Top 10 SEO Agencies in Ferrara, Italy for the Year 2024


1. Frank Russo

5 from 40 Reviews

The text provides information about Frank Russo, the disgraced former Cuyahoga County auditor, who has passed away. Russo was previously involved in corruption scandals and legal proceedings. Additionally, he had experience in coaching track and field, orthopedics, legal affairs, and research. The text mentions his guilty plea to federal charges and his diverse work history. Overall, it reflects on the life and career of Frank Russo. Services offered: - Coaching in track and field - Orthopedic specialization - Legal advisory services

The reviews for the web development company showcase strengths in knowledgeable professionals, creative training, and high-quality services. However, some negative points include intense courses and a lack of diversity in perspectives. Overall, the company is recommended for its professionalism, creativity, and individual attention, with room for improvement in course intensity and incorporating diverse viewpoints.

c/o LaQuadra APS, Via Aldighieri, 29/A, 44121 Ferrara FE, Italy


2. Michele Marchi

5 from 16 Reviews

Michele Marchi is a versatile professional with experience in architecture, design, and immigration law. The company offers a range of services including architecture, industrial design, immigration services such as family visas, asylum, and removal defense, and a variety of design-related research skills. The company also operates a SoundCloud account for music-related content. With a presence on LinkedIn and Instagram, Michele Marchi showcases a diverse portfolio and provides insights into their professional background.

Customers praise the web development company for their professionalism, affordability, and excellent customer service. Positive reviews highlight the availability, knowledge, and problem-solving abilities of the staff. However, the lack of negative points provided in the reviews may indicate biased feedback. Overall, the company is highly recommended for their top-tier service and competitive prices.

Via Don Giuseppe Zanardi, 46, 44123 Ferrara FE, Italy

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3. Pronesis Srl

5 from 12 Reviews

Pronesis Srl is a web agency founded in 2000 specializing in e-commerce websites developed in Prestashop. They are currently a Platinum agency partner. The company focuses on the development, management, and promotion of websites, with a strong emphasis on high conversion rates. Services offered include custom logo design, digital project consultation, online visibility through SEO, and expertise in complex e-commerce projects. Key points include: - Specializes in e-commerce websites - Platinum agency partner for Prestashop - Custom logo design services - Expertise in online visibility and SEO - Consultation for complex e-commerce projects

The web development company received glowing reviews for their professionalism, competence, and attention to detail. They were praised for their ability to deliver high-quality websites tailored to the clients needs. However, there were past negative experiences with consultants who provided subpar services. Overall, the company was commended for their excellent work and customer-centric approach.

Via Giorgio Caselli, 11/b, 44124 Ferrara FE, Italy


4. NetPropaganda S.r.l.

5 from 8 Reviews

NetPropaganda S.r.l. is a company based in Ferrara, Italy, offering services in digital engagement, training, events, and consulting. The company was founded in 2012 and specializes in helping businesses and individuals establish their online identity. Services offered by NetPropaganda S.r.l. include web marketing, training, events, and consulting. With a focus on communication and order management, the company aims to support clients in achieving their goals.

Positive reviews for a web development company in the city, praising the knowledgeable and professional owners, specifically Riccardo Scandellari. However, the lack of detailed feedback on the companys services and any negative aspects suggest limited information for potential clients. Overall, positive sentiments are expressed, but lack of specificity and insight may hinder decision-making for potential clients.

Via Bologna, 172, 44122 Ferrara FE, Italy

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5. ITestense

5 from 6 Reviews

ITestense is a web agency catering to businesses in the Bologna, Ferrara, Modena, and Padova regions. They specialize in web design, SEO, and applications development. Salcef S.p.A. has secured contracts with CFR, the National Railway Company of Romania. The agency also offers services such as control systems, DRM monitoring receivers, and concrete innovations at EXPO. ITestense has expertise in digital marketing, energy savings for tunnels, and applications for businesses to achieve their objectives using new media. Key services offered include: - Web design - SEO - Applications development - Control systems - DRM monitoring receivers - Digital marketing - Energy savings solutions.

