Top 10 SEO Agencies in Bergamo, Italy for the Year 2024



5 from 27 Reviews

Adok is a Metro-Detroit based design house specializing in purpose-driven design to help businesses excel. They offer innovative multi-touch projection technology, interactive touch screens, and fabric production. They are also involved in Alzheimers awareness and support through ADOK Kenya. Services Offered: - Multi-touch projection technology - Interactive touch screens - Fabric production - Alzheimers awareness and support efforts

Positive reviews highlight Adoks ability to create customized solutions tailored to clients, efficient team interaction, professionalism, and creativity. However, lacks detailed negative feedback, possibly biased or lack of transparency. Final verdict: Adok demonstrates strong capabilities, with room for improvement in transparency and feedback diversity.

Via Andrea Moretti, 16, 24121 Bergamo BG, Italy


2. Smartbee

5 from 16 Reviews

The company offers a comprehensive accounting management system for small businesses and exempt businesses, providing solutions for invoicing, expense tracking, VAT reports, and tax compliance. They also offer SmartBee products such as personal safety alarms, USB cables, and smart controllers for gardening. Additionally, they provide services for monitoring and aggregating data, with a focus on real-time gas level monitoring. Services offered: - Accounting management system - Personal safety alarms - USB cables - Smart gardening controllers - Data monitoring and aggregation services for gas levels.

Customers praise the web agency in Bergamo for professionalism, punctuality, and competitive prices. Positive remarks highlight strong competence, creativity, and a friendly work environment. No negative points are mentioned in the reviews, indicating a high level of satisfaction among clients. Overall, the company is recommended for businesses seeking website development services.

Via Bartolomeo Bono, 43, 24121 Bergamo BG, Italy


3. Il Camelopardo: Web Agency B2B

5 from 15 Reviews

Il Camelopardo è una web agency specializzata nel B2B che offre servizi come creazione di siti web in Wordpress, email marketing, lead generation e altro. Fondata nel 2002, si distingue per la sua conoscenza delle problematiche industriali. Il nome Camelopardo deriva dallunione di leopardo e cammello, simboleggiano la velocità e la resistenza. La società è coinvolta nello sviluppo di nuovi strumenti software e ha collaborazioni inter-agenziali con la Municipalità di Parma. Offre consulenza tecnica e test analitici per le imprese.

Customers praise Il Camelopardo for professionalism, flexibility, and proactive approach. Former interns appreciate dedication, helpfulness, and knowledge gained. Some express disappointment over negative reviews, denying favoritism allegations. Overall, the agency is commended for digitalization expertise and results achieved. However, transparency and handling of internal matters come into question, prompting caution when collaborating with the company.

Via Pradello, 2, 24121 Bergamo BG, Italy


4. Yourbiz

4.9 from 81 Reviews

7Eyes is a Lead Generation agency based in Milan, specializing in direct response marketing strategies to acquire new clients. The agency also offers Demand Generation services to optimize marketing and sales processes with method, competence, and discipline. Additional services include web development, e-commerce, and CRO. The marketing team comprises of branches for demand generation and ecommerce, with a focus on achieving net zero emissions in electricity generation. Yourbiz is a B2B Demand Generation Agency with a strong international presence, aiming to help businesses optimize their marketing processes. The International Energy Agency collaborates with countries worldwide to monitor and support sustainable energy transition efforts. Key services offered by the company include: - Lead Generation - Demand Generation - Website development - E-commerce optimization - CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization)

Confindustria Services Bergamo has praised Yourbiz for their collaboration on administrative tasks, commercial development, and SEO activities. The team demonstrated professionalism, knowledge, and efficiency. However, there were no negative points mentioned in the reviews. Overall, Yourbiz is recommended for their expertise and results-driven approach.

Via Gandhi, 42, 24048 Treviolo BG, Italy

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5. Welcome Digital

5 from 9 Reviews

Welcome is a full-service digital agency with over 20 years of experience delivering award-winning solutions. They offer services such as brand development, digital marketing, technology solutions, and custom digital asset production. Welcome prides itself on being a seamless extension of clients marketing teams, providing comprehensive digital services to help businesses thrive in the modern market.

Reviews for a web development company highlight a highly competent and professional team, positioning them as a top agency in the sector. However, the lack of provided reviews makes it difficult to gauge any potential weaknesses or drawbacks. Overall, the positive feedback regarding the teams skills and professionalism outweighs any potential negatives, making them a recommended choice.

