Top 10 Best Tuition Centre near mrt Tuas West Road, Singapore for the Year 2024


1. Miracle Learning Centre - Science Tuition

5 from 197 Reviews

Miracle Learning Centre offers expert tuition in math, science, chemistry, and physics for primary, secondary, and JC levels in Singapore. They focus on rapid learning, making classes innovative and enjoyable. The tutors are ex MOE trained school teachers, ensuring high-quality education. Services offered include: - Specialized science and math tuition - Lower secondary science classes covering Chemistry, Physics, and Biology - A-Level Physics tuition - Experienced tutors with a strong background in science and math.

Miracle Learning Centre receives positive reviews for improving students grades in Chemistry and Math. The teachers are praised for their clear explanations and caring attitude. Students have shown significant improvements in their grades, with some achieving A1s in O-levels. However, the centre may lack detailed feedback on areas of improvement or personalized teaching methods based on individual student needs.

144 Upper Bukit Timah Road #03-01, Beauty World Centre, Singapore 588177


2. The Chemistry Practice @ Bugis

5 from 61 Reviews

The Chemistry Practice in Singapore offers specialized tuition for H2 Chemistry and O Level Chemistry. They provide practice questions for organic chemistry exams and aim to help students excel in A Level and O Level Chemistry. The company also offers resources for practicing organic chemistry problems and an introduction to modern experimental chemistry techniques. Services offered: - H2 Chemistry tuition - O Level Chemistry tuition - Organic Chemistry practice questions - Resources for organic chemistry problems - Introduction to modern experimental chemistry techniques

Mr Kelvin at The Chemistry Practice in Singapore receives praise for clear explanations, exam tips, and availability for consultation. Students note improvements in understanding and exam performance. However, some reviewers mention affordability as an issue. Overall, Mr Kelvin is recommended for A Level chemistry tutoring due to his effectiveness in teaching and support provided.

420 North Bridge Road 05-09 North Bridge Centre, Singapore 188727


3. Our Learning Loft

5 from 38 Reviews

Our Learning Loft is a top tuition center in Singapore that offers PSLE & O level tuition programs. They provide a carefully curated curriculum for Primary PSLE, O level, and Integrated Programs. The center aims to create a supportive and caring environment for children ages -5. They also offer educational products for pronunciation, reading comprehension, speech therapy, and reading fluency. Services offered: - PSLE & O level tuition programs - Curriculum for Primary PSLE, O level, and Integrated Programs - Supportive and caring environment for children ages -5 - Educational products for pronunciation, reading comprehension, speech therapy, and reading fluency

The text consists of positive reviews for teachers at a tuition center in Singapore, praising their dedication, knowledge, and ability to support students in their learning. Teacher Julian and Teacher Valerie helped a student improve in physics while Teacher Joy is praised for making math engaging and accessible. However, no negative points are highlighted in the reviews, overall recommending the tuition center for its exceptional teaching and mentorship.

613A Bukit Timah Rd, Singapore 269715


4. Learners' Lodge@Bishan JC Physics Tuition

4.9 from 157 Reviews

Learners Lodge offers tuition services for JC students in various subjects including Physics, GP, Economics, Chemistry, and Biology. They have multiple locations in Bishan and provide specialized A-level tuition programs. The company is known for its popular tutors and expertise in helping students with their academic needs. Services offered: - Physics, GP, Economics, Chemistry, and Biology tuition for JC students - A-level tuition programs - Expert tutors in various subjects - Multiple locations in Bishan

Positive reviews highlight dedicated teachers, clear explanations, and significant improvement in grades. However, one review mentioned last-minute tuition and high fees as a potential concern. The centers friendly staff and comfortable environment were also praised. Overall, while the teaching quality is commendable, potential drawbacks include the high cost of tuition and possible reliance on last-minute cramming.

236 Bishan Street 22, #B1-154, Singapore 570236

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5. Mavis Tutorial @ Jurong Point

5 from 13 Reviews

Mavis Tutorial Centre in Singapore offers personalized learning plans for students in pre-primary, primary, secondary, and JC levels. They provide a supportive environment for academic excellence and have branches in Jurong Point and Jurong East. Services offered include: - Tuition programmes for compulsory subjects - Personalized learning plans - Supportive environment for academic success - Established in 1986 - Multiple branches in Singapore Overall, Mavis Tutorial Centre aims to help students excel in academics through tailored learning plans and supportive teaching methods.

Parents praise Mavis@Jurong Point for engaging teachers, early learning start, friendly staff, and improved results. However, there are complaints about its location and improvements needed in certain areas. Despite some flaws, the tuition center receives positive feedback overall.

1 Jurong West Central 2, #02-14/15, Singapore 648886


6. Tutor Suzanne Math & Science Academy

4.9 from 125 Reviews

The company offers a trusted Math and Science tuition program since 201, led by experienced tutor Suzanne. Services include primary and secondary school tuition in Jurong West, curriculum design, teacher development, student discourse, online tutoring, and lifelong learning in Math and Science. Suzanne has over 25 years of teaching experience and expertise in various educational fields. Services: - Primary and secondary school Math & Science tuition - Curriculum design - Teacher professional development - Online tutoring - Lifelong learning in Math and Science

Tutor Suzanne receives praise for effective teaching methods in Math and Science, resulting in significant improvements and high grades for students. Online classes are commended for smooth delivery and quality materials. However, there is no mention of weaknesses or negative points. Overall, Tutor Suzannes lessons are recommended for their engaging, clear explanations, and success in achieving top grades.

503 Jurong West Ave 1, #02-853, Singapore 640503


7. Happy Tutors Learning Centre - Proven Results Since 2013

4.9 from 91 Reviews

Happy Tutors Learning Centre in Singapore has been providing small group tuition classes since 201 with proven results. The venue is clean and conducive for learning, and teachers are patient and well-qualified. The classrooms are well-furnished, with appealing decor and layout. The company has received a rating of 4.9 based on 91 reviews and has 570 likes on Facebook. Services offered: - Small group tuition classes - Well-qualified and patient teachers - Clean and conducive learning environment - Well-furnished classrooms - Proven results since 201

Happy Tutors in Jurong West receives praise for kind, attentive tutors who customize lessons to improve student results. Positive feedback highlights caring teachers, small class sizes, and effective teaching methods. However, the reviews lack specific details on teaching approaches and overall impact. Despite the positive feedback, more detailed reviews on teaching quality and learning outcomes would provide a clearer assessment of their services.

519 Jurong West Street 52, Singapore 640519


8. SLC English & Chinese - Bishan Tuition Centre

4.9 from 46 Reviews

SLC is a leading provider of online medical English and healthcare exam preparation resources and training. Located in Salt Lake City, they offer services such as English proficiency training and language programs. Services offered include: - Online medical English resources - Healthcare-specific exam preparation - Language training - English proficiency support

SLC tuition center in Singapore receives positive reviews for personalized learning, friendly tutors, and improved Chinese language skills. Parents and students appreciate the tailored approach and noticeable progress. Some negative aspects include the possibility of tutors moving too quickly. Overall, SLC is recommended for those seeking specialized Chinese tuition.

38 Jalan Pemimpin #03-07 M38, outside Marymount MRT Exit B, Singapore 577178


9. Smart Link Tuition Centre

4.4 from 21 Reviews

The Smart Link Tuition Centre is a passionate undergraduate in Pharmaceutical Science seeking to revolutionize healthcare through innovative advancements. Services offered include private tuition in Maths, English, and Science, small group and 1:1 sessions, and online sessions from KS1 to A-Level. Smart Tutor is available for quick and safe device diagnostics, while the SMART Scholarship Program provides STEM students with full tuition, annual stipends, and employment opportunities with the Department of Defense. The company is registered as a Partnership with an address in Singapore.

Smart link tuition centre in Singapore receives positive reviews for dedicated teachers, improved results, and reasonable fees. Parents praise specific teachers for helping their children excel in subjects like Math and Science. However, the lack of diversity in subjects covered by teachers could be a potential weakness. Overall, Smart link is recommended for its effective teaching methods and positive impact on students academic performance.

Blk 501 Jurong West Street 51, #02-263, Singapore 640501


10. MindFlex Home Tuition Agency

4.8 from 588 Reviews

MindFlex Home Tuition is Singapores 1 tuition agency, trusted by 5,000+ parents. They offer free tutor requests within 6 hours, with tutors well-versed in the MOE syllabus. The agency is known for being easy to use, with no obligations and no agency fees. Services offered include: - Effective home tuition for all subjects - Free trial available - Trusted tutors and tuition agency - Protection for tutors - Over 10,000 successful home tuition arrangements - Variety of tutors available for different subjects and levels

Positive reviews highlight the agencys promptness, efficiency, and quality tutors. Parents praise tutors teaching methods and commitment. There is a desire for more personalized updates on students progress. Agency is commended for quick responses and efficient matching of tutors. No negative points are emphasized in the reviews. Overall, the agency receives positive feedback for its services and tutors.

28 Sin Ming Ln, Singapore 573972

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