Top 10 SEO Agencies in Gdynia, Poland for the Year 2024


1. SEOgroup Interactive S.A.

5 from 75 Reviews

SEOgroup Interactive SA is a professional marketing company specializing in SEO and SEM services. They offer a personalized approach to each client and have a team of highly competent employees. Services offered include search engine optimization (SEO) and pay-per-click (PPC) activities to drive organic and paid search traffic. The company was founded by Michał Herok in Gdynia. Expertise includes performance marketing and SEO specialization. Services offered: - SEO - SEM - Performance marketing - Search engine optimization - Pay-per-click advertising

SEOgroup agency receives overwhelmingly positive reviews for its digital marketing services and results, specifically in SEO and PPC. Clients commend their professionalism, outstanding outcomes, and recommend their services for both British and Polish markets. Despite the lack of negative feedback, the agencys success in delivering top-notch service is evident.

Olimpijska 2, 81-538 Gdynia, Poland


2. M-smart Agencja marketingowa

5 from 24 Reviews

M-smart is a marketing agency with a team of experienced specialists in marketing and IT. They offer services such as website design, e-commerce, SEO, Google ADS, and social media marketing for businesses. The agency focuses on understanding the specific needs and standards of their business partners to deliver tailored marketing solutions. Services offered: - Website design - E-commerce - SEO - Google ADS - Social Media marketing

Customers highly praise for their professionalism, commitment, and results in marketing campaigns, website creation, and SEO. The company is commended for great communication and post-service support. However, no negative points were mentioned, suggesting a one-sided view. Further reviews are needed to provide a more balanced assessment.

Starochwaszczyńska 93, 81-582 Gdynia, Poland


3. Agencja marketingowa GOOD

5 from 22 Reviews

GOOD Marketing Agency is a reputable company in Gdynia specializing in effective online marketing strategies. They offer a wide range of services including Google Ads, social media marketing, SEO, content marketing, event marketing, and website design. The agency emphasizes the importance of marketing for sales rather than just advertising. With a focus on delivering high returns on investment, they stand out for their expertise in online advertising and social media management. Services offered: - Google Ads (SEM) - Social Media Marketing (Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram) - SEO - Content Marketing - Event Marketing - Website Design

Customers highly praise the GOOD marketing agency for their swift problem-solving, effective communication, and expert advice. Despite the positive feedback, a lack of reviews may indicate limited customer feedback. While the agencys skills and dedication are commendable, potential clients may want to consider the lack of diverse opinions before engaging their services.

Stefana Batorego 23/7, 81-365 Gdynia, Poland


4. BRAINBOX® - Marketing internetowy, Google Ads (SEM), SEO

4.9 from 28 Reviews

BRAINBOX® is a company in Gdynia offering internet marketing services such as Google Ads campaigns (SEM) and SEO. They specialize in SEO for websites and online stores, as well as creating Google Ads campaigns. They also provide services for e-commerce platforms that do not have a physical presence. Additionally, they offer expertise in online marketing, video marketing, mobile marketing, and website design. The company values creativity in their approach to online marketing and has a team of experienced professionals in SEO and SEM. Services offered include SEO, SEM, Google Ads campaigns, and online visibility strategies.

Overall, reviews for Brainbox web development company are overwhelmingly positive, highlighting professionalism, high-quality services, and excellent customer support. Clients appreciate the individual approach and expertise of the team. There are no negative points mentioned in the reviews, indicating a strong and reliable company with satisfied customers. Highly recommended for website design, positioning, internet marketing, and more.

Aleja Iberyjska 10/2, 81-198 Pogórze, Poland

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5. SEMsolutions - Marketing Internetowy Gdynia

5 from 10 Reviews

SEMsolutions is a marketing company in Gdynia, Poland specializing in internet marketing on platforms like Google and Facebook. They offer effective solutions in SEM and provide knowledge on topics like SEO and remarketing. Services offered include: - Internet marketing support - SEO strategies - Remarketing techniques - Social media marketing.

Customers praise SEMsolutions for exemplary communication, creative solutions, and individual approach. They are recommended for their high-class specialists, professionalism, punctuality, and effective online marketing services. However, there is a lack of mention of any weaknesses or negative points in the reviews. Overall, SEMsolutions is highly recommended for their expertise in web development.

Świętojańska 38/13, 81-372 Gdynia, Poland


6. Fine Marketing Agencja marketingowa - Tworzenie Stron Internetowych, SEO, Reklama

5 from 9 Reviews

The company offers various effective methods of online advertising, including SEO, content marketing, and social media advertising. Services provided include SEO, website design, social media management, and online advertising campaigns. They specialize in creating and optimizing websites, as well as running marketing campaigns on platforms such as Google Ads and social media. Additionally, they offer services such as SEO audits, marketing recommendations, and copywriting. Overall, the company provides comprehensive digital marketing and advertising solutions to help businesses increase their online presence and reach their target audience. Key services offered: - SEO - Content marketing - Social media advertising - Website design - Online advertising campaigns

Fine Marketing received positive reviews for their professionalism, ability to increase brand recognition, and effective online communication. However, some customers noted minor mistakes and highlighted the need for improvement in areas such as customer service. Despite this, overall satisfaction with the services provided was evident.

Karpińskiego 8, 81-173 Gdynia, Poland


7. Akademia SEOgroup - szkolenia SEO i Google Ads

4.7 from 15 Reviews

The company specializes in providing training and workshops on SEO, Google Ads, and Analytics. They offer individualized courses tailored to the needs of each business. Additionally, they provide services such as content marketing, PPC, copywriting, and Google Ads support. The company is known for its expertise in SEO, Google Ads, and E-commerce, offering training sessions led by knowledgeable professionals in the field. Some of the services offered include SEO, Google Ads, and E-commerce optimization, as well as Google Analytics training. Services include: - SEO training - Google Ads training - Analytics training - Content marketing - PPC/SEM - Copywriting - E-commerce optimization

The web development company received positive feedback for the extensive knowledge and tailored training provided, with practical examples and engaging presenters. However, some reviewers expressed dissatisfaction with limited time for discussion and lack of practical exercises. Despite these shortcomings, the company was recommended for its professional approach and individualized training. Negative points include restricted discussion time and lack of practical exercises.

Olimpijska 2, 81-538 Gdynia, Poland



4.2 from 20 Reviews

The company Noril specializes in SEO services, specifically focusing on website positioning and promotion in search engine results. They have been in the industry since 2004 and are known for providing high-quality SEO services. The company is based in Gdynia and offers services such as website positioning, promotion, and SEO consulting. Services offered: - Website positioning - Promotion - SEO consulting

Noril s.c. receives mixed reviews, with customers praising professionalism, good contact, and effective service, but some report negative experiences with SEO positioning campaigns. Despite positive aspects, issues with campaign results and lack of reimbursements raise concerns about reliability. It is recommended to proceed with caution and thoroughly evaluate the company before engaging in business.

Kazimierza Pułaskiego 6/611, 81-368 Gdynia, Poland


9. Alte Media - marketing internetowy Gdynia

4.2 from 25 Reviews

Alte Media is a certified Google Partner specializing in effective internet marketing. Their team of experts has a deep knowledge of online promotion and various tools, constantly testing and optimizing strategies. They offer services such as graphic design, internet marketing, and search engine optimization to help clients efficiently utilize online marketing tactics. Alte Medias training programs are conducted by certified Google specialists, ensuring high-quality education for individuals looking to enhance their digital marketing skills. Their office is located in Gdynia, Poland, and they are dedicated to driving online marketing at a rapid pace. Services offered: - Graphic design - Internet marketing - Search engine optimization

Alte Media agency receives positive reviews for its customer approach, professionalism, and effective marketing strategies. However, some reviewers point out a lack of specific details in their training sessions. Overall, the agency is recommended for its visible results and marketing effectiveness, but potential clients should ensure clear communication on all aspects of the services provided.

Świętojańska 43/23, 81-391 Gdynia, Poland



3.7 from 22 Reviews

SeoFabryka is a professional company specializing in website positioning and online marketing. They offer comprehensive services, including SEO, Google Ads campaigns, and web hosting strategies. With a team of specialists, they have years of experience in improving website visibility and traffic. Their services include: - Website positioning - Google Ads campaigns - Hosting strategies

Seofactory has shown effectiveness in website optimization, leading to increased traffic and conversions. However, previous negative experiences with other agencies raise doubts about their reliability. Clients have reported issues with fulfilling contracts and website performance following their services. It is best to approach Seofactory cautiously due to these mixed reviews.

Warszawska 67, 81-309 Gdynia, Poland

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