Top 10 SEO Agencies in Essen, Germany for the Year 2024


1. OSA Online Service Agentur GmbH

5 from 41 Reviews

OSA Online Service Agency GmbH from Essen offers online marketing concepts for startups, individual companies, and medium-sized companies. They specialize in website creation, landing pages, and online marketing strategies. Their services include web design, customer service, and individualization. They are not involved in consumer dispute resolution. Contact them for online marketing solutions and website development. Services offered: - Website creation - Landing pages - Online marketing strategies - Customer service - Individualization

The reviews for OSA Online Service Agency GmbH highlight the professionalism, quick implementation, and excellent support provided by the company. Customers appreciate the absence of fixed contracts and the clear explanations given by the staff. However, some reviews mention the need for more thorough communication and a focus on data protection. Overall, the agency is recommended for its services and expertise.

Maxstraße 75, 45127 Essen, Germany


2. Pott-seo - Agentur für Suchmaschinenoptimierung

5 from 32 Reviews

The company is an online marketing agency specializing in SEO and web design services. They offer tailored strategies to increase website traffic and revenue. Services offered include: - SEO (Search Engine Optimization) - Website optimization - Online marketing strategies Overall, the company aims to enhance online presence and drive business growth through their expertise in digital marketing.

Positive reviews highlight POTT-SEOs expertise in SEO, web design, and Google Ads, with satisfied customers praising results and communication. However, a lack of negative feedback makes it difficult to assess the full scope of the agencys performance. Overall, POTT-SEO is noted for being a reliable and effective choice for online marketing needs.

Breukelmannhof 70, 45359 Essen, Germany

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3. DigitalWebArtist Webdesign & Marketing Agentur

5 from 22 Reviews

The company, Digital Web Artist, specializes in digital art, web design, multimedia, and animation services. They offer marketing and branding, content strategy, and creating sales-driven digital presence for businesses. The companys online portfolio showcases over 87,000 digital art designs. They also provide expertise in digital design principles, web design layout, and web animations. Maintenance work is currently ongoing on their website, but visitors can access updates on their page For more information, users can contact them at Services offered: - Digital art - Web design - Multimedia - Animation - Marketing and branding - Content strategy - Sales-driven digital presence - Digital design principles - Web animations.

Positive reviews emphasize the effectiveness, fair pricing, and modern design of a web development company in Essen. Clients are impressed by the communication, results, and profitability of the websites created. No negative aspects are highlighted, leading to a positive overall verdict for the company.

Rüttenscheider Str. 319, 45131 Essen, Germany


4. Ruhrpott Digital

5 from 17 Reviews

Ruhrpott Digital is an online marketing agency based in the Ruhrgebiet area, offering services such as website design, local SEO, and social media management. The agency is comprised of a small but well-organized team of digital professionals in Essen. They specialize in online marketing and have a strong understanding of their clients needs. Services offered include: - Website design - Local SEO - Social media management

Ruhrpott Digital, led by Mr. Alfred, receives positive feedback for personalized service, prompt website updates, and effective marketing strategies. Clients appreciate the professionalism and expertise in website development, SEO integration, and social media management. While the reviews mostly emphasize satisfaction, a more balanced view could improve credibility. Overall, the company is recommended for their services, with room for improvement in feedback collection and presentation.

Adolf-Schmidt-Straße 2, 45147 Essen, Germany

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5. SEO Arts - Suchmaschinenoptimierung und SEO Beratung

5 from 9 Reviews

The company specializes in professional search engine optimization (SEO) services, offering expertise in SEO consultation, content marketing, and web design. They aim to drive increased revenue and customer engagement through optimizing websites for improved search engine visibility. Services offered include: - SEO consultation - Content marketing - Web design

Positive reviews highlight the creativity, professionalism, and expertise of SEO ARTS, praising their excellent work, open communication, and fast delivery. Clients commend the owner Tanita for her detailed advice and precision in project implementation. No negative feedback is mentioned, and overall, the company is highly recommended for future projects.

