specific target audiences to increase sales. Charismarcom prides itself on providing personalized service with passion and expertise from analysis to execution. Services offered: - Performance marketing - Website design - Influencer marketing - Media advertising

Charismarcom receives praise for their design work, website development, and SEO strategy. Clients appreciate the quick response to inquiries and high level of understanding of their needs. However, some may find the attention to detail during photo shoots excessive. Overall, Charismarcom is recommended for their digital marketing services and collaborative approach.

Morellstraße 33, 86159 Augsburg, Germany


2. Mediatextur

5 from 21 Reviews

Mediatextur is a specialized agency in Augsburg offering services in SEO, SEA, SEO-Texts, and advertising. They provide support for Google optimization, search engine advertising, and web/print advertising. The agency also offers services in online marketing and PR support through various media channels. Services offered: - SEO (Search Engine Optimization) - SEA (Search Engine Advertising) - SEO-Texts - Advertising for web and print - Online marketing - PR support through various media channels

Customers praise Mediatextur for their engaging SEO texts and significant visibility improvements. Christian Duttler is highlighted as competent, reliable, and goal-oriented in SEO and Google optimization. The team is praised for professional and prompt responses to changes and website relaunches. However, reviews lack specificity and may come across as overly positive, possibly lacking critical feedback. Further reviews are needed to provide a more balanced assessment.

Provinostr. 52/Gebäude A5, 86153 Augsburg, Germany

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3. Core Value Marketing UG

5 from 19 Reviews

Core Value Marketing offers online marketing services with a focus on dominating search and winning sales. The company is affiliated with educational institutions like Warrington and Villanova University, emphasizing core values such as excellence, integrity, and leadership. Services offered include counseling, medical care, learning disability screenings, and nutrition advice. The company values collaboration and community, aiming to develop business leaders who create value for the world. Services offered: - Online marketing - Counseling - Medical care - Learning disability screenings - Nutrition advice

Customers praise Core Value Marketing UG for efficient and reliable service, smooth collaborations, and excellent SEO work. However, some customers found the agreements to be direct but lacking in details. Overall, Core Value Marketing UG is recommended for their professionalism and results but could improve on communication and transparency in agreements.

Fuggerstraße 14, 86150 Augsburg, Germany


4. Manuel Sika - SEO Freelancer Augsburg

5 from 13 Reviews

Manuel Sika is an SEO Freelancer based in Augsburg, offering services such as search engine optimization (SEO), Google Ads, content creation, and search engine advertising (SEA). His office is located at Kapuzinergasse 9 in Augsburg. Manuel Sika has extensive experience as an SEO expert and consultant, specializing in online marketing and content management. Customers can contact him for assistance with SEO strategies and online marketing campaigns. Other businesses in the area include CÔCÔ - Sushi & Asia Fusion, Altstadthotel Augsburg, Mitkickzentrale, and Maler Voss GmbH.

Manuel Sika, a top SEO specialist, received positive feedback for his expertise, professionalism, and quick, valuable support. Clients praised his human approach, efficient communication, and successful solutions. However, the reviews lack specific details or criticisms. Overall, Manuel Sika is recommended for his skills and excellent support in web development.

Kapuzinergasse 9, 86150 Augsburg, Germany

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5. 45Nord Agentur für Onlinemarketing

5 from 13 Reviews

45Nord is an online marketing agency founded in 2012, initially located in Schwabing and now in Augsburg. They specialize in SEM, SEO, and online marketing, with a team of designers and content managers. The agency is known for its modern designs and bold colors. Services offered include: - Search Engine Marketing (SEM) - Search Engine Optimization (SEO) - Online Marketing

45Nord - Agency for Online Marketing receives positive reviews for professionalism, quick problem-solving, and expertise in online marketing. However, there are concerns regarding small companies being overlooked. Despite this, 45Nord is recommended for quality services and customer-oriented approach.

