Top 10 Best Tuition Centre near mrt Tanah Merah, Singapore for the Year 2024


1. Concept First Physics and Math Learning Centre (Clementi)

5 from 474 Reviews

Concept First is a learning center that specializes in O Level Physics Tuition, O Level A Math Tuition, and H2 Physics Tuition. They also offer Math and Science courses for lower secondary students. Their edge lies in their fully equipped Physics lab. The center aims to impart strong concepts to students for scoring an “A” in physics. With successful alumni as advocates, Concept First focuses on helping students develop thinking skills. Founder Mr. Calvin Kong heads the Curriculum Design and Teaching. Overall, Concept First is a reputable learning center with a strong emphasis on physics and math education. Services offered: - O Level Physics Tuition - O Level A Math Tuition - H2 Physics Tuition - Math and Science courses for lower secondary students

Concept First (CF) tuition center in Singapore offers engaging lessons, comprehensive resources, and supportive teachers who have helped students significantly improve their physics grades. Students appreciate the convenience of online lessons and the practice assignments provided. However, some reviews mention struggling prior to joining CF and a lack of confidence in physics. Despite this, CF is highly recommended for those looking to strengthen their physics concepts.

449 Clementi Ave 3, #01-261, Singapore 120449


2. Best Physics Tuition Centre Pte Ltd

5 from 245 Reviews

Physics Academy is a top Physics tuition organisation in Singapore offering programmes taught by experienced tutors. Services offered by the company include: - O Level, JC, and A Level Physics Tuition - Personalized 1-1 learning programs - Coding and reading programs - Strong foundation in physics principles - Specialization in O Level Physics and H2 Physics

Mr Chees physics tuition receives glowing reviews for his clear and concise teaching style, dedication to students, provision of materials, and exam preparation guidance. Students appreciate his patience, real-world context, and improvement in grades. However, there are no mentions of any weaknesses. Overall, Mr Chees tuition is highly recommended for those seeking to enhance their physics understanding and performance.

170 Upper Bukit Timah Rd, #B1-32, Singapore 588179


3. Miracle Learning Centre - Science Tuition

5 from 197 Reviews

Miracle Learning Centre in Singapore specializes in math and science tuition for primary, secondary, and JC levels. They have expert tutors focusing on subjects such as maths, science, chemistry, and physics, aiming to make learning fun for students. The centre offers classes in lower secondary science covering topics in Chemistry, Physics, and Biology. They also provide tips for excelling in A-Level Physics and have received positive reviews for their teaching quality and student improvement. Services offered include: - Math and science tuition for primary, secondary, and JC levels - Specializing in Science, Chemistry, Physics, and Maths - Rapid learning approach - Lower secondary science classes covering all topics - Tips for excelling in physics

Students praise the tutors at Miracle Learning Centre for their ability to help improve grades, with specific mention of Mrs. Lew and Ms. Lim. Positive feedback includes patient and caring teachers, effective teaching methods, and significant grade improvements. However, there is little mention of any weaknesses, with mainly positive reviews focused on excellent results achieved. Some reviews lack specific details on teaching methods.

144 Upper Bukit Timah Road #03-01, Beauty World Centre, Singapore 588177


4. Group Tuition with Arthur Lee

5 from 138 Reviews

Arthur Lees O Level Tuition Centre offers group tuition taught by top tutor Arthur Lee, a 1st class honours graduate with a track record of improvement. The centre provides classes for Biology, Chemistry, E Math, and A Math with limited vacancies and a maximum class size of 10 students. Arthur Lee also offers tuition at the Jurong East area, catering to students needs. Additionally, the centre offers downloadable resources with key formulae for arithmetic and supports the community by hosting events. Services offered: - Group tuition for O Level subjects - Personalized tuition by top tutor Arthur Lee - Downloadable resources for academic support - Community events and support.

Students praise Mr Lees tuition classes for helping them improve grades in Chemistry and Mathematics, with some achieving significant improvement in a short period. Mr Lee is commended for his clear explanations, worksheets, and willingness to help outside of class. However, reviews lack variety in subject coverage, suggesting potential limitations in teaching other subjects. Overall, Mr Lees tuition receives positive feedback for effective teaching methods and boosting students grades.

Jurong Gateway Rd, #04-257 Blk 131, Singapore 600131

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5. Polymath Learning Centre

5 from 103 Reviews

Polymath Learning Centre offers premium PSLE math and science tuition at unbeatable value, providing full-coloured worksheets, notes, and mind maps. The lessons are brought to life with humor and enthusiasm, creating a lasting impact on students. Services offered include in-person small group tuition at the Balmoral branch, online tuition options, and a focus on science exploration. The instructors have a track record of hard work and resilience, with skills in report writing, research, analysis, and presentation. The center also provides science tips and resources on their Lazada platform.

Polymath tuition in Singapore receives positive reviews for engaging sessions, effective teaching methods, and knowledgeable tutors. Students appreciate the detailed explanations, useful notes, and enjoyable learning experiences. However, some reviews suggest that the program may be too intense or rigorous for some students. Overall, Polymath seems to be a strong choice for those seeking educational support in math and science.

