Top 10 Best Tuition Centre near mrt Clementi, Singapore for the Year 2024


1. Concept First Physics and Math Learning Centre (Clementi)

5 from 474 Reviews

Concept First is an education center specializing in O Level Physics and A Math Tuition, as well as H2 Physics Tuition. They also offer Math and Science courses for lower secondary students. Their edge lies in their state-of-the-art Physics lab and comprehensive weekly classes aimed at building strong foundations. The center is led by experienced educators and successful alumni, showcasing the efficacy of their approach. Services offered include: - O Level Physics Tuition - O Level A Math Tuition - H2 Physics Tuition - Math and Science courses for lower secondary students.

Concept First is a highly recommended physics tuition center in Singapore, praised for its excellent teachers, engaging lessons, comprehensive resources, and significant improvements in grades. Students appreciate the support, lab sessions, online options, and helpful additional materials provided. However, some negative points are not mentioned in the reviews, and the focus is mainly on positive experiences and outcomes.

449 Clementi Ave 3, #01-261, Singapore 120449


2. Polymath Learning Centre

5 from 103 Reviews

Polymath Learning Centre offers premium PSLE math and science tuition at unbeatable value. They provide full-colored worksheets, notes, and mind maps. The lessons are engaging and taught with humor and enthusiasm. The company also offers in-person tuition at their Balmoral branch and online options. Their tutors have a track record of hard work and resilience, possessing excellent skills in report writing, online research, analysis, and presentation. The center aims to bring out the brilliance in children and provide a strong foundation in math and science. Services offered: - Premium PSLE math and science tuition - Full-colored worksheets, notes, and mind maps - In-person and online tuition options

Polymath tuition receives positive reviews for engaging teaching methods, thorough explanations, and helpful materials. Students appreciate Mr. Chungs patience and ability to make lessons enjoyable and memorable. However, some concerns may include the need for more advanced curriculum for secondary students and the potential for a lack of variety in workshop content. Overall, Polymath tuition is recommended for its effective teaching approach.

433 Clementi Ave 3, #01-262, Singapore 120433


3. Simon Eio Learning Centre - Primary, Secondary and JC Math & Science Tuition @ Clementi

5 from 59 Reviews

Simon Eio Learning Centre, founded in 1998, specializes in Maths and Science for Primary, Secondary, and JC students. Their courses are carefully designed by Mr. Simon Eio, offering classes in Primary Math, Secondary Math, and JC Math. They also provide enrichment activities and learning journeys to enhance education. Services offered include: - Primary Math - Primary Science - Secondary Math - Secondary Science - Junior College Mathematics

Mr Eio, a math teacher at a tuition center in Singapore, receives glowing reviews for his dedication, patience, and ability to explain concepts clearly. Students appreciate his jokes, encouragement, and individualized assistance. Some initially find his demeanor intimidating but later appreciate his teaching style. However, the reviews highlight that improvement requires hard work from the students themselves. Overall, Mr Eio is highly recommended for math tuition.

603 Clementi West Street 1, #01-34, Singapore 120603


4. Matrix Math

5 from 35 Reviews

The company offers Math Matrix, an online professional learning system for math education. Services provided include learning about matrices, dimensions, and elements, as well as faster ways to multiply large matrices. The company also offers D arrays and scalar multiplication. Additionally, they provide control options for matrix alignment and separators.

Parents praise Matrix Math for dedicated teachers like AJ and Elaine, leading to high student improvement and confidence. However, some reviewers note inconsistent quality across teachers and branch directors. Overall, positive feedback mentions personalized attention and improved grades, with a special mention of Teacher Rachels effectiveness. A key strength is the positive learning environment. Recommended for students in need of Math help.

378 Clementi Ave 5, #01-336 Clementi Cove, Singapore 120378

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5. Elucidation Learning @ Clementi

5 from 24 Reviews

My Elucidation Centres in Clementi & Singapore offer tailored tutoring plans with talented tutors for tangible results. Elucidation Learning in Clementi provides Science Exploration classes. Services offered include: - Tailored tutoring plans - Science Exploration classes - Virtual classes - Education services - Machine learning algorithms application - Unsupervised learning methods for molecular simulation data - Improving students understanding of academic subjects.

Elucidation Learning Tuition Center in Singapore receives largely positive reviews praising attentive teachers, academic improvement, and individualized teaching. However, some issues with the late start of enrollment and limited recognition for outstanding work are mentioned. Overall, the center is commended for its dedicated teachers and structured programs, despite some areas that could be improved.

