Top 10 Best Tuition Centre near mrt Novena, Singapore for the Year 2024


1. Illum.e GP tuition, English, IP English and Humanities Tuition

5 from 175 Reviews

Illum.e is a sought-after MOE-approved tuition centre in Singapore, offering high-quality English, General Paper, Economics, and Humanities tuition. They provide IP English and Language Arts, Humanities, and GP programmes with proven results. The centre has locations in Jurong East, Novena, BT, and Parkway, with a new branch opening soon in the North East. Students praise the engaging lessons and effective teaching methods. Services offered include: - English and IP Language Arts tuition - Humanities tuition for Primary - General Paper tuition

Illume has received positive reviews for their engaging and structured General Paper curriculum, dedicated teachers, and helpful consultations. Students have seen improvements in grades and find the lessons enjoyable. However, there is a lack of information regarding any potential weaknesses. Overall, Illume is recommended for those seeking tuition in English and General Paper.

134 Jurong Gateway Rd, #01-311, Singapore 600134


2. HAO Chinese Tuition Centre 好学堂 (HQ)

5 from 104 Reviews

HAO Chinese Tuition Centre in Toa Payoh, Singapore, is a MOE-registered Chinese tuition center specializing in providing excellent Chinese enrichment programs for children aged -16 years old. Their innovative teaching strategies aim to cultivate confidence in students and develop their Chinese language proficiency. Services offered include: - Chinese tuition for children aged -16 years old - Pre-Pri-Sec enrichment programs - Tuition in English, Chinese, Mathematics, and Science for primary school students - Secondary school level tuition in Mathematics and Science

Positive reviews for HAO Chinese tuition center highlight small class sizes, good curriculum, patient teachers, and noticeable improvements in Chinese skills. However, some negative aspects include lack of reviews for specific teachers and classes, which may impact decision-making for prospective clients. Despite positive feedback, potential clients may wish for more detailed information before enrolling their children.

501 Balestier Rd, #02-01 Wai Wing Centre, Singapore 329844


3. Habitat Learning Centre

5 from 43 Reviews

Habitat Learning Centre, located in Novena, Singapore, offers Secondary and JC tuition. Established in 2002 by the India Habitat Centre, the centre focuses on providing IT education to underprivileged children. They also provide early childhood education at Habitat Early Learning, emphasizing holistic development. Services offered include: - Secondary & Junior College tuition in Chemistry, Physics, Math & Econs - Montessori early education at Habitat Early Learning in Peregian Springs - Biodiversity education on local ecosystems - Extracurricular programs such as Performing Arts and Mandarin language and culture.

Habitat Learning Centre in Singapore receives positive reviews for effective teaching methods and supportive teachers. Students see significant improvements in their academic performance, with many achieving high grades in challenging subjects. However, some reviews mention difficulties before attending the tuition center, suggesting a lack of confidence and interest. Overall, Habitat Learning Centres personalized approach and dedicated teachers help students succeed academically.

1 Goldhill Plaza, #02-27, Singapore 308899


4. Illum.e GP tuition, English, IP English and Humanities Tuition

5 from 30 Reviews

Illum.e is a highly sought-after English, General Paper, Economics, and Humanities tuition centre in Singapore with locations in Jurong East, Novena, BT, and Parkway. They offer MOE-approved programmes for IP English and Language Arts, Humanities, and GP. Students praise their engaging lessons and results-proven teaching methods. Illum.e is known for high-quality tuition in English, Humanities, and GP subjects, with a new branch opening soon in the North East. They provide tuition for Primary and Junior College levels, focusing on improving skills and achieving academic success. Services offered: - English tuition - General Paper tuition - Economics tuition - Humanities tuition - IP English and Language Arts programmes

Illume received positive reviews for their comprehensive lesson plans, engaging teaching style, and helpful materials. Students noted improvement in their grades and confidence in English. However, there were no mentions of any weaknesses. The incorporation of technology and personalized guidance were highlighted as strengths. Overall, Illume seems to be an effective and supportive tuition centre for English and humanities subjects in Singapore.

Novena Square 2, Sinaran Dr, #04-52/54 10, Singapore 307506

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5. Concept Math Novena

4.9 from 67 Reviews

Concept Math Novena is a Singapore Primary School Maths Specialist Centre that focuses on using the Conceptual Model Approach to solve word problem sums. The center offers well-structured lessons with practices and illustrations, recommended by previous students. Teachers at Concept Math are dedicated to helping students understand mathematical concepts efficiently. Services offered include in-person workshops, class transfers, and waitlist options for full sessions. Key services provided by Concept Math Novena are: - Well-structured lessons - Focus on Conceptual Model Approach - In-person workshops - Class transfers - Waitlist for full sessions

Concept Math in Novena is highly recommended for its helpful staff, strong foundation in math concepts, and parent debrief sessions. However, some reviewers expressed concerns about the professionalism of the staff, particularly in relation to administering mock exams. The overall consensus is positive, with parents noting significant improvements in their childrens math results.

1 Goldhill Plaza, #03-01, Singapore 308899


6. Orion Tuition Centre

4.9 from 70 Reviews

Orion Tuition Centre in Singapore specializes in A Level, IP, and O Level tuition with locations in Toa Payoh and Yishun. They offer personalized tutoring services and emphasize the importance of the learning journey. The centre is led by Dr. William Toh and offers math tutoring to help improve study habits. Their heartfelt impressions learning centers offer educational programs for young children. Services offered include: - A Level, IP, and O Level tuition - Personalized tutoring - Math tutoring - Educational programs for young children.

Orion Tuition Centre in Singapore receives positive reviews for dedicated teachers improving grades significantly in subjects such as Math and Chemistry. Some mentions of distance learning options. Critics point out the lack of emphasis on other subjects. Overall, Orion Tuition Centre is recommended for targeted academic support and exam success, but may not cater to a wide range of subjects.

190 Lor 6 Toa Payoh, #04-508, Singapore 310190


7. Brain Matter Tuition @ Bishan

4.9 from 81 Reviews

Brain Matter is a well-established tuition centre in Bishan offering classes in Maths, Science, English, and Social Studies for Primary, Secondary, and IP/IB levels. They follow a unique 5 As pedagogy to help students succeed academically. The centre has been serving the local community for over a decade and is known for its quality education. Services offered include: - Tuition programs in English, Math, Science, and Social Studies - Small group IP Math tuition - Upper Secondary Physics tuition - Membership benefits at Friends Of Firstpointe

Positive reviews highlight exceptional English and math teachers who are patient, dedicated, and effective at improving grades. They provide personalized support, encouragement, and real-world examples. Negative aspects include lack of details on holistic development and some inconsistency in scheduling. Overall, Brain Matter is praised for its competent teachers and supportive learning environment.

503 Bishan St.11, #01-448, Singapore 570503


8. Miss Loi's Temple (Jφss Sticks Tuition Centre)

4.9 from 95 Reviews

Miss Lois Temple, also known as Jφss Sticks Tuition Centre, located in Novena, Singapore, offers tuition services specializing in O-Level Maths for secondary and JC students. Led by Miss Loi, the center focuses on saving students grades through challenging exam questions. The services offered include: - Small group tuition - O-Level Maths tuition - A-Level Maths tuition - Secondary Maths tuition - Primary Maths tuition

Positive reviews commend Ms Lois effective teaching methods, resulting in improved grades and understanding of mathematics. However, there are concerns about class sizes and potentially limited one-on-one attention. While the tuition center is recommended for achieving A grades, improvements in individualized support and addressing class sizes may enhance the overall experience for students.

157A Thomson Rd, Goldhill Shopping Centre, Singapore 307610


9. Bright Culture - Trusted O & A Level JC/H2 Chemistry Tuition Centre in Singapore

4.9 from 197 Reviews

Bright Culture is a trusted tuition center in Singapore specializing in O and A Level JC/H2 Chemistry. Founded in 2014, they have helped over 862 students from 60 schools improve their grades. Their services include: - Providing integrated solutions to meet clients unique needs - Helping students jump multiple grades quickly - Achieving scores of A1-B in exams - Empowering a bright future through education and support With a track record of success and testimonials from parents, Bright Culture is a reliable choice for academic improvement in Chemistry.

Bright Culture tuition center in Singapore receives positive reviews for engaging teachers, detailed explanations, and practical sessions. Students appreciate the conducive learning environment and improved understanding of chemistry concepts. However, some mention a lack of transparency in pricing and possible overcrowding in classes. Overall, the center is recommended for its effective revision and preparation for exams, with some areas that could be improved.

183B Thomson Rd, Goldhill Centre, Singapore 307628


10. Lil' but Mighty

4.8 from 87 Reviews

Lil but Mighty is a boutique learning centre specializing in English education for Primary and Secondary school children. They provide trustworthy PSLE English tuition with easy-to-apply strategies. The company offers services such as student portal access, online courses, workshops, and unique teaching strategies. Services offered: - English education for Primary and Secondary school children - Student portal access - Online courses - Workshops - Unique teaching strategies

Parents and students praise LBM tuition center in Singapore for its interesting lessons, small class sizes, comprehensive curriculum, clear explanations, and fun teaching methods. Students build confidence and improve writing skills. Some negative points could include lack of diversity in teaching methods and potential for limited individual attention due to small class sizes. Overall, positive feedback and high satisfaction from students and parents.

1 Goldhill Plaza, #02-25, Singapore 308899

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