Top 10 SEO Agencies in Oberhausen, Germany for the Year 2024


1. Staude GmbH

5 from 199 Reviews

The company offers a range of services including web design, SEO/SEA, employee recruitment, calendar management, and more. They specialize in online marketing for small businesses, with a focus on increasing their online presence. The team includes experts in digital communications, branding, and consumer engagement. Contact them at 0208 099000 to schedule a consultation. Key services offered by the company include: - Web design - SEO/SEA - Employee recruitment - Calendar management - Online marketing strategies - Consumer/community engagement - Branding and digital marketing solutions - Online profile management - Research analytics - Marketing toolkit assistance

Customers praise Staude for their quick and reliable website maintenance, fast response to change requests, and helpful telephone service. Seminar participants commend their clear legal advice and professional presentation. However, the lack of in-person communication and the companys focus on online portals are noted drawbacks. Overall, the companys service is rated highly for its efficiency and effectiveness.

Sterkrader Venn 2, 46145 Oberhausen, Germany


2. KAREON Media

5 from 46 Reviews

KAREON Media is a Full Service Online Marketing Agency specializing in Webdesign, SEO, and PPC advertising. They offer cost-effective solutions for startups and small businesses, with a focus on clean and modern design. The company is based in Oberhausen, Germany, and has a track record of successful projects and satisfied clients. Services offered: - Webdesign - SEO - PPC advertising

KAREON Media receives glowing reviews for high-quality websites, great communication, and fair pricing. Customers appreciate the professionalism and dedication of the team, recommending them highly. However, the overwhelming positive feedback may seem biased and lacking in diversity. Overall, KAREON Media is praised for their service and customer satisfaction.

Alleestraße 1, 46049 Oberhausen, Germany


3. Pott-seo - Agentur für Suchmaschinenoptimierung

5 from 32 Reviews

The company is a leading online marketing agency specializing in SEO and web design in Düsseldorf and the Ruhrgebiet. They provide tailored strategies for increased website traffic and revenue. Services offered include: - Search Engine Optimization (SEO) - Search Engine Advertising (SEA) - Website optimization - Local SEO - Digital marketing strategies Overall, the company focuses on improving online presence and driving success through comprehensive SEO and marketing services.

POTT SEO receives glowing reviews for their exceptional services in search engine optimization, web design, and digital marketing. Clients praise their professionalism, problem-solving abilities, and excellent results in improving online visibility. The company is commended for their friendly customer service and effective communication. Overall, POTT SEO is described as a top marketing agency, offering exceptional value to their clients. No negative points mentioned.

Breukelmannhof 70, 45359 Essen, Germany


4. Digitalstarter. – Online Marketing, Agentur für Webdesign, E-Commerce & SEA, SEO

5 from 20 Reviews

The company is a digital marketing agency based in NRW, offering services such as SEO, SEA, Content Marketing, and Webdesign. Salaries for digital marketing roles vary based on several factors. They provide services in various countries and specialize in E-Commerce and Online Marketing. Services offered: - Online Marketing - SEO - SEA - Social Media - Webdesign - Webentwicklung - E-Commerce - Workshops

Digitalstarter is praised for its professional, personal, and reliable service, particularly in web development and online presence improvement. Clients appreciate the teams expertise, prompt response, and pleasant cooperation. However, some may find the reviews overly positive and lacking in critical feedback. Overall, Digitalstarter is recommended for those seeking expert support with websites and online visibility.

Ruprechtstraße 36, 46049 Oberhausen, Germany

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5. Apogee Digital Marketing Oberhausen

5 from 12 Reviews Website: Not Available

The company, Apogee Digital Marketing, offers services such as marketingservices, managed workplace, managed print, and managed IT services with a focus on digital marketing and social media marketing. They also provide a variety of information services and have recently undergone a digital transformation.

Customers praise Sara for her expertise in Instagram growth, content planning, and strategic orientation. However, complaints about the lack of reviews for the web development company, overshadowing Saras positive recommendations. Verdict: Positive feedback on Saras services but concerns about the credibility of the company.