Maximilianstraße 66, 86150 Augsburg, Germany


6. Bits & Passion GmbH

5 from 10 Reviews

BITS Pilani is an all-India institute offering higher education and research opportunities. They provide online admission tests, career opportunities for faculty, and training in various integrated degree programs. They also offer a small unit of data which can be used for online interactions. Services offered: - Online admission tests - Research-focused faculty positions - Integrated degree programs - Small units of data for online interactions

The web development company in Augsburg is highly praised for its professionalism, expertise in SEO, and quality of service. Clients appreciate the individual advice and results achieved through collaboration. However, no negative points were mentioned in the reviews, indicating a lack of criticism. The companys strong points are its SEO expertise, customer service, and success in delivering results.

Bahnhofstraße 12 ½, 86150 Augsburg, Germany


7. Monswap solutions

5 from 9 Reviews

Monswap Solutions offers German (travel) SEO content and strategy services. The company focuses on creating unique SEO content strategies to help further business goals. Some of the services offered include crisp German SEO copy, professional collaboration, and measurable results. Monswap Solutions also works with textile waste solutions and provides creative content solutions for businesses. Services offered by Monswap Solutions include: - German SEO content and strategy - Crisp SEO copywriting - Professional collaboration - Measurable results - Textile waste solutions

Monika from monswap solutions receives positive reviews for her professionalism, creativity, and efficient project management skills in web development. Clients praise her expertise in content creation, SEO optimization, and design. However, some mention challenges understanding technical content. Overall, Monika is commended for her clear communication and commitment to delivering high-quality work within promised deadlines.

Spicherer Str. 47, 86157 Augsburg, Germany


8. Evoseo

5 from 7 Reviews

Evo SEO is a holistic agency specializing in AI automation, application optimization, and search engine marketing. They offer services in search engine optimization, online marketing, Google Ads, and SEO-optimized web development. With a focus on high-quality advice and performance marketing, Evo SEO aims to provide comprehensive solutions for businesses looking to improve their online presence.

Evoseo receives praise for its committed team, professional advice, and SEO expertise. Positive reviews highlight the companys dedication, quality of work, and internship opportunities. However, the absence of specific feedback or negative points weakens the overall review. More diverse feedback from customers and employees would provide a more comprehensive understanding of Evoseos services.

Schertlinstraße 48b, 86159 Augsburg, Germany


9. Xpose360 GmbH

4.9 from 23 Reviews

xpose60 GmbH is an owner-managed online marketing agency based in Augsburg, Germany. The company offers services in Search, Performance & Conversion, including SEO, SEA, and Affiliate Marketing. They work with a portfolio of small to medium-sized businesses and large international companies. Team members like Fabian Nesensohn, Lisa Sager, Daniel Kocher, and Rebecca Staubach play key roles in the company. xpose60 GmbH provides opportunities for professional development and learning through meetings and exposure to various areas of expertise. The company specializes in SEO and SEA digital marketing disciplines.

Multiple clients praised xpose60 for their competence, reliability, and ability to provide constructive suggestions for better performance. Employees also highlighted the professionalism and positive atmosphere within the company. Some negative aspects were not mentioned, indicating a lack of balanced feedback. Overall, xpose60 seems to excel in online marketing services and creating a positive work environment.

Blücherstraße 4, 86165 Augsburg, Germany


10. Seowerk GmbH

4.8 from 12 Reviews

Seowerk GmbH is a digital marketing agency based in Augsburg, offering services in SEO, SEA, social media management, content creation, PR, web design, and communication. They prioritize equality and are known for their diverse range of services to help businesses grow online. Key services include: - SEO - SEA - Social Media Management - Content Creation - PR - Web Design - UX Design - Communication

Positive reviews highlight SEO-Werks personal, competent advice, successful campaigns, and friendly team. Customers praised their top advice and long-term support. However, some reviewers noted the lack of necessary information and excessive focus on SEO. Overall, SEO-Werk is recommended for their expertise but could benefit from improving communication and providing more holistic website optimization solutions.

Proviantbachstraße 1/1/5, 86153 Augsburg, Germany

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