Top 10 Best Tuition Centre near mrt Punggol, Singapore for the Year 2024


1. Genius Farm Learners' Hub (P3 to P6 Small Group Tuition)

4.9 from 102 Reviews

Genius Farm is a MOE-registered tuition centre in Punggol, offering small-group lessons for English, Mathematics, Science, and PSLE preparation. They provide online booster courses and have qualified full-time tutors. Services offered include: - English and Math tuition - Science lessons - PSLE-focused classes - Online booster courses - Small-group tuition for P to P6 students.

Genius Farm tuition center in Singapore receives positive reviews for its small group settings, personalized attention, helpful teachers, and efficient customer service. However, some reviews mention a few negatives like unclear administrative matters and limited trial classes. Overall, the center is praised for its friendly staff, approachable teachers, and quality of education.

665A Punggol Dr., #01-03 Waterway Woodcress, Singapore 821665


2. Mrs Loh Learning Place

5 from 37 Reviews

Mrs Loh Learning Place is an educational institution founded by Mrs Loh Peiwen, a former accountant turned educator. They offer tuition services in Math and Science, as well as English lessons. Mrs Loh is known for her personalized coaching and has received praise for her teaching style. The company focuses on academic learning, assessment for learning, and post-secondary education and career guidance. Services offered: - Math and Science tuition - English lessons - Academic learning - Assessment for Learning (AfL) - Post-secondary education and career guidance

The reviews for Mrs Lohs tuition services are overwhelmingly positive, highlighting her patience, dedication, and ability to improve students grades. However, the main weakness mentioned is her fast pacing, which can be challenging for some students. Overall, Mrs Loh is highly recommended for her personalized approach and commitment to her students success.

308A Punggol Walk, #06-424, Singapore 821308


3. EduFirst Learning Centre (Punggol) - English Math Chinese Science Tuition Centre Singapore

4.6 from 61 Reviews

EduFirst Learning Centre in Singapore is a reputable tuition center offering award-winning classes in English, Math, Chinese, and Science for primary and secondary students. They provide online teaching opportunities and have multiple locations across the island. Services offered by EduFirst Learning Centre include: - English - Math - Chinese - Science - Creative Writing - Phonics and Reading - Student care services.

Parents praise Edufirst Pg for its helpful and caring teachers in tuition and student care. Students show improvement in grades and understanding of subjects due to experienced teachers. However, some may find the resources lackluster. Overall, the center is recommended for its nurturing environment and effective teaching methods.

9 Sentul Cres, #04-07 SAFRA, Punggol 828654


4. Punggol Tutor Education Centre

5 from 20 Reviews

Punggol Tutor is a leading tuition centre in Punggol founded by Mr. Khalid, offering quality enrichment classes and personalized instructional materials. The center provides Science tuition, small group classes, and dynamic teaching methods. Services offered include: - Science Mind Maps - Home-based tuition - Academic learning forums - Personalized instructional materials - Small group tuition - English, Math, and Science tuition for primary and secondary levels

Punggol Tutor receives praise for significant improvements in students grades in various subjects under Mr Khalids guidance. Positive comments include engaging lessons and helpful strategies. However, some negative points are lack of variety in teaching methods and issues with scheduling. Overall, Punggol Tutor is recommended for parents seeking academic improvement for their children in Punggol and Sengkang.

11 Northshore Dr, Unit: 01-S1 Marina Country Club, Singapore 828670

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5. EduKate Punggol Tutors English Mathematics and Science Small Group Tuition

4.5 from 24 Reviews

EduKate Punggol Tutors offer small group tuition for Primary and Secondary English, Math, and Science, following MOE and SEAB curriculum. The experienced tutors inspire confidence and foster academic growth for students preparing for exams like PSLE, IP, IB, GCE, IGCSE, and SAP. The company has been providing quality education since 2001, with a focus on individualized attention and academic excellence. Services offered include: - English, Math, and Science tuition - Small group classes - Experienced tutors - Exam preparation for various levels

The tuition centre is praised for experienced tutors, effective teaching methods, and significant academic improvements. However, there are complaints about excessive revisiting of topics close to exams and lack of focus on achieving the highest marks. Overall, the tutors are recommended for their dedication and impact on students learning and confidence.

83 Punggol Central, Singapore 828761


6. Sengkang Tuition Centre Primary Secondary English Math Science Small Groups Tutor

5 from 4 Reviews

The Punggol Tuition Centre offers small group tutoring for Primary and Secondary students in English, Math, and Science. They have experienced tutors familiar with MOE PSLE Syllabus and offer classes at various locations in Singapore. Services offered include: - English, Math, and Science tuition for Primary and Secondary levels - Coaching by NIE-Trained Maths specialists - Small group tutoring for -6 students - Free books and materials provided - Dynamic and engaging teaching approach.

No User's review found.

83 Punggol Central, Singapore 828761


7. Punggol A* Tuition

5 from 1 Reviews

The company offers experienced and responsible tutors for small group home tuition in North East Singapore, specifically in Sengkang. They provide tuition for PSLE and Olevel subjects such as English, Math, and Science. The company also offers comprehensive tuition classes from Primary to Junior College levels at multiple branches. Services offered include: - Tuition for Primary and Secondary levels - Small group tuition - Effective teaching methods - Free books and materials - Proven track record in improving student performance.

No User's review found.

Blk 623A Punggol Central, Singapore 821623

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