Top 10 SEO Agencies in Gdansk, Poland for the Year 2024


1. Getknow

5 from 72 Reviews

Getknow is an interactive agency specializing in digital marketing, offering services such as on-demand reference and eTraining tools, daily analysis on symbols for traders, and automation with Python. With a focus on passion, creativity, innovation, and effectiveness, the company aims to help clients maximize their digital presence and achieve their goals. Services offered include: - On-demand reference and eTraining tools - Daily analysis on symbols for traders - Automation with Python

Positive reviews for Getknow marketing agency in Gdańsk praise their quick website creation, tailored marketing approach, reliability, and professionalism. Clients acknowledge the agencys ability to build businesses from scratch with excellent results. However, no negative points were mentioned. Overall, Getknow is recommended for their skilled services and client-oriented approach.

Aleja Grunwaldzka 56, 80-241 Gdańsk, Poland



5 from 35 Reviews

SAMOSEO is an SEO agency based in Gdańsk, specializing in the optimization of websites since 2017. They offer a range of services including local SEO, comprehensive positioning campaigns, and assistance with website optimization. Their experts have extensive experience in the field, with a focus on providing top-notch SEO solutions for clients. Services offered: - Positioning and optimization of websites - Local SEO expertise - Comprehensive positioning campaigns - Website optimization assistance

SAMOSEO receives positive reviews for website migration, SEO strategy, and increased traffic. Clients praise the teams professionalism, communication, and results. However, some mention high costs and slow response times. Samoseo is recommended as a reliable SEO partner, but potential clients should be aware of pricing and communication issues.

Gnilna 2, 80-847 Gdańsk, Poland


3. AdWebMedia

5 from 28 Reviews

AdWebMedia is a trusted Digital Marketing Company offering services such as brand promotion through E-commerce Website design and development, mobile app development, Google Ads campaigns, influencer marketing, social media management, Google AdWords and PPC management. They also provide web design, e-commerce solutions, software development, and expertise in digital marketing. High Dividend Web Development services are also offered. The company has been in the industry for almost 20 years and sets high standards in advertising.

AdWebMedia is praised for professionalism, flexibility, quick service delivery, and responsiveness to customer suggestions. Clients appreciate ongoing monitoring and effective SEO, Google ads, and social media services. However, some negative feedback is vague, with concerns about express corrections not being detailed. Overall, the company is seen as reliable, with guaranteed customer satisfaction and honesty in their approach.

Trzy Lipy 3, 80-172 Gdańsk, Poland


4. Szkolenia Google Ads i SEO - Paweł Gawliński

5 from 18 Reviews

Paweł Gawliński offers practical training in Google Ads and SEO, providing skills to enhance businesses. Services include: - Google AdWords training - Content marketing training - SEO training - Campaign management - Website promotion - Other online marketing strategies.

Customers praise Mr. Pawełs Google Analytics and SEO training as professional and beneficial, with high-quality materials and effective teaching methods. They highlight his excellent personal qualities and communication skills. Positive reviews mention significant increases in business due to his Google Ads campaigns. However, the lack of negative feedback in the text suggests an incomplete picture. Overall, Mr. Pawełs services are highly recommended for online marketing and training needs.

Władysława Jagiełły 38/20, 80-180 Gdańsk, Poland

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5 from 13 Reviews Website: Not Available

TXT4SEO is a copywriting agency specializing in SEOcopywriting and content marketing. They offer a range of services including thematic articles, product descriptions, and category content. The company provides remote work opportunities, promotes work-life balance, and offers task-based projects. The team of copywriters covers a variety of topics and can produce large quantities of content. Services offered: - Thematic articles - Product descriptions - Category content - SEOcopywriting for pozycjonerów

Customers praise TXT4SEO for high-quality content, punctuality, and professionalism in communication. However, some express dissatisfaction with delays and lack of communication from the company. Despite the positive reviews, the company needs to address issues with timely order placement and customer communication to improve overall service quality.

80-854 Gdańsk, Poland


6. TopNow

5 from 12 Reviews Website: Not Available

TOPNOW is a company offering high quality fashion products. They provide a variety of phone cases with floral designs, as well as cases for Google Pixel a. The company also has a presence on TikTok and offers stylish clothing options.TOPNOW LOGISTIC INC is a California based company offering transportation and logistics services. The companys address is in El Monte, CA. Services offered: - High quality fashion products - Phone cases with floral designs - Google Pixel a cases - Transportation and logistics services in California.

Customers praise TopNow Agency for their professionalism, timely delivery, tailored marketing solutions, and excellent communication. Reviewers highlight positive experiences with services and recommend the company for its expert approach. However, no negative points are mentioned, indicating a lack of balanced feedback. Overall, TopNow stands out for its quality service and individualized approach.

Lęborska 3B, 80-386 Gdańsk, Poland


7. FLOV Media Maja Krymska

5 from 11 Reviews

FLOV Media is a marketing online company based in Gdańsk, offering services such as SEO, social media management, web development, and CEO consulting. The company is known for its expertise in digital marketing and has received recognition for its outstanding work in the field. With a focus on innovation and creativity, FLOV Media helps businesses achieve their online marketing goals effectively. Services offered: - SEO - Social Media Management - Web Development - CEO Consulting

Customers highly praise Flov Media for their professional and individual approach, effective marketing, and top-quality services. The company excels in website development, marketing, and customer service. However, there are no negative aspects mentioned in the reviews. Overall, Flov Media is recommended for their expertise and results in web development and marketing.

Świętokrzyska 25/222, 80-180 Gdańsk, Poland


8. Jazz SEO

4.9 from 21 Reviews

The company offers services in jazz music, digital marketing, SEO for musicians, and piano solo music performances by artists like Rin Seo and Hyeji Seo. They also provide brand and reputation management, website optimization, and SEO strategy. Additionally, they feature a jazz chamber orchestra, a mobile RPG game, and a creative agency specializing in high-quality digital marketing. Services offered include: - Jazz music performances by Rin Seo Orchestra - Digital marketing services - SEO for musicians - Piano solo music performances by Hyeji Seo.

Customers praise Jazz SEO for their professional link building and SEO services, punctuality, and good communication. However, some express skepticism towards the general marketing industry and its practices. Despite positive feedback on results and reliability, there is a need for more transparency and honesty in dealings. Overall, Jazz SEO is recommended for their quality work but should address concerns about industry practices.

Sokola 43, 80-654 Gdańsk, Poland


9. Digital Brand - szkolenia dofinansowane KFS, marketing, agencja marketingowa Gdańsk

4.9 from 36 Reviews

Digital Brand is a professional training center and marketing agency in Gdańsk. They offer subsidized training for companies through the KFS fund. Services offered include online marketing, sales training, HR manager academy, and payroll training. They focus on training qualified personnel in new technologies and marketing strategies. Services offered: - Subsidized training for companies - Online marketing training - Sales training - HR manager academy - Payroll training

Digital Brand receives praise for their professional and comprehensive training in SEO and Social Media. Positive aspects include clear presentation and practical knowledge. The company is recommended for beginners and advanced learners. However, some reviews highlight the need for improvement in certain areas. Overall, Digital Brand is a reliable choice for training, with room for growth.

Kaprów 3a/36, 80-316 Gdańsk, Poland


10. Internet Media Polska

4.6 from 113 Reviews

Internet Media Polska is an interactive agency established in 2009, specializing in website design, digital marketing, and SEO services. The company is known for its professional approach, friendly atmosphere, and competitive prices. Services offered include: - Website design and development - Professional online presence creation - Comprehensive marketing solutions - SEO services - Multimedia and digital portfolio management

Customers have mixed reviews of IMP services, praising professionalism and customization of websites, while criticizing poor communication and bland social media content. While some recommend IMP, others warn against cooperation, citing arrogance and delays. Potential clients should proceed cautiously, considering both positive and negative feedback before engaging with the company.

Jabłoniowa 20, 80-175 Gdańsk, Poland

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