Giesbertstraße 20, 46117 Oberhausen, Germany


6. Werbeexperte

5 from 7 Reviews

The company offers customized online marketing solutions tailored to individual needs in a constantly evolving digital world. They are experts in printing and advertising. Services offered: - Online marketing solutions - Printing and advertising expertise

Werbeexperte, led by Ciyan Gültoplayan, received glowing reviews for their expertise in SEO and SEA campaigns. Clients praised their professionalism, transparency, and successful results in gaining online visibility. However, no negative points were mentioned. Overall, Werbeexperte is highly recommended as a top-notch agency for online marketing and web development services.

Theresenstraße 40, 46049 Oberhausen, Germany


7. Online gesehen werden

5 from 5 Reviews

Online gesehen werden is a Full-Service-Agentur for Online Marketing and Webdesign based in Oberhausen. They offer services such as consulting, customer support, and visibility solutions for businesses. Products offered include visibility equipment for water sports. They also provide advice on visibility in low light conditions with reflective clothing and accessories. Services offered: - Online Marketing - Webdesign - Consulting - Customer Support - Visibility Solutions for Businesses - Water Sports Visibility Products - Reflective Clothing and Accessories Advice

The web development company received positive reviews for their excellent website redesign, communication, and maintenance. Customers praised quick and competent help, reasonable prices, and overall satisfaction. However, no negative points were mentioned, resulting in a clear recommendation for the company.

Nürnberger Str. 57, 46117 Oberhausen, Germany



5 from 2 Reviews

The company, Web Agentur SEO DENDA, offers SEO services and web development for E-commerce businesses. They have a simplified website with no search or translation features but offer over 1,000 books. The founder, Alexander Denda, provides search engine optimization services and online courses. Services offered: - SEO services - Web development for E-commerce businesses - Online SEO courses

No User's review found.

Alexander Denda - Einzelunternehmen, Düppelstraße 83, 46045 Oberhausen, Germany


9. Online Movement - Social Media Marketing in Oberhausen

4.8 from 18 Reviews

The company is a social media agency based in Oberhausen, offering services such as social media marketing, employee recruitment, lead generation, and increasing brand awareness and sales through social media. They specialize in digital innovations and support various movements such as the maker movement. Online Movement - Digital Marketing is a key service provided by the company, focusing on marketing, branding, social media, communications, PR, and vendor management. They also advocate for a more democratic internet and support victims of digital violence through the Landecker Digital Justice Movement. Customer insights are unlocked through Contentsquare for the entire digital team. Services offered: - Social Media Marketing - Employee Recruitment - Brand Awareness - Lead Generation - Online Movement - Digital Marketing - Digital Justice Movement Support - Customer Insight Unlocking through Contentsquare

Online Movement is praised for their results-driven approach, creativity, and ability to maximize ROI. Clients appreciate their professionalism, transparent reporting, and social media expertise. However, no negative points were mentioned in the reviews provided. Overall, Online Movement seems to be a highly recommended web development company with a track record of success.

Am Dunkelschlag 17, 46147 Oberhausen, Germany


10. Dsa Marketing AG

4.2 from 56 Reviews

DSA Marketing AG is a full-service marketing and communication agency with a creative team of designers, writers, developers, and project managers. They offer free media consultation to all businesses, focusing on developing outstanding communication measures. The agency also provides services such as digital marketing, community-supported agriculture operations, and international market access grants for exporters. Key services offered include: - Media consultation - Marketing and communication services - Digital marketing solutions - International market access grants

Customers reported dissatisfaction with a web development companys services, citing lack of expertise, poor quality consultations, and attempts to upsell expensive packages. The companys business practices were viewed as dubious, with difficult refund processes and deceptive advertising. However, one positive review praised the service and advice received. Overall, the companys reputation is marred by negative feedback and questionable practices.

Im Lipperfeld 22a/24, 46047 Oberhausen, Germany

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