Top 10 Best Tuition Centre near mrt Bukit Batok, Singapore for the Year 2024


1. Genie Education Hub

5 from 124 Reviews

Genie Education Hub is a tuition center located in Bukit Batok, Singapore, specializing in Math and Science subjects. They aim to make learning fun for students and offer a variety of courses and interactive webinars. Services offered include: - Tuition classes in Math, Physics, Chemistry, and Biology - Fun learning environment - Interactive webinars - Parenting tips - E-learning courses

Students praised the tuition centre and teacher Michelle for their patience, clear teaching, and ability to help students improve their grades significantly, from fail to A in Olevels. However, some reviews lacked specific details or examples of improvement. Overall, the positive feedback outweighed the negatives, making it a highly recommended choice for those seeking academic improvement.

Bukit Batok East Ave 4, #01-393 Block 265, Singapore 650265


2. Forward Academy Tuition Centre

5 from 54 Reviews Website: Not Available

Forward Academy Tuition Centre in Singapore is a team of experienced educators offering affordable tuition. They have a track record of producing remarkable results in students. The academy recently celebrated a star students success in achieving stellar O level results. Additionally, Ruth Gottesman, a professor at Albert Einstein College of Medicine, is offering free tuition to students. The academy aims to empower students to excel academically and shape a meaningful future. - Experienced and enthusiastic educators - Affordable tuition - Stellar student achievements - Free tuition for exceptional students - Higher education institution focusing on academic excellence and empowerment

The reviews for Forward Academy in Singapore highlight positive aspects such as dedicated tutors, small class sizes, and effective teaching methods. Students have seen significant improvements in their grades, especially in mathematics. However, there are some minor criticisms regarding a lack of engagement in certain subjects. Overall, Forward Academy appears to be a reliable choice for academic support in Singapore.

272 Bukit Batok East Ave 4, #01-62, Singapore 650272


3. Upgrade Learning Lab (Tuition Centre)

5 from 31 Reviews

The Learning Lab Department at Community College of Philadelphia offers free academic support services, including individualized tutoring in STEM subjects and help with challenging courses and assignments. The BELL provides educational services in Nashville & Brentwood, including tutoring, test prep, and essay drop-off sessions. ACC offers online tutoring with ACC tutors during the Fall and Spring semesters. Upgrade Learning Lab in Singapore provides primary school tuition based on MOE syllabi. Services: - Free academic support services - Individualized tutoring in STEM subjects - Educational services in Nashville & Brentwood - Online tutoring with ACC tutors - Primary school tuition based on MOE syllabi.

UPGRADE Learning Lab tuition center in Singapore receives high praise from parents for outstanding teachers, engaging materials, and positive learning environments. Students show significant improvement and success academically. Positive comments include personalized attention and comprehensive course materials. No negative points are mentioned in the reviews, indicating a lack of critical feedback. Overall, UPGRADE Learning Lab is highly recommended for academic excellence.

273 Bukit Batok East Ave 4, #02-82, Singapore 650273


4. ADA Tuition and Enrichment Hub

5 from 30 Reviews

ADA Tuition and Enrichment Hub offers specialized education services for primary and secondary students. Founded by Winston Tan, the hub focuses on differentiated teaching methods to help students learn effectively. Services include math tutoring, enrichment programs, and a focus on ADA compliance. The company is dedicated to providing professional success and personal enrichment for students, with a focus on educational development and agricultural support. Overall, ADA Tuition and Enrichment Hub aims to empower students to succeed academically and personally. Services offered: - Math tutoring - Enrichment programs - ADA compliance support - Educational and agricultural development support.

Teacher Winston is highly praised for his detailed teaching, engaging lessons, and ability to improve students exam performance. Parents appreciate his dedication to providing guidance and support. However, no weaknesses or negative points are mentioned in the reviews, suggesting a high level of satisfaction with Teacher Winstons teaching methods, which have consistently led to improved exam results for students.

