Top 10 SEO Agencies in Eindhoven, Netherlands for the Year 2024


1. Admonks

5 from 28 Reviews

AdMonks is an integrated marketing services arm of Meridian Solutions Inc based in UAE, with branches in Kochi, Calicut, and Dubai. They offer advertising, digital marketing, branding, and consultancy services. Their automated retargeting app helps increase sales on Facebook and Instagram. AdMonks simplifies creating and managing Facebook Ads using AI algorithms and scenarios. They have a free trial available for their services. Services offered: - Advertising - Digital marketing - Branding - Consultancy

Admonks, a web development company, receives positive reviews for their professionalism, expertise in SEO, and commitment to clients. Clients appreciate their helpfulness, clear communication, and ability to deliver results. Some negative points could include the need for improvement in certain areas. Overall, Admonks is recommended for their strong work ethic and valuable contributions to SEO strategies.

Noord Brabantlaan 265, 5652 LD Eindhoven, Netherlands


2. SEO-specialist

5 from 18 Reviews

The company, as per LinkedIn profiles, has professionals named Paul Raaijmakers, some of whom utilize rubber for noise reduction in vehicles. The companys staff includes individuals such as Marc H G P Raaijmakers and Maud Hermans. Paul Raaijmakers holds a position as a Freelance SEO Specialist in Eindhoven. Claudia Pam Raaijmakers and Paul Nm Lohle are authors at the company. The company also features a monograph on Dick Raaijmakers. Services offered include SEO specialization, noise reduction solutions, and research publications.

Paul, an SEO specialist, receives glowing reviews for his expertise, communication, and results. Clients praise his detailed checks, clear instructions, and strategic thinking. Some highlight his long-term impact on their brands. However, no negative points are mentioned in the reviews, making it challenging to provide a balanced verdict.

Noord Brabantlaan 265, 5652 LD Eindhoven, Netherlands

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3. Tasmanic digital marketing

5 from 13 Reviews

The company Tasmanic is an Eindhoven-based marketing agency specializing in digital marketing for businesses focused on growth. They offer services such as developing digital marketing strategies, social media, email marketing, content marketing, and data-driven approaches. Their team is led by Tasman Salter with over 7 years of experience in creative marketing. Tasmanic also offers digital marketing courses in Tasmania through IIDE The Digital School and has a strong presence on Instagram as Domin8 Designs. TEQTOP is another reputable digital marketing agency in Tasmania known for its quality and trustworthiness.

Tasmanic is praised for its tailored SEO and marketing proposals that drive business growth. Clients appreciate their professionalism and results-oriented approach. However, some reviews highlight the importance of keeping commitments. Overall, Tasmanic is recommended for businesses serious about digital marketing.

Emmasingel 33-35, 5611 AZ Eindhoven, Netherlands


4. Grip op Online

4.9 from 72 Reviews

The company Grip on Online specializes in supporting sports for children through their knowledge and expertise. They offer services such as setting up websites, guided web-based group courses like Grip op Je Dip, and providing gear and accessories for filmmakers and photographers. The company has received positive feedback and praise for their services.

Grip Op Online receives positive reviews for their professional and results-driven approach in online marketing. Collaborators value their expertise, communication, and ability to boost online visibility. However, some mention a lack of specific details in their methods. Overall, Grip Op Online is recommended for those seeking effective online marketing services with proactive and knowledgeable professionals.

Keizersgracht 10, 5611 GD Eindhoven, Netherlands

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5. New Bizniz Online Marketing Bureau

5 from 8 Reviews

The company offers marketing services to help businesses grow and attract new clients. They provide digital marketing strategies, support for small businesses, and use online tracking technologies. Their services include affiliate marketing, development of necessary skills, and defining niches for improved business success. Services offered: - Marketing services - Digital marketing strategies - Support for small businesses - Affiliate marketing - Online tracking technologies

Brabant Garden Comfort, a website design agency, receives positive reviews for their personalized approach, quick responses to changes, and overall satisfaction with services. Clients appreciate the results achieved on a small scale. While no negative points are mentioned, the agencys ability to meet client needs quickly and efficiently stands out.