433 Clementi Ave 3, #01-262, Singapore 120433


6. Trinity Learning Centre

5 from 83 Reviews

Trinity Learning Centre in Jurong East, Singapore, offers various programs to help students improve their grades. They focus on a Christ-centered learning environment and aim to equip students to walk closer with God. The Andrew Kean Learning Centre at Leeds Trinity University provides Library and IT services. Trinity Learning Center in Lighthouse Point serves children from 6 years old. The Early Learning Centre offers a rich early learning environment for young children. The TR American Sign Language Learning Center provides ASL courses. Services offered: - Academic improvement programs - Christ-centered learning environment - Library and IT services - Early learning programs - American Sign Language courses

Mr. Lows math tuition receives positive reviews for his patience, clear explanations, and interactive lessons. Students see improvement in their math skills and enjoy attending classes. However, some students struggle with the fast-paced tests. The use of nicknames, like pony, is disliked. Overall, Mr. Lows teaching style is appreciated, but adjustments to testing methods may be beneficial.

Blk 134 Jurong Gateway Rd, #04-309E, Singapore 600134


7. Tim Gan Math Learning Centre - JC H2 Math Tuition In Singapore

5 from 80 Reviews

Tim Gan Math Learning Centre in Singapore offers quality tuition for O Level, IP Level, and JC H2 Math. The center provides the best learning resources, both online and in-person, to help students excel in Mathematics. With a focus on building confidence in JC H2 Math, Mr. Gan, the founder, is known for being a caring and passionate teacher. Services offered include: - O Level Math tuition - IP Level Math tuition - JC H2 Math tuition - Sec Math tuition - Specialized classes taught by Mr. Gan himself - Online Math tutoring - Emphasis on making JC H2 Mathematics easy to understand.

Mr. Gan at TGM Learning Centre in Singapore is highly praised for his patient teaching style, categorized notes, and engaging lessons. The online question bank with video solutions is helpful for independent study. However, some negative aspects mentioned include the overwhelming amount of content, and the regret of not discovering the center sooner. Overall, TGM offers a supportive and effective math tuition experience.

Blk 133 Jurong Gateway Rd, #02-95, Singapore 600133


8. The Sequoia Vision - Your Trusted 'O' Level & H2 Mathematics Tuition Specialist

5 from 72 Reviews

The Sequoia Vision Learning Centre is a math tuition center in Singapore that offers tuition for Primary, O and A Level Math. They prioritize reimagining math and redefining learning. Additionally, they are involved in healthcare interoperability and aim to make health information accessible to improve Americans welfare. They also provide wealth-building services and support ONC and the Sequoia Project in expanding support services. Services offered: - Math tuition for Primary, O and A Level Math - Healthcare interoperability - Wealth-building services - Support services expansion

Students praise the patient guidance, clear explanations, and effective teaching methods of Ms Sonia at the tuition centre. However, some students struggled initially due to lack of effort. TSV is recommended for its transformative impact on academic performance, but students need to put in effort to see improvements. Overall, TSV is commended for helping students achieve desired grades in Math.

170 Upper Bukit Timah Rd, #03-29/72 Shopping Centre, Singapore 588179


9. EduFirst Learning Centre (Jurong East Branch) - English Math Chinese Science Tuition Centre Singapore

4.9 from 61 Reviews

EduFirst Learning Centre in Singapore offers tuition services in English, Math, Chinese, and Science for students from primary to JC levels. They have multiple branches across Singapore and specialize in providing O Level Exam crash courses. Additionally, Boutique Education offers online and home-based tuition services in English, Math, Mandarin, and Science with a focus on international students. Services offered: - Tuition in English, Math, Chinese, Science - O Level Exam crash courses - Online and home-based tuition services

Parents and students praise Edufirst for engaging teaching methods, exceptional tutors like Mr. Asyraf, conducive study environment within a library, and comprehensive notes. However, some mention the group setting and lack of personal attention. Positive reviews highlight dedicated teachers like Teacher Bernard who create a caring and attentive atmosphere. Overall, Edufirst receives high recommendations for its quality education but could improve on personalized attention.

21 Jurong East Central 1, Level 1 Jurong Regional Library, Singapore 609732


10. Indigo tuition Center- math

4.9 from 121 Reviews

Indigo Education Group is a top math specialist tuition centre in Singapore, offering services for secondary school, JC, and IP students. They provide essential skills and knowledge to excel in math, economics, and general paper. They offer one-to-one tutoring, holiday programs, and consulting services. They have merged with Math Academia and offer a range of educational programs to meet students needs. Services offered: - Secondary school math tuition - JC Mathematics tuition - GP tuition - One-to-one tutoring - Holiday programs

Mr Peng, a math teacher at a tuition centre in Singapore, receives praise for his care, comprehensive resources, and ability to make lessons interesting. Students note improvement in grades and enjoyment of the subject. They appreciate his patience, guidance, and engaging teaching style. However, lack of negative points in the reviews makes it difficult to identify weaknesses. Overall, Mr Peng is highly recommended for his effective teaching methods and support.

144 Upper Bukit Timah Rd, #03-02, #03-40/41 Beauty World Centre, Singapore 588177

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