Via 5 Alpini, 6/A, 24124 Bergamo BG, Italy


6. OASI Digital di Debora Magurno

5 from 8 Reviews

Debora is a professional with expertise in digital communication and online presence. She offers services such as editorial calendar creation, ideal follower targeting, website management, SEO articles, and communication strategy development. Specialized in digital marketing and communication, Debora provides consultations and workshops for individuals and businesses looking to improve their online presence. Services offered by the company: - Editorial calendar creation - Targeting ideal followers - Website management - SEO article writing - Communication strategy development

Deborah Magurno from Oasi digital is highly recommended for web development services, social communication strategies, and business card design. Clients praise her professionalism, competence, and attentiveness throughout the process. However, the text lacks specific examples or details to support these positive claims. Overall, her services are well-received, with no notable weaknesses mentioned in the reviews.

Via Vittorio Gasparini, 24125 Bergamo BG, Italy


7. Webay

5 from 7 Reviews

OTO Agency is a digital marketing and communication agency based in Bergamo. They specialize in web design, web marketing, social media marketing, and video production. Their website is designed for optimal search engine ranking. The agency offers personalized solutions for businesses looking to boost their online presence and achieve their goals. Services offered: - Web design - Web marketing - Social media marketing - Video production

Webay, a web development company, received positive reviews for professionalism, creativity, and high-quality work on e-commerce and lead generation projects. Clients appreciated the teams expertise in SEO and web development. However, some mentioned the team can be assertive and may not always accommodate requests. Overall, Webay is a reliable choice for web development needs, but may not be suited for those seeking complete flexibility.

Via Pier Antonio Uccelli, 3, 24123 Bergamo BG, Italy


8. 1818 Digital

5 from 5 Reviews

The text discusses various topics related to the year 1818, including a digital answering system, a telephone, piano works, and Illinois establishment. The Gardall 1818-2 safe is also highlighted. The Illinois Constitutional Convention of 1818 is a key event. Key points include the digital twin paradigm for NASA and U.S. Air Force vehicles, piano works by Trudelies Leonhardt, and tax records from Mississippi counties. The text also mentions the series of taxes on personal property and land, as well as an outline of Illinois with the establishment date of 1818. Services Offered: - Digital answering system - Telephone - Piano works - Safes - Tax records - Illinois-themed digital files

Customers praise the web development company for its competence, innovation in direct marketing, problem-solving skills, and availability. Positive feedback highlights successful campaign outcomes and satisfaction with services. No negative points are mentioned, indicating high customer satisfaction. Overall, the company is lauded for professionalism and effectiveness in achieving results for clients.

Via dei Partigiani, 14, 24121 Bergamo BG, Italy


9. EWeb srl

4.6 from 7 Reviews

eWeb is a communication agency in Bergamo since 2016, specializing in website design, APPs, webapps, ecommerce, web marketing, and search engine optimization. They offer a variety of services such as software development, online marketing, SEO packages, website design, and digital marketing solutions. Their focus is on creating effective strategies for their clients online presence. Services offered: - Website design - APP development - Webapp development - Ecommerce solutions - Web marketing - Search engine optimization (SEO) - Software development - Digital marketing solutions

Customers praise the web development company for their preparedness, approachability, professionalism, and ability to listen. They are known for providing appropriate solutions and easy-to-use websites, making them a trusted digitalization partner. However, weaknesses or negative points were not mentioned in the reviews. Overall, the company is highly recommended for their services.

Via Broseta, 101/G, 24128 Bergamo BG, Italy


10. Circle Web Agency

3.8 from 10 Reviews Website: Not Available

Circle is a digital agency with locations in New York City, Chicago, and Paris, serving clients like Mastercard, Barclays, and BMW. They offer benefits such as extended free trial periods, branding, web design, SEO, and web development services. They specialize in connecting marketing and creative professionals with companies across the U.S and Canada, and provide customizable online solutions such as SEO and SEM/PPC. Additionally, they offer insights on web design trends for 2024 and host engaging discussions and events for web designers. Services offered: - Branding - Web design - SEO - Web development - Marketing and lead generation - Consulting services

Circle Digital has received positive reviews for their technical skills, ability to listen to specific needs, and professional approach in web development. However, negative feedback includes missed deadlines, non-payment for services rendered, and an attempt to steal a client. Despite strengths, caution is advised due to these negative interactions. Reviews indicate a mixed experience with Circle Digital.

Via S. Giorgio, 6, 24121 Bergamo BG, Italy

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