Top 10 SEO Agencies in Ravenna, Italy for the Year 2024


1. - Copywriting, Neuromarketing e Brand Positioning

5 from 7 Reviews

The company specializes in brand positioning, copywriting, and strategy using techniques such as neuromarketing. They help business owners and professionals create successful company strategies to drive growth and revenue. Their services include brand positioning, brand identity, voice & experience, digital tools, and more. Contact them for assistance in increasing content ROI and brand performance through AI.

The reviews for Luca, a communications and marketing professional, praise his punctuality, creativity, and effectiveness in personal branding and Power Point presentations. Clients commend his strategic guidance and clear communication. Luca is described as an excellent copywriter and an ideal partner for communication and marketing needs. However, the reviews lack specificity and may appear biased.

Circonvallazione Fiume Montone Abbandonato, 48124 Ravenna RA, Italy


2. LUMA - Agenzia di Marketing

4.9 from 15 Reviews

The company is a specialized marketing agency for the private healthcare sector, offering strategies, software, applications, and digital marketing services. They prioritize increasing brand reputation and revenue for their clients. Services offered include: - Brand reputation enhancement - Digital marketing strategies - Communication services - Website creation - Italian SEO - Video marketing - Motion graphics - Stop motion animation - Illustration services

The reviews for the web development company, LUMA, highlight strengths such as targeted marketing campaigns, professionalism, and quick response times. However, some negative points include high prices, failed experiences with other agencies, and initial wariness. Overall, LUMA is recommended for those willing to invest in quality marketing services but should be cautious of the costs and previous negative experiences.

Via Trasimeno, 6, 48124 Ravenna RA, Italy

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3. Make Visible

5 from 4 Reviews

The company Visible offers a wearable heart rate monitor with an award-winning app for personalized pacing insights. They also provide visibility options for Google Account information and PCB Editor commands. Additionally, Visible promotes inclusivity and respect within their University community. Services offered: - Wearable heart rate monitor - Award-winning app for personalized pacing insights - Google Account visibility options - PCB Editor commands - Promoting inclusivity and respect within the University community

No User's review found.

Via Sant'Agata, 36, 48121 Ravenna RA, Italy


4. Publik Image

4.9 from 12 Reviews

Publik Image is a Web Agency in Ravenna offering experience and innovation for websites and social media. The company focuses on digital strategy, transformation consulting, and digital public relations. They also provide services related to digital marketing, data analysis, e-commerce, and content creation. Their goal is to create a safer and more inclusive digital space. Key services offered by Publik Image include: - Web design and development - Social media management - Digital strategy consulting - Digital public relations - Data analysis and analytics - E-commerce solutions

Reviews for a web development agency praise reliability, competence, and customer service. Positive feedback includes well-trained staff and excellent proposals. However, no negative points are highlighted. Verdict: highly recommended for their professionalism and customer-centric approach.

Via Arcivescovo Gerberto, 17, 48124 Ravenna RA, Italy

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5. Indaco Web Solutions

5 from 3 Reviews

Indaco is a company that specializes in risk management strategies for domestic and international clients. They offer services such as website optimization, IoT solutions, web accessibility, and web development. They are known for their innovative approaches and partnerships to ensure client satisfaction. Services offered: - Risk management strategies - Website optimization - IoT solutions - Web accessibility - Web development

No User's review found.

Via Isaac Newton, 30, 48124 Ravenna RA, Italy


6. W&D 2.0. S.R.L.

4.7 from 9 Reviews

W Magazine is a platform where fashion, film, art, and entertainment intersect, creating compelling stories. In addition, the company offers luxury lifestyle hotels under the W Hotels brand in over 50 destinations worldwide. The companys services include: - Fashion coverage - Film reviews - Art features - Entertainment news - Luxury hotel stays

Customers praise W&D for professionalism, quality, and personalized service in web development. Positive feedback includes good quality/price ratio, attentive team, and excellent results. However, communication issues and the need for improvement in customer service are highlighted, with some clients requesting better responsiveness from the company. Overall, W&D is viewed as a trustworthy agency with potential for growth.

Via Canalazzo, 75b, 48123 Ravenna RA, Italy


7. Tokydigital advertising platform

4.7 from 28 Reviews

TokyDigital is a self-service marketing platform based in Italy, offering geo-localized communication services for businesses in Italy and abroad. Their solutions include mobile marketing software for SMS advertising, coupon management, compliance handling, and more. They also provide services such as instant messaging, wallet, video advertising, and programmatic advertising campaigns. With a focus on reaching the right audience at the right time and place, TokyDigital aims to maximize online advertising efficiency. Services offered: - Mobile marketing software - SMS advertising - Coupon management - Compliance handling - Instant messaging - Wallet - Video advertising - Programmatic advertising campaigns

Positive reviews highlight excellent technical assistance, resolving issues efficiently, and quality products from the web development company. However, a negative review noted a lack of quality contacts in a SMS campaign, possibly indicating fake numbers. Overall, the company provides professional service, but caution is advised regarding potential discrepancies in contact quality.

Via Zara, 44, 48124 Ravenna RA, Italy


8. Matitegiovanotte

4.3 from 11 Reviews

Matite Giovanotte in Ravenna specializes in Advertising, Digital Marketing, Retail Design, Corporate Identity, and Marketing Consultancy. They believe in creativity as a cultural act with style and rigor. Their projects include retail design, web & digital, advertising, and brand identity. Their services include advertising, digital marketing, retail design, corporate identity, and graphic design. They have a strong focus on creativity and brand immersion.

Matitegiovanotte is praised for quality, creativity, professionalism, punctuality, and empathy. Reviewers commend the teams ability to empathize, professionalism, and creativity. However, the overwhelming positive reviews indicate a lack of diversity and potential bias. Customers looking for a reliable, creative, and empathetic web development agency may find Matitegiovanotte to be a good fit.

Via Augusta Rasponi, 12, 48121 Ravenna RA, Italy

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