273 Bukit Batok East Ave 4, #02-78, Singapore 650273

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5. Thoughts Box Tuition Centre (Bukit Batok)

4.9 from 15 Reviews

Thoughtsbox is an educational hub in Singapore offering quality programs in a homely environment. Services include student care for preschool and primary school students, empowering children academically, and fostering life skills. Additionally, the center offers trusted chemistry tuition, educational programs for developing critical thinking, and robotics curriculum. Contact information for two locations is provided. Services offered include: - Student care for preschool and primary school students - Chemistry tuition - Academic excellence programs - Life skills development - Critical thinking education - Robotics curriculum

Thought Box tuition centre in Singapore receives positive reviews for its comfortable environment, engaging teachers, and snacks provided. Students appreciate friendly, patient teachers and helpful notes, with improvements in grades noted. However, the focus on free food and games is highlighted, possibly overshadowing academic benefits. Overall, the centre is recommended for its pleasant atmosphere and effectiveness in enhancing learning.

177 Bukit Batok West Ave. 8, #01-253 Upper Level, Singapore 650177


6. Happy Tutors Bukit Batok

4.9 from 50 Reviews

Happy Tutors is a top tuition centre and social enterprise offering small group tuition since 201. They have experienced and patient teachers who help students tackle Chemistry questions effectively. Services offered include H Chemistry home tuition, 1-to-1 tutoring, and part-time tuition jobs in Bukit Batok. Happy Tutors Learning Centre provides high-quality tutoring to help students improve their grades and reach their academic potential.

Happy Tutors in Singapore received positive feedback for dedicated and passionate tutors, tailored lessons, engaging teaching methods, and small class sizes. However, there were no negative points mentioned in the reviews. Overall, the center seems to provide a valuable and beneficial learning environment for students.

132 Bukit Batok West Ave 6, #01-318, Singapore 650132


7. Fun Learners' School - Bukit Batok Tuition Centre

4.9 from 89 Reviews

Fun Learners School is a premier tuition center in Singapore, with proven results and a focus on academic excellence. They offer a wide range of subjects for students, with a strong emphasis on empowering learners through effective study strategies and exam tactics. The school has been MOE registered since 2005 and is recognized as one of the top three tuition centers in Bukit Batok. Their services include: - Results-driven tuition services - Fun and engaging learning environment - Academic and life pursuit empowerment through fun learning strategies - Full-time teachers specializing in various subjects

Fun Learners School in Singapore receives overwhelmingly positive reviews from students and former students alike. The school is praised for its engaging teaching methods, supportive and knowledgeable teachers, and the positive impact it has on academic performance. The only potential weakness mentioned is the need for more comprehensive notes and worksheets. Overall, Fun Learners School is highly recommended for an enriching and effective learning experience.

371 Bukit Batok Street 31, #02-328 Bukit Gombak Neighbourhood Centre, Singapore 650371


8. Math Academy

4.9 from 179 Reviews

The company offers a variety of math tuition services, including JC H2 Math, A Maths G, and secondary math, taught by experienced teachers. They provide tuition-free programs for high school students in Kentucky, Massachusetts, and Louisiana. Additionally, the company offers full-tuition scholarships for the Class of 2024 at USM and participates in math tournaments. Services offered: - JC H2 Math Tuition - A Maths G Tuition - Secondary Math Tuition - Tuition-free programs in Kentucky, Massachusetts, and Louisiana - Full-tuition scholarships - Math tournaments participation

Math Academy in Singapore has received overwhelmingly positive reviews from students and parents alike. The tuition center is praised for its concise notes, wide range of questions, and helpful tutors. The instructors are patient, approachable, and provide thorough explanations. However, no negative points were mentioned in the reviews, indicating high satisfaction with the Math Academys services.

372 Bukit Batok Street 31, Block 372, Singapore 650372


9. SmileTutor Home Tuition Agency

4.7 from 1242 Reviews

SmileTutor is a leading home tuition agency in Singapore that provides tutors to teach at students homes. Their services are free, and they have 50,000 tutors available for all subjects starting at $25 per hour. With no agency fees for students, SmileTutor aims to help parents and students find the right tutor for their needs. Services offered: - Home tuition for all subjects - 50,000 tutors available - Tutors come to students homes - No agency fees for students

Reviews for SmileTutor in Singapore highlight quick response times, suitable tutor matches, and improved grades. The company is commended for its reliability and professionalism. However, potential weaknesses include possible commission fees and limited information about tutor qualification. Overall, SmileTutor receives positive feedback for its efficient service in connecting students with suitable tutors.

21 Bukit Batok Cres, #22-76, Singapore 658065

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