Top 10 Best Tuition Centre near mrt Newton, Singapore for the Year 2024


1. Miracle Learning Centre - Science Tuition

5 from 197 Reviews

Miracle Learning Centre in Singapore specializes in math and science tuition for primary, secondary, and junior college levels. They have expert tutors, including ex-MOE trained school teachers, focusing on subjects like maths, science, chemistry, and physics. The center aims to make learning enjoyable and offers innovative classes to help students grasp key concepts quickly. Services offered include professional tutoring in science, maths, chemistry, and physics, with a focus on lower secondary science classes covering all three disciplines. The center also provides tips for excelling in A-Level Physics.

Students praise the tution centre for helping them improve grades, with specific mention of Chemistry and Math classes. Teachers are lauded for their patience and effectiveness in teaching. However, some reviews lack detail and specificity, potentially indicating a lack of credibility or authenticity in the feedback. Overall, the tution centre seems to have a positive impact on students but may benefit from more in-depth reviews.

144 Upper Bukit Timah Road #03-01, Beauty World Centre, Singapore 588177


2. Winners Education Centre - The Chemistry Tuition Specialist

5 from 188 Reviews

Winners Education Centre, located in Bishan, specializes in Chemistry tuition for IP, O-Level Pure Chemistry, and A-Level H2 Chemistry. Taught by Mr. Sean Chua, a TYS book author and Chemistry specialist, the centre emphasizes a 4As teaching methodology for accelerated learning. The centre offers online and onsite tuition, with a focus on making Chemistry easier and more accessible for students. Services offered include: - Online and onsite Chemistry tuition - Specialization in IP, O-Level, and A-Level Chemistry - Emphasis on 4As teaching methodology - Location in Bishan, Singapore.

Students praise Winners Education for improving their confidence and grades in Chemistry through engaging lessons and effective teaching methods. Mr. Chua is commended for his dedication, clarity, and helpful approach. Some students saw significant grade improvements within a short period. The tuition center focuses on understanding concepts rather than memorization. However, late start joining and lack of strong foundations are mentioned as initial challenges.

513 Bishan St. 13, #01-506 (Level 2, Singapore 570513


3. Habitat Learning Centre

5 from 43 Reviews

Habitat Learning Centre, located in Novena, Singapore, offers Secondary and JC tuition with a focus on holistic education and IT education for underprivileged children. They also provide a premium Montessori early education program at Habitat Early Learning in Peregian Springs. Services offered include: - Secondary & Junior College tuition in Chemistry, Physics, Math & Economics - Holistic education - Montessori early education program - Extracurricular programs in Performing Arts, Mandarin language, and Culture learning.

Habitat Learning Center in Singapore receives overwhelmingly positive reviews, with teachers being praised for their dedication and ability to improve students grades significantly. Students express gratitude for the support and guidance provided, particularly in challenging subjects like Chemistry and Physics. The small class sizes and personalized attention are highlighted as factors leading to success. No negative points are mentioned, indicating a strong recommendation for the tuition center.

1 Goldhill Plaza, #02-27, Singapore 308899


4. Tutor Next Door Tuition Center - ONLY 2 Students/Class

5 from 13 Reviews

Tutor Next Door in Singapore offers small class sizes with only 2 students per class, solid tutors, and a cafe-like ambience for self-study. They specialize in Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry for Secondary/IGCSE and JC/IB students. The fees are reasonable and affordable given the personalized attention and facilities provided. The company provides academic support in over 50 subjects for students currently enrolled in classes. Students can expect high-quality tutoring with a focus on individual learning styles. Additionally, they offer tutoring services for Applied Bachelor Degrees. Services offered: - Small class sizes with only 2 students - Solid tutors - Cafe-like ambience for self-study - Specialization in Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry - Reasonable and affordable fees - Academic support in over 50 subjects - Personalized attention based on individual learning styles - Tutoring services for Applied Bachelor Degrees

Tutors at the centre in Singapore are praised for helping students improve grades in A level Physics, Chemistry, and Math. Positive feedback highlights small class sizes, private guidance, and knowledgeable tutors. Some negative points could be the need for more varied subjects and a potential lack of focus on certain areas. Overall, the reviews indicate a strong emphasis on academic improvement and personalized attention.

66 E Coast Rd, #05-09, Singapore 428778

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5. Jaycee Tuition Centre

5 from 8 Reviews

Jaycee Tuition Centre in Singapore specializes in Principles of Accounts and also offers lessons in O Level Math. They provide free trial lessons and have a promotion where bringing a friend can earn up to 4 free lessons. The centre has been operating since 2010 and is located along Orchard Road. In addition to tuition services, they are active on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Key services offered include: - Principles of Accounts tuition - O Level Math tuition - Free trial lessons - Promotions for bringing friends - Active on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

Students praised the supportive and engaging teachers at Jaycee Tuition Centre, citing significant academic improvements and enjoyable lessons. The environment is described as homely and fun. However, there is some repetition in comments and a lack of specific details about teaching methods. Overall, the centre is recommended for its effectiveness in improving grades and creating a positive learning experience.

