Top 10 Best Tuition Centre near mrt Tampines, Singapore for the Year 2024


1. InstanTuition EduHub - Tampines West, Singapore

5 from 113 Reviews

InstanTuition EduHub in Singapore offers PSLE and secondary tuition with small class sizes and a focus on instant improvement. They specialize in subjects like Science and Principles of Accounts (POA), with a branch located in Tampines West. Additionally, the company offers fun learning experiences for students to develop their interests. Their services include: - PSLE & Secondary tuition - Small class sizes - Focus on instant improvement - Specialization in Science and Principles of Accounts

The tuition centre in Singapore receives positive feedback for helping students improve in subjects like POA and Math, with noted strengths in patient and engaging teachers. However, there are no specific negative points mentioned in the reviews, indicating an overall positive experience for students and parents.

801 Tampines Ave 4, #02-267, Singapore 520801


2. MaxEdge Learning Centre

5 from 102 Reviews

MaxEdge Learning Centre in Tampines specializes in Math Tuition, offering A Maths, E Maths, and A-Level JC H2 classes for Secondary & JC levels. They have experienced tutors and a focus on math education. Additionally, they provide property listings for buying or selling homes. Services offered include: - A Maths Tuition - E Maths Tuition - A-Level JC H2 classes - Property listings for buying or selling homes

Mr. Gary is praised for his patience, comprehensive teaching style, and ability to help students improve in math. He is highly recommended for A-math and O-level math preparation, with many students achieving better grades under his guidance. Negative points or weaknesses are not mentioned in the reviews, making Mr. Gary appear as a highly effective and supportive math tutor.

828 Tampines Street 81, #2nd Level 01-240, Singapore 520828


3. Spring Tuition Centre

5 from 99 Reviews

Spring Tuition Centre in Singapore offers tuition for Primary and Secondary levels. They provide in-person lab field trips and online classes via Zoom. The team consists of current/ex-school teachers who aim to instill a passion for learning in students. They are located at Blk 824 Tampines St 81 01-18. The company was founded in 1917 and focuses on academics and student self-improvement. The tuition fees for nonresidents will increase for Fall 2024. Other programs offered include Education Unit at Manatee Memorial Hospital, Gator Engineering, and Weekend College. Tuition payment for Spring 2024 is due by January 5, 2024. Services offered: - Primary and Secondary level tuition - In-person lab field trips - Online classes via Zoom - Academic programs - Education programs at various institutions.

Spring Tuition received positive reviews praising Mr. Tok for his dedication and ability to help students improve in Maths. However, some reviews mentioned struggles with difficult topics initially and highlighted the need for clarification. Despite this, Mr. Tok was commended for helping students achieve high grades in exams. Mixed reviews suggest potential challenges for students who initially find topics challenging.

824 Tampines Street 81, Singapore 520824


4. The Collective Knowledge Tuition Centre @ Tampines

5 from 13 Reviews

The Collective Knowledge is a trusted tuition center in Tampines, Singapore, offering customized lessons and impacting lives positively. Their team of passionate tutors aim to provide excellence and effective teaching for students in various locations. Services offered include: - Customized lessons - Impactful teaching methods - Science animation series for kids - Top classes for all subjects - Creative activities for vocabulary retention

Students praise The Collective Knowledge for improving their grades and understanding in math and science subjects. Teachers like Ms. Nad and Ms. Dawn are highlighted for their support and engaging teaching methods. However, some reviewers note consistently low grades even after joining the center. Overall, positive outcomes are reported, but potential challenges in improvement are flagged.

822 Tampines Street 81, #01-190, Singapore 520822

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5. IQ & EQ Education Tampines Mart

4.9 from 31 Reviews

The company offers a range of services including financial intelligence through IQ Credit Union, innovative checking accounts, educational programs like CashCamp, and precision cutting tools like iQ Power Saws. They also provide social media marketing analytics, bow technology for improved accuracy in archery, and eco-friendly flooring options. Their products and services are designed to enhance performance and sustainability. Services offered: - Financial intelligence through IQ Credit Union - Intelligent checking accounts - Educational programs like CashCamp - Precision cutting tools like iQ Power Saws - Social media marketing analytics - Bow technology for improved accuracy - Eco-friendly flooring options

Positive reviews highlight significant academic improvements and supportive teachers at IQ and EQ Education. However, some reviews mention last-minute enrolment for important exams, indicating lack of long-term planning. It is advisable to enroll earlier for better results. Overall, the center receives praise for its teachers and teaching methods, despite the rushed nature of some enrollments.