Torenallee 20, 5617 BC Eindhoven, Netherlands


6. Alonamarketing

4.9 from 37 Reviews

Alona Marketing is an online marketing bureau specializing in SEA with a focus on maximizing digital growth. The company offers services such as market research recruitment and digital marketing campaigns that have proven to increase job applicants by 50%. They have a strong foundation in the glastuinbouw industry and have been in operation since 1998. Alona Marketing is led by experienced professionals with expertise in consumer goods and digital marketing.

Alona Media receives positive reviews praising their communication, creativity, and commitment to implementation. Clients appreciate the teams expertise in web development and online marketing services. However, a lack of negative feedback suggests a biased view. Overall, Alona Media is recommended for those seeking a new website or digital marketing services.

Kastanjelaan 400, 5616 LZ Eindhoven, Netherlands


7. Extendure

4.8 from 36 Reviews

Extendure is an online marketing agency based in Eindhoven, specializing in helping businesses grow online. They offer services such as social media management, Google advertising, and creative marketing strategies. Clients praise Extendure for their quick response, clear communication, and enthusiasm. They also provide program extensions for individuals who are unable to complete their study programs on time. With a team of online marketing specialists and business partners, Extendure is dedicated to driving online growth for their clients. Services offered: - Social media management - Google advertising - Creative marketing strategies - Program extensions for study programs.

Extendure is highly praised for their excellent help, service, and expertise in online marketing. Clients appreciate their personal approach, flexibility, and knowledge in niche markets. However, there is no mention of any weaknesses in the reviews. Overall, Extendure is described as a great partner in web development, with positive recommendations from satisfied clients.

Breitnerstraat 2b, 5611 TV Eindhoven, Netherlands



4.8 from 37 Reviews

GroupM is a leading media investment company that aims to improve advertising for people. Scherp Online is a full-service online marketing agency in Eindhoven, focusing on generating reach, traffic, leads, and more. The DISTRIKT is a full-service online marketing agency in Eindhoven, offering services for online success. Fingerspitz is a digital marketing agency that tackles challenges in search engine marketing, social media, and more. Partout has a marketing team with expertise in search, social media, data, and content marketing. Every Day is an online marketing agency in Eindhoven that strives to prove itself daily. Performance-driven online marketing agency with a specialized team helping clients achieve results. Services Offered: - Online Marketing - Generating Reach, Traffic, Leads - Search Engine Marketing - Social Media Marketing

Webzies is praised for their professionalism, flexibility, and excellent service by multiple reviewers. They are commended for their clear communication, quick responses, and ability to think along with clients. The team is knowledgeable and helpful, providing quality work and innovative solutions. No major weaknesses are mentioned, making Webzies a highly recommended web development company in the city.

Tongelresestraat 60F, 5611 VK Eindhoven, Netherlands


9. Scherp Online

4.6 from 31 Reviews

Scherp Online Marketing Bureau is a full-service agency based in Eindhoven, focused on digital marketing to increase reach, traffic, leads, and customers. They provide result-driven and friendly service, with a team dedicated to bringing focus and results to clients. Their services include: - Online marketing communication - Web shop design and optimization - Open science research - Regular Pilates sessions - Analyzing the Evolution of Linked Vocabularies - Graph Neural Networks optimization.

Scherponline, a web development agency, receives glowing reviews for their expertise in SEO and SEA, efficient communication, and transparent results. However, some reviewers note the need for improvement in certain areas. Despite this, Scherponline is recommended as a reliable and effective partner in online marketing.

Kastanjelaan 400, 5616 LZ Eindhoven, Netherlands


10. Websitepromotor

4.5 from 40 Reviews

Websitepromotor is a company that specializes in online marketing services, including optimizing organic visibility, website promotion, GMB marketing, SEO, Google Ads management, and growing organic and paid traffic. They also offer web design services for small businesses. Additionally, they have professionals available for hire on Fiverr. Key services offered by Websitepromotor include: - Website promotion - GMB marketing - SEO - Google Ads (PPC) management - Web design services - Online marketing services

WebsitePromoter receives positive reviews for their SEO and SEA services, communication, and expertise. Clients appreciate monthly updates, prompt responses, and increased online visibility. However, some clients mention needing improvement in sales growth strategies. Overall, WebsitePromoter is recommended for website promotion needs. No negative points are indicated in the reviews.

Hastelweg 250, 5652 CN Eindhoven, Netherlands

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