Am Gemeindebusch 25, 45277 Essen, Germany


6. JustDenis - SEO- & Online Marketing Berater

5 from 6 Reviews

JustDenis is an Online Marketing Freelancer agency based in Essen, specializing in SEO, SEA, and content services. The agency, founded in 2016, offers tailored SEO consultations to improve Google rankings. The founder, Denis Treter, has expertise in SEO and Google Ads, focusing on optimizing online shops. Services offered include SEO, SEA, and content marketing. Contact them at Services offered: - SEO - SEA - Content marketing

The reviews for the web development company praise Mr. Treter for his excellent SEO and online marketing advice, clarifying explanations, and practical solutions. However, there is a lack of diversity in the reviews, with all focusing on Mr. Treter. It is recommended that the company showcases a wider range of expertise and customer experiences to establish credibility and trust with potential clients.

Wordstraße 32, 45143 Essen, Germany


7. Falk Stockhorst SEO Freelancer

5 from 6 Reviews

Falk Stockhorst is a SEO Freelancer & Consultant offering individual, success-oriented, and transparent services. The company provides services in Facebook Marketing, Amazon Marketing Services, Freelance Copywriting, Digital Marketing Management (SEO, GoogleAds, Social Media). They have a platform for hiring freelance experts in SEO.

Customers praised Falk Stockhorst for his expertise, personalized approach, and effectiveness in SEO strategy and optimization. However, some reviews mention the lack of standardized work and potential difficulties. Overall, Falk Stockhorst is recommended for his professional and informative advice but may benefit from addressing any inconsistencies in his services.

Steegstraße 19, 45356 Essen, Germany



4.8 from 9 Reviews

The Stenle GmbH is an independent online marketing optimization company based in Essen, established in 1992. They specialize in providing solutions for industrial pumps and offer services in SEO, web development, and social media marketing. Their expert team, led by Steffen Lehmann and Sebastian Dietz, provides valuable insights on online marketing through their knowledge database Rund um SEO. Additionally, the company also operates as a marketing agency for eCommerce. Services offered: - SEO - Web development - Social media marketing - Industrial pump solutions

Customers praise Stenle team for competence, speed, fair pricing, availability, and understanding. They highlight the positive impact on sales due to a high-quality website. However, the lack of negative feedback in the reviews may raise suspicion. Overall, Stenle is recommended for its professionalism and friendly service, making it a highly recommended web development company.

Am Wünnesberg 7, 45149 Essen, Germany


9. Semtrix GmbH

4.8 from 16 Reviews

Semtrix GmbH is a full-service agency specializing in search engine marketing, offering services such as search engine optimization and search engine advertising. With a focus on transparency and innovation, the company provides career opportunities in online marketing. Recent acquisitions and expansions have demonstrated their growth in the industry. Services offered include: - Search engine marketing - Search engine optimization - Search engine advertising

Semtrix receives positive reviews for their professional and reliable service, detailed technical advice, and online reputation management. However, a caution is given regarding their backlinking practices, unavailability of a consultant, and lack of improvement in rankings. Potential clients are advised to thoroughly research the agency before entering into a long-term contract.

Bredeneyer Str. 182, 45133 Essen, Germany


10. Contunda GmbH

4.7 from 35 Reviews

Contunda GmbH is an online marketing agency located in Essen, Germany. They offer services such as web design, search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing, marketing consultation, and WordPress projects, including online stores with WooCommerce. Their expertise lies in malleable cast iron, with a focus on iron casting. The company also offers free website migrations and has event rooms available for rental. Key services offered by Contunda GmbH include: - Web design - Search engine optimization (SEO) - Social media marketing - Marketing consultation - WordPress projects - Online store with WooCommerce

Contunda GmbH receives positive reviews for their professional collaboration, modern and functional website designs, and skilled team. Customers appreciate the hands-on approach and quick accessibility. However, the lack of negative feedback in the reviews suggests a potential bias in the portrayal of the companys services.

Kortumstraße 43, 45130 Essen, Germany

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