5 Tampines Street 32, #02-09/10/11, Singapore 529287


6. Tutelage Learning Centre (Tampines)

4.9 from 34 Reviews

Tutelage Learning Centre in Tampines & East Coast, Singapore, offers tuition services to help students prepare for exams and enhance their education. They focus on maximizing students potential to learn and excel. Services offered include: - Tutoring for various subjects - Assistance with Chinese characters - Higher education preparation - Location: 828 Tampines Street 81, Singapore 520828.

Tutelage, a tuition center in Singapore, received positive reviews for improving students grades, providing a conducive learning environment, and having dedicated teachers. However, there were mentions of some teachers being taken by other students, difficulty catering to students in the NA course, and a lack of personal connection with some teachers. Overall, while the center has its strengths, there are areas that need improvement.

Tampines Street 81, #01-228 Block 828, Singapore 520828


7. ISucceed Education Centre

4.9 from 54 Reviews

iSucceed Education Centre, co-founded by Mr. Kong, offers Primary & Sec/JC Maths & Science tuition at its Tampines location. The center is known for its outstanding teaching methodologies and high success rates. It is a preferred choice for students seeking academic support. Services offered include: - Primary & Sec/JC Maths & Science tuition - Empathetic and patient teaching approach - Virtual career center for students - Experienced staff with industry knowledge.

Customers praise iSucceed Education Centre for dedicated teachers like Ms. Sabrina and Mrs. Kong, personalized attention, improved grades, support beyond classroom hours, and fun, interactive lessons. However, some noted that lessons are costly, and there may be inconsistencies in tutoring time. Despite the high cost and minor issues, overall, positive reviews showcase iSucceed as a beneficial and supportive learning environment.

825 Tampines Street 81, Singapore 520825


8. AGrader Learning Centre - Tampines

4.9 from 96 Reviews

AGRADER LEARNING CENTRE is a highly recommended tuition and enrichment center in Singapore with 19 locations islandwide. They offer programs in English and Math, providing high-quality education to students. The academy is known for uninterrupted education, and the newest outlet is located at AGrader Tampines Central. Services offered include: - English and Math programs - Tuition and enrichment services - Convenient locations islandwide - Widely recognized for quality education

Positive reviews for AGrader praise supportive teachers, engaging lessons, and effective learning materials. Students show improvement and enjoyment in classes. Negative points are lacking, with only positive feedback present. Overall, AGrader seems to be a highly recommended tuition center in Singapore.

139 Tampines St. 11, #01-76, Singapore 521139


9. Edufirst Learning Centre (Tampines) – Math & Chinese Tuition

4.8 from 72 Reviews

EduFirst Learning Centre in Tampines offers classes for Pre-primary, Primary, and Secondary levels. They have been voted a top tuition centre in Singapore and provide classes in Math, English, Chinese, and Science. They offer online teaching opportunities and have received awards for Best Enrichment & Learning Schools. Their curriculum is customized and specialized to meet the needs of each student. Services offered: - Math, English, Chinese, Science classes - Online teaching opportunities - Customized and specialized Math curriculum

Parents praise EduFirst Learning Centre for improving their childrens grades through patient teachers, challenging worksheets, and a supportive environment. However, there are mentions of overwhelmed work flow and some concerns about the pace of learning. Despite these issues, the majority of parents appreciate the teaching approach and the positive impact on their childrens education.

3, Tampines Central 1, 1, #02-01 Tampines Plaza, Singapore 529540


10. The Edu Experience

4.7 from 27 Reviews

The Edu Experience in Singapore offers English, Mathematics, and Science tuition programs for primary school students (P1-P6) that are learner-centric. They aim to help every child achieve academic excellence by learning at their own pace. Additionally, they emphasize dynamic learning and multiple approaches to understanding. Services offered: - English, Mathematics, and Science tuition programs - Learner-centric teaching approach - Emphasis on academic excellence via personalized learning - Dynamic learning strategies to enhance understanding.

Parents have praised The Edu Experience (TEE) for its dedicated teachers, supportive atmosphere, flexible schedules, and positive impact on students motivation and academic performance. However, some reviewers noted that the environment may be overly competitive, and friendships are influenced by academic success. Despite this, many recommend TEE for its holistic approach to education.

3 Tampines Central 1 07-02, #1 Tampines Plaza, Singapore 529540

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