Top 10 SEO Agencies in Sassari, Italy for the Year 2024


1. PramaWeb

5 from 81 Reviews

PramaWeb is a website experiencing a 520 error and offers website development services, security surveillance systems, and spiritual transformation through Tantra. They also provide a comprehensive NVR and DVR management tool for Android users. Services offered by PramaWeb include: - Website development - Security surveillance systems - Spiritual transformation through Tantra - Comprehensive NVR and DVR management for Android users

Customers praise the professionalism, reliability, and enthusiasm of PRAMAWEB, a web development company. They deliver projects as requested and offer excellent customer service. No negative points mentioned, making PRAMAWEB a highly recommended company for professional projects.

Via Marialisa de Carolis, 43, 07100 Sassari SS, Italy


2. E-agle Digital Marketing

5 from 33 Reviews

Eagle Digital Marketing is a global agency offering web development, website design, digital marketing, secure hosting, and digital transformation services. They specialize in connecting companies with targeted audiences to build personalized relationships. With a strong focus on conversation and relationship-building, Eagle Digital Marketing helps businesses navigate the digital world and achieve success through innovative products and solutions. Services offered: - Web development - Website design - Digital marketing - Secure hosting - Digital transformation services

The web development company has received positive reviews highlighting professionalism, competence, and availability. Customers praise the team for listening to their needs and providing satisfactory solutions. However, the lack of diversity in feedback could indicate bias. Its recommended that customers scrutinize the reviews and consider seeking out additional perspectives before engaging with the company.

Via Predda Niedda Str. 24, 4, 07100 Sassari SS, Italy


3. Httpixel

5 from 21 Reviews

Httpixel is a small web agency based in Sassari, Sardegna, specializing in website and e-commerce development, web marketing, and search engine optimization. They also offer services such as Google AdWords campaigns. The agency, led by a web designer with expertise in digital marketing, has been helping businesses establish their online presence since 2000. Additionally, Httpixel has created an application for developers called Pills247, which allows for testing APIs on mobile devices. Services offered: - Website development - E-commerce development - Web marketing - Search engine optimization - Google AdWords campaigns

Customers praise Httpixel for professionalism, competence, and availability in creating functional and visually appealing websites. The company provides excellent training and support. However, some reviewers note minor issues with site functionality. Overall, Httpixel receives high recommendations for quality work, clear communication, and customer satisfaction. Their attention to detail and customer needs makes them a top choice for website development.

Address del Rosario, 4, 07100 Sassari SS, Italy


4. Yes Consulting

5 from 20 Reviews

YES HIM Consulting, Inc. is a leading consulting firm offering services in HIM coding, auditing, education, and consulting. The company is led by CEO Shamika Anderson, who has experience in the telecommunications industry. Services offered by YES Consulting include concierge care, coaching, short-term rental consulting, college admissions consultancy, architecture and planning services, and resources for new businesses. Key services: - HIM coding, auditing, education, and consulting - Concierge care and coaching - Short-term rental consulting - College admissions consultancy - Architecture and planning services - Resources for new businesses

Yes Consulting receives glowing reviews for their professionalism, customer service, and expertise in web development, virtual tours, and Google Adwords campaigns. Clients praise their dedication, passion, and outstanding results. However, the lack of mention of any negative aspects raises questions about the authenticity of the reviews. Proceed with caution and verify before engaging their services.

Via Carlo Fadda, 2, 07100 Sassari SS, Italy

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5. GrafikaMente Web&Social

5 from 16 Reviews

GrafikaMente is a web design agency located in Sassari, Italy, specializing in creating optimized, personalized websites for businesses. They offer a wide range of products for promoting businesses online. Services include website design, logo design, and communication and marketing strategies. They also offer dynamic web editing and SEO optimization services. Their goal is to increase visibility and success for businesses through innovative communication and advertising solutions. Services offered: - Website design - Logo design - Communication and marketing strategies - Dynamic web editing - SEO optimization.

Customers praise GrafikaMente for professionalism, punctuality, and quality of work in creating websites, nameplates, and business cards. The team is commended for excellent customer service. Some negative points could include lack of detail on specific projects or potential issues not addressed in reviews. Overall, GrafikaMente is recommended for their services and satisfaction levels.