545 Orchard Road #04-22 Far East Shopping Centre, Singapore 238882


6. Neu Learning Tuition Center

4.9 from 14 Reviews Website: Not Available

Neu Learning Tuition Centre specializes in secondary and JC mathematics and secondary chemistry. Northeastern University offers expert advice and academic support through the Learning Success Center. They provide tuition assistance and a monthly payment plan. Northeastern is a bicoastal university for undergraduate and graduate learning. Services offered include: - Tuition assistance - Academic support - Monthly payment plan - Writing Center for CPS students

Dr. Loga is praised for his engaging teaching style, successful results in improving grades, and caring attitude towards students. However, there is a lack of diversity in the feedback, potentially indicating a biased sample. Some negative aspects, such as teaching methods not resonating with all students, should be addressed. Overall, Dr. Logas tuition center is commended for its effectiveness, but should aim for more varied feedback.

81 Marine Parade Central, Singapore 440081


7. Brain Matter Tuition @ Bishan

4.9 from 81 Reviews

Brain Matter is a reputable tuition center in Bishan offering a variety of classes in subjects such as Maths, Science, English, and Social Studies. They have been serving the local community for over a decade and follow a 5 As pedagogy to help students excel. Services offered include: - Primary, Secondary & IP/IB Maths classes - Science classes - English classes - Social Studies classes

The reviews for the tuition center in Singapore highlight the dedication, passion, and effectiveness of the teachers in improving students grades. Positive aspects include personalized teaching methods and supportive teachers. However, the reviews lack diversity in feedback, focusing solely on the strengths of the teachers without mentioning any weaknesses. More balanced reviews from a wider range of students would provide a more comprehensive overview.

503 Bishan St.11, #01-448, Singapore 570503


8. Newtonlab Tuition Centre

4.8 from 21 Reviews

Newtonlab Tuition Centre in Jurong is dedicated to helping students excel in PSLE and O levels, specializing in Chemistry tuition. The centre, established in 2015, is MOE registered and has helped many students improve their grades. They offer education programs, including tuition fees and strategies, and have experienced teachers. Additionally, Newtonapple Learning Hub, founded in 2005, is a well-established education center offering various educational services. Services offered: - PSLE and O levels tuition - Chemistry tuition - Education programs and strategies - Experienced teachers - Learning assistance - Various educational services from Newtonapple Learning Hub

Mr. Tok, a highly dedicated and responsible tutor at a tuition center in Singapore, is praised for his commitment to students academic success. However, the reviews emphasize the tutors tendency to work long hours and provide feedback even late at night, raising concerns about work-life balance and potential burnout. Overall, Mr. Tok is appreciated for his passion and guidance, but there are concerns about his well-being.

Jurong West Street 73, #B1-127, Singapore 640748


9. IB Chemistry Tuition

4.7 from 51 Reviews

The company offers personalized IB Chemistry tuition from experienced tutors, including Dr. Carl and David A. They provide online and physical classes, cater to various levels such as Higher Level and Standard Level, and cover a range of curriculums including IB, AP, IGCSE, and A-Level. The company also offers counseling services to help students plan their academic course. Services offered: - Personalized IB Chemistry tuition - Online and physical classes - Tutoring for various levels and curriculums - Counseling services for academic planning

Students and parents praised Mr. Prakash for his commitment, patience, and ability to help students excel in IB Chemistry. They appreciated his personalized approach, resources, and dedication to their success. Negative points were not mentioned, indicating overall satisfaction with his tutoring services. Verdict: Mr. Prakash is highly recommended for students seeking to improve their grades and understanding of Chemistry in the IB program.

2 Pandan Valley, B1-204c Acacia Court, Singapore 597626


10. MindFlex Home Tuition Agency

4.8 from 586 Reviews

MindFlex Home Tuition is Singapores top tuition agency, having helped over 5,000 clients find their ideal home tutor. They offer free tutor requests within 6 hours, are well-versed in the MOE syllabus, and have no obligations. They provide high-quality 1-to-1 home tuition services and have received positive reviews for their successful arrangements. Services offered: - Free tutor requests within 6 hours - Well-versed in MOE syllabus - No obligations involved - High-quality 1-to-1 home tuition services

The tution centre in Singapore received positive feedback on tutor professionalism, responsiveness, and student engagement. However, there were concerns about tracking student progress and the need for more personalized communication. Overall, the center is recommended for its efficient services and dedicated tutors, but improvements in tracking progress and communication are necessary to enhance the learning experience.

28 Sin Ming Ln, Singapore 573972

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