320 Clementi Ave 4, #01-39, Singapore 120320


6. Yi Xue Learning Centre (易学堂) - Clementi

5 from 23 Reviews

Yi Xue Learning Centre in Singapore offers primary and secondary Chinese tuition and enrichment classes. The centre is located near Clementi Mall and has full-time teachers who are NIE trained and ex-MOE school teachers. Services offered include: - Primary & Secondary Chinese Tuition - Enrichment Classes - Experienced Teachers - Convenient Location near Clementi Mall

Yi Xue Learning Centre in Singapore receives positive reviews for dedicated and professional teachers who provide effective lessons and guidance for Chinese language improvement, resulting in improved grades for students. However, some negative aspects include lack of mention of specific teaching methodologies or curriculum details, potential bias in testimonials, and limited information on overall student satisfaction. Overall, the centre is recommended for its effective teaching methods and knowledgeable instructors.

3151 Commonwealth Ave W, #02-04A Grantral Mall @ Clementi, Singapore 129581


7. Matt's Education

5 from 20 Reviews

Matts Education is an enrichment centre offering English, Maths, and Science classes for primary and secondary school students. The founders have been planning the curriculum and teaching classes since 2011. They have multiple locations and a 2024 schedule available online. The company also provides tuition in Jurong West and Clementi. Services offered: - English, Maths, and Science classes - Primary and secondary school levels - Personalized curriculum - Multiple locations - Dedicated founders and teachers

Matts Education receives positive reviews for their engaging and effective teaching methods, supportive staff, and improvement in student grades. However, some reviews mention the heavy drilling and lack of focus on understanding concepts. Overall, the tuition center seems to be beneficial for students seeking to improve their academic performance, but the emphasis on repetitive drills may not be suitable for all learners.

Blk 433 Clementi Ave 3, #01-250, Singapore 120433


8. SucZest Education Centre

5 from 14 Reviews

SucZest Education Centre is a leading tuition provider in Singapore offering programmes based on MOE syllabuses. Established by Mr. Chua and Madam Ho, the centre aims to empower learners with essential skills. They offer small group classes with a focus on subjects like Add Math. Services offered include: - Tutorial programmes based on MOE syllabuses - Small group classes - Focus on essential skills empowerment - Add Math tuition classes - Convenient operating hours - Contact information for enquiries

SucZest has garnered positive reviews for improving students attitudes towards math, providing personalized notes, and helping students excel in their O levels. A few students mentioned a challenging start but eventual improvement with Mr. Chuas guidance. Despite some weaknesses like a rough start in Sec , the overall consensus suggests SucZest is effective for math tutoring.

431 Clementi Ave 3, Singapore 120431


9. AlphaOmegaMath Clementi

4.9 from 121 Reviews

AlphaOmegaMath is a leading Math Education Centre in Singapore with a team of former MOE teachers. They specialize in PSLE, O level, and A level Mathematics, offering services in various locations such as Clementi, Bukit Timah, and Tampines. Their services include: - AlphaOmegaMath Ability Assessment (AAA) - Math tuition for primary, secondary, and JC levels - Experienced and dedicated team - Learning through play approach - Various locations for convenient access to their services.

Students highly praise the tuition center in Singapore for excellent teaching, personalized attention, resources, and communication. They mention significant improvements in grades and understanding of subjects. The only potential negative point may be the overwhelming positivity in the reviews, lacking in-depth critiques. Overall, the tuition center receives glowing recommendations and is seen as highly effective in improving students academic performance.

blk 433 Clementi Ave 3, #01-262, Singapore 120433


10. Mind Stretcher Clementi

4.7 from 127 Reviews

Mind Stretcher is a tuition and enrichment center located in Clementi, offering a range of classes for students. The center is conveniently situated on the rd floor of Grantral Mall and provides proprietary Student Progress Tracking. Some of the services offered include morning Pre-Primary classes, academic schedules, early bird registration discounts, and a spacious 5,000 sqft learning space. The center is known for its stellar 15-year track record and is a popular choice for parents seeking quality education for their children. Services offered: - Morning Pre-Primary classes - Academic schedules - Early bird registration discounts - Student Progress Tracking - Spacious learning space

Parents praise teachers from a tuition center in Singapore for their dedication, communication, and positive impact on students learning. They appreciate the teachers efforts in improving their childrens academic performance. However, some feedback on behavior management and engagement strategies is lacking. Overall, the centre seems to provide excellent support to students, but improvements in addressing parental concerns are needed.

3151 Commonwealth Ave W, #03-01, Singapore 129581

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