Top 10 SEO Agencies in Rotterdam, Netherlands for the Year 2024


1. Ralf van Veen

5 from 76 Reviews

Ralf van Veen is a highly experienced freelance SEO specialist who has been working with a wide range of companies, from Dutch A-brands to international webshops. He specializes in SEO content, technical SEO, and link building to help businesses improve their organic visibility on Google. With a 5-star rating from clients, Ralf has a proven track record of success in the field. Services offered: - SEO content - Technical SEO - Link building

Reviews for the web development company UP Agency praise Ralfs SEO expertise, professionalism, and positive impact on organic search traffic. Clients appreciate his consultation approach and project results. However, no weaknesses are mentioned. The overall verdict is highly positive, recommending UP Agency for e-commerce businesses seeking improved SEO performance and digital presence.

Hofplein 20, 3032 AC Rotterdam, Netherlands


2. Online marketing bureau

5 from 42 Reviews

The company is a creative web design agency offering services such as website creation, online marketing, social media management, and webshop development. They focus on helping businesses achieve their online goals through result-driven strategies. Contact them for assistance with website design, online marketing, and social media management. Services offered: - Website design and development - Online marketing - Social media management - Webshop development

Olivacce Media garnered positive feedback for their professional, creative, and punctual services in web development. Customers praised their attentiveness, high-quality work, and contribution to local findability. However, one review mentioned a business owner becoming a customer, potentially suggesting a conflict of interest. Despite this, Olivacce Media was recommended for reliable service.

Westersingel 73, 3015 LB Rotterdam, Netherlands


3. Online Infinity

5 from 27 Reviews

Infinity Online is a state-certified online provider offering free, non-diploma based courses. They provide high-quality online classes and are working on launching a new secure online location. The company also offers digital security services and luxury vehicles for purchase. Some of the services offered include: - Free, part-time, non-diploma based online courses - New secure online location - Digital security services - Luxury vehicles for purchase

Online Infinity receives positive feedback for their online marketing services and website development. Clients praise their expertise, results, and communication. However, a negative aspect is not mentioned in the text. Overall, the company is highly recommended for entrepreneurs seeking effective online marketing strategies and professional website design.

Delftseplein 36, 3013 AA Rotterdam, Netherlands


4. Boyd Klerk

5 from 22 Reviews

Mr. Boyd holds a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from The University of North Carolina at Charlotte and is involved in the Boyd Lyon Sea Turtle Fund. He also works as a marine fisheries biologist managing the At-Sea Observer Program. The company, Action Marine, located in Dothan, AL, provides a variety of services including: - Marine equipment sales and service - Embroidered tote bags - Social media promotion for Sons of the Sea, Brandon Boyd, and Incubus - Support for sea turtle conservation projects - Remineralization of upper ocean particles - Participation in military exercises like KAMANDAG 6.

Boyd is highly praised for his expertise in online marketing, specifically SEO and SEA, and his ability to increase conversions. Clients appreciate his transparency, efficiency, and knowledge-sharing. However, his 24/7 availability may indicate work-life balance concerns. Overall, Boyd is recommended for his skills in Google Ads, search engine optimization, and social media training.

Bentinckplein 100, 3039 KR Rotterdam, Netherlands

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5. Pulse

5 from 19 Reviews

The Chicago-based digital marketing and branding agency, Mabbly, focuses on understanding clients needs to create impactful solutions. Pulse Marketing Agency, founded in 2009, aims to help clients succeed. Digital Brand Architects specializes in influencer management. R/GA is a global digital product and marketing company known for designing innovative digital solutions. Pentagram is the worlds largest independent design consultancy. Thrive Internet Marketing Agency offers services such as SEO, PPC, social media, and web design. Clay is a UI/UX design and branding agency in San Francisco, creating digital products and brand experiences.

MKB Result is praised for their knowledge in SEO and Linkbuilding, quick responses, and effective strategies. However, some customers mention the need for improvement in communication and achieving better results than previous agencies. Overall, positive feedback towards the companys services and staff, but some room for enhancement in certain areas.

Vijf Werelddelen 69, 3071 PS Rotterdam, Netherlands


6. Online marketing bureau Rotterdam

5 from 15 Reviews

The online marketing bureau, Digitaal Betrokken, based in Rotterdam, offers a variety of online marketing services to enhance businesses online visibility and success. They specialize in creating converting marketing campaigns, content marketing, SEO optimization, and social media marketing. The company has received recognition for their successful campaigns, transparency, and client satisfaction. Services offered: - Online marketing campaigns - Content marketing - Social media marketing - SEO optimization

Digitally Involved receives positive reviews for guidance, responsiveness, design, and customer coordination. They excel in online marketing strategies and have a highly professional and helpful team. No negative points are mentioned, making Digitally Involved a recommended choice for website development and online visibility improvements.

Stationsplein 45, 3013 AK Rotterdam, Netherlands


7. Webleaders

4.9 from 15 Reviews

The Boomerang Project peer mentoring programs, Link Crew and WEB, help with student transition and academic success. WEBLEADERS LIMITED is a company specializing in web marketing, SEO, and social media promotion. Web Leaders offers CSS layout techniques and accessibility improvements for web content. Culver City Middle School implements the WEB program for student transition. Services offered by Web Leaders Limited include SEO, social media promotion, and web marketing.

Webleaders is praised for effective Google Analytics and Ads reorganization, SEO strategies, and specialist team. They provide personalized service and go the extra mile for clients. However, some reviews suggest the company may not be the most transparent with reports or pricing. Overall, Webleaders is a results-oriented SEO company with positive long-term partnerships and satisfied clients.

Elandstraat 90-92, 3064 AH Rotterdam, Netherlands



4.9 from 97 Reviews

The company specializes in software packages for estimating Multinomial Logit Models with observed and unobserved heterogeneity. It provides tools for estimating logit-type models with preference heterogeneity in cross-sectional and panel data. Services offered include: - Estimation of Multinomial Logit Models - Implementation of maximum simulated likelihood method - Estimation of unobserved preference heterogeneity - Panel and cross-sectional data analysis

Customers praise the great service and friendly staff but express frustration with unfulfilled agreements and lack of communication. One customer warns of writing negative reviews if issues persist. Another customer recommends the service for increased traffic and visibility. Overall, the company is commended for its service quality but criticized for its response and reliability.

Blaak 333, 3011 GB Rotterdam, Netherlands


9. Maatwerk Online

4.8 from 24 Reviews

Maatwerk Online is a full-service digital impact agency focused on online marketing. They offer services such as Facebook marketing, SEA, SEO, and website development. The company also provides support for employers hiring individuals with disabilities. Their tools include a free dashboard for analyzing visitor behavior and a Chrome extension for importing referral exclusion lists.

Maatwerk Online is highly recommended by satisfied customers for being up-to-date, professional, and reliable. They achieve visible results, particularly in copywriting, and are skilled in SEO and conversion optimization. The proactive attitude and clear communication are also appreciated. There are no negative points mentioned in the provided reviews. Overall, Maatwerk Online is a trustworthy and competent web development company.

Goudsesingel 190, 3011 KD Rotterdam, Netherlands


10. Seocare

4.8 from 26 Reviews

Seocare is an online marketing agency with a strong 19+ year track record, specializing in driving revenue growth for clients. They offer services such as integration with other tools, Yoast SEO plugins, and providing valuable content for SEO. Additionally, they focus on improving user experience, updating URLs dynamically, and optimizing content value for better search engine rankings. Overall, Seocare helps businesses attract more relevant visitors through search engines. Services offered: - Integration with other tools - Yoast SEO plugins - SEO core AI (formerly SEO GPT) plugin - URL optimization - Content value optimization

Seocare received positive reviews for its excellent communication, results, and customer focus. Clients praised quick service, attention to detail, and website quality. Some mentioned issues with website structure. Overall, Seocare is recommended for fast, customer-focused web development services.

Westplein 12, 3016 BM Rotterdam, Netherlands

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