See how Able Carry grew their email list during COVID Zero lock downs in China

See how Able Carry grew their email list during COVID Zero lock downs in China
Jing Liu

Jing Liu

May 17 2023


Stock outs can be out of a seller's control, but using Back in Stock tactics can help e-comm stores take advantage of the situation to grow their email list and boost sales. Install Konigle and enable the tool!

Stock outs is something e-commerce sellers should prevent. But sometimes stock outs are out of your control. Let’s take the example of Able Carry, they are a Hong Kong brand that sells backpacks. The COVID Zero lock downs in China completely wrecked havoc on their supply chain and led to their Shopify store having most products out of stock most of the time.

To make most of a bad situation, Able Carry used the Back in Stock tactic to at least grow their email list while they couldn’t sell product. Looking at an example, the Thirteen Daybag in red color is out of stock. Able Carry uses back-in-stock alerts with a "Notify me when available” button so that interested customers will know that this product will return and that they can opt in to be notified via Email when the bag is back in stock. This is a good way to boost sales, provide positive customers experience and grow your subscription list.

Don't let stock outs stop you from seizing the opportunity to grow your store:

  1. Install Konigle on your Shopify store.
  2. In your Konigle dashboard go to improve conversions strategy, implement ‘Send back in stock alerts’ tactic.
  3. Enable the tool and customise how the button would look like on your store i.e. "notify me”