Via Torres, 42, 07100 Sassari SS, Italy


6. Web Solutions

5 from 6 Reviews

Web Solutions LLC is a full-service CT web design and digital marketing agency offering website development, domain registration, business website design, software applications, and more. They provide creative solutions to meet challenges head-on. This company is dedicated to providing smart and simple solutions for businesses on the web. Some of the services they offer include: - Website Development - Website Design - Digital Marketing - Domain Registration - Software Applications - Photography - Branding - Videography Overall, Web Solutions LLC is committed to helping clients succeed online with their comprehensive range of services.

Web Solutions Internet Marketing receives positive feedback for professionalism, expertise, and customized services. However, the company lacks negative reviews or shortcomings, leading to a lack of critical feedback. Overall, the web development company is highly recommended for those seeking personalized web solutions with a high level of customer service.

Italia, Via Giuseppe Mazzini, 33, 07100 Sassari SS, Italy


7. Shardan ART Web

4.9 from 9 Reviews

Sheridan is a multi-faceted company that offers a variety of services including education and training, contemporary abstract paintings for home décor, culinary arts, and website development. They prioritize the success of their students, offer career-focused programs, and provide information on deer management. Additionally, Sheridan Arms offers retail products and features a state-of-the-art indoor shooting range. Shardan Art Web specializes in website and app development, as well as photo, video, and animation services. Laura Sheridan Photography focuses on art and fashion photography, including gold leaf textures. Overall, Sheridan offers a diverse range of services catering to education, art, and technology needs. Services offered: - Education and training - Contemporary abstract paintings - Culinary arts - Deer management - Retail products - Website and app development - Photography services

The reviews for Shardan Art Web praise professionalism, website design, communication support, and technical assistance. Clients appreciate Marios competence and dedication. However, there is no mention of any negative aspects. Verdict: Shardan Art Web is highly recommended for web development services in Sassari.

Piazza Santa Caterina, n. 15, 07100 Sassari SS, Italy


8. Carbone Media Agency

4.9 from 32 Reviews

Carbone Smolan Agency is an independent branding agency founded in 1976 in New York City. They specialize in designing enduring brands, creating brand expressions, and digital marketing campaigns. The agency works with Fortune 100 brands, and their Chief Digital Officer leads partnerships with tech giants like Google and Amazon. Services offered by Carbone Smolan Agency include brand design, digital marketing, and creating loyalty among audiences through modern campaigns.

Carbone Media Agency receives glowing reviews for their stimulating courses, professionalism, and customer-focused approach. However, some reviews mention the courses as higher level but lack specifics on content. It is commended for its team and individual training courses, as well as for its informed social media management. Some negative points include lack of detail in the courses and possible unfamiliarity with GDPR. Overall, a recommended choice for professional development.

Via Cavour, 59, 07100 Sassari SS, Italy


9. Esperto Google

4.8 from 31 Reviews

Giovanni Meloni is a certified Google business profile expert offering a range of services including Google Maps, local SEO, and Google Street View photography. He is known for his expertise in Google Business Profile, Google Maps, and other Google services. Some of the services offered by Giovanni Meloni include: - Google Business Profile certification - Google Maps optimization - Local SEO expertise - Google Street View photography - Marketing specialist for local businesses

Mr. Giovanni Meloni, a Google expert, received highly positive reviews for helping businesses with Google-related issues. He resolved fake review problems, provided valuable advice, and ensured good business profile management. However, individuals who did not avail of his services left negative reviews. Despite this, he remains a reliable professional in his field.

Via Paolo Galleri, 5, 07100 Sassari SS, Italy


10. Topwebsite

4.8 from 112 Reviews

The company offers a variety of services such as connecting people and businesses with delinquent debts to federal agency payments, celebrating the talents of young musicians, providing experiential learning opportunities for students, manufacturing unique bar tools for a better drinking experience, and hosting concerts and educational programs in a distinctive canvas tent.

TopWebSite, led by Giuseppe, received positive reviews for professionalism, efficiency, and expertise in web development. Clients praised his availability, clear communication, and website optimization. However, some reviews noted high prices. Overall, TopWebSite is recommended for those seeking a reliable and competent web development service.

Via Nizza, 28a, 07100 Sassari SS, Italy

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