Positive reviews praise ITesense for their professionalism, competence, and ability to solve problems. Customers appreciate their availability and honesty. However, the lack of any negative reviews may suggest biased feedback. While the company seems reliable, potential customers should seek a variety of opinions before making a decision.

Via Cosmè Tura, 29, 44121 Ferrara FE, Italy


6. Deltacommerce srl

4.9 from 40 Reviews

Deltacommerce Srl is a digital communication agency specializing in web marketing. They offer services such as website development, e-commerce, SEO, advertising campaigns, social media marketing, and digital strategy. The company is a leader in the processing and marketing of high-quality horse meat in Italy and Europe. They also provide custom solutions using Hubspot.

Customers praise Deltacommerce for their professionalism, quick assistance, and competence in providing effective solutions. The staff members are always available and helpful, making the service efficient and satisfying. However, there are no negative points mentioned in the reviews. Verdict: Deltacommerce is a reliable web development company with commendable customer service.

Via del Commercio, 48, 44123 Ferrara FE, Italy



5 from 1 Reviews

The company is a diverse academic and research institution with a focus on various fields such as philosophy, health sciences, synthetic biology, and management information systems. Services offered include: - Educational programs in philosophy and health sciences - Research in systems & synthetic biology - Investigation of molecular mechanisms of neurodegeneration - Management information systems research和钮- Academic support in thoracic surgery.

No User's review found.

Corso Piave, 17, 44121 Ferrara FE, Italy


8. DigiFe

4.9 from 17 Reviews

Digifé is an award-winning Black-owned production company based in Chicago, founded in 2012. They specialize in documentaries, brand stories, and digital media production. The company offers full video and digital media production services, as well as digital upskilling for VET educators in the agri-food industry. Their services include website design, SEO, SEM, social media marketing, and Adwords campaigns. Digifé has also been involved in an Erasmus+ funded project to equip educators with the necessary skills for digital transformation.

The web development company receives high praise for their competence, helpfulness, and quality of work. They have created multiple successful websites for the reviewers business, showcasing their technical expertise. However, the reviews do not mention any weaknesses or negative points. Overall, the company appears to be professional, reliable, and deserving of a 5-star rating.

Via Umberto Manfredini, 5, 44122 Ferrara FE, Italy


9. AREA 55

4.5 from 10 Reviews

Area 55 is a Brazilian Steakhouse located in Aventura, Florida, serving high-quality meat fresh off the grill. They also host meetings for Alcoholics Anonymous, provide information on hunting in Idaho and Utah, and offer a variety of services related to hunting planning. The companys services include: - Brazilian Steakhouse dining experience - Alcoholics Anonymous meetings - Hunting information for Idaho and Utah - Hunting planning resources

Area-55 in Ferrara is known for its stimulating and creative environment with attentive and trained staff. Customers praise the qualified and kind employees who go above and beyond. Despite not specified as bad, there is a mention of the products not being exceptional. Overall, the company is regarded as a valuable resource in Ferraras urban landscape.

Via dell'Aeroporto, 42/B, 44124 Ferrara FE, Italy



4.6 from 18 Reviews

CEMA is a company that recognizes Next Gen Leaders in various industries. They specialize in communication through ideas, images, and sounds, offering advanced electronic solutions. CEMA hosts meetings and conferences for professionals in engineering, marketing, and events. Their services include: - Next Generation Leadership Recognition - Communication through ideas, images, and sounds - Electronic solutions with SENSE, SHIELD, and ACT capabilities - Engineering conferences and events for professionals in various industries

Highly professional and energetic customer service, interesting site, and excellent communication. Clients feel supported and guided towards the best corporate image. However, some negatives might include a lack of variety in services or pricing information. Overall, CEMA NEXT excels in professionalism, creativity, and passion, making it a top choice for web development needs.

Via Giovanni Verga, 4, 44124 Ferrara